Black Robe

“In the 17th century a Jesuit priest and a young companion are escorted through the wilderness of Quebec by Algonquin Indians to find a distant mission in the dead of winter. The Jesuit experiences a spiritual journey while his young companion falls in love with the Algonquin chief’s beautiful daughter underneath the imposing and magnificent mountains. Dread and death follows them upriver.”

Can The Jesuits Be Slowed Up?


Before we begin



The American Government: Doomed From Its Inception

“Long, long ago, King Henry of England told Prince Hal that the way to run a country and keep the people from being too critical of how you run it, is to busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels.”

—Dan Smoot, in The Invisible Government

One of the first steps toward establishing a civilization’s government or ruling body, with its attendant departments, is securing land which, even today, is usually executed by force and mandated by false treaty under the guise of some forced “international law.” The area is secured using a strong military presence, normally UN troops in armored vehicles, backed up by a private military force equipped to handle any incursions by foreign invaders and border raiders.

Once the force has established a secure stronghold, a form of government is established, with its accompanying rule of law that serves as an effective control over the population. Of course, all of these steps were planned well in advance, years even, and carried out swiftly and efficiently.

The Modern Government: Designed to Fail

Today, all governments are controlled by one entity and its extraterrestrial handlers. Each government was carefully designed and constructed, its leaders identified, groomed and emplaced not on merit or popular vote but by their degree of subservience (first), personal chemistry (second) and public charisma (third).

The US government is no different. From its inception, it was blueprinted and controlled by dynastic men hidden deep within the Roman system, built by highly malleable proteges, administered by well-trained minions, and maintained by highly ignorant people whose loyalty was unparalleled, if not radical (read: patriotic).

Perditorus Rex: A Blueprint for the New American Colonies

PerditorusRexThe Jesuits prepared to pave over the paradise that was America in several distinct steps over 170 or so years, a long-term project that was conceived by the Black Pope and his Jesuit militia in Rome, and carefully written down as a “playbook” in 1773, known only to a handful of Jesuits. William Garner hypothesizes that the Black Pope Lorenzo Ricci did not languish and die in a Roman prison, in 1775, as revisionist history tells us, but rather, with the expert assistance of fellow Jesuits, faked his own death, traveled to America, and became the puppet master who acted behind the scenes for many years, using the playbook Garner calls Perditorus Rex.

Ricci and the Jesuits made 50- and 100-year plans, the general outlines of which are still being used to this day because they have proven so efficacious. If one studies the Jesuits’ methods of subjugating a country, they will discover a striking pattern of similarities among all the take-overs.

How to Build a Nation in Four Easy Steps

Step One: Kill the Indigenous Population

smallpox-killed-the-native-americansThe Jesuits first sent over early scouts to kill off the indigenous population, then established a “white-man’s foothold” on the soil of the New World. The settlers carried with them new viral diseases originating from the farming regions of the Old World, which served to sicken and kill tens of millions of Native Americans. Although not seen in any modern revisionist history books, the scouts traveled up and down the eastern seaboard in search of indigenous Indian populations to decimate, using the greatest tools of warfare: the virus.

This invisible band of warriors, the small pox and influenza viruses, among other cultivated viruses and bacteria, killed more people in a short period of time than any natural geologic disaster or seasoned army could ever have done in years of continuous war. The Jesuits knew the power of the Plague and wielded it like a 100-megaton nuclear device. The murdering of Native Americans was ethnic cleansing at its most efficacious.

Curiously, during the initial days of the Black Plague that sacked more than half the population of Europe, hundreds of black-robed men were seen carrying dark sacks emitting a “putrid odor.” The Black Plague was systematically spread by these Roman members of the church, which, hundreds of years later, farmed out its game to America, to kill the natives and pave the way for future settlements by marauding Europeans.

Over the first several decades of European rule, the leftover denizens of the eastern seaboard were trained to fear the white man and his deadly cargo of disease and modern weaponry. Those who were not killed by the great viral bomb were either enslaved or forced to settle elsewhere.  Either way, the Native Americans lost their lives, homes and livelihood to the invading white warriors from Europe.

Step Two: Establish Rule

BuildingJamestownFortFollowing the initial first wave of scouts in America, the Jesuits sent its next contingent, America’s future despots and controllers, which occupied Jamestown, Virginia and soon spread to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and beyond. The Jesuits used the old method of control: conscription of “bloodlines.” In ancient England, there were no so-called “bloodlines,” which were an invention of Romish powers. In forming the leadership of America, the Jesuits used consanguineous men and women as puppets, while the Jesuits controlled and manipulated things behind the public spectacles.

These Europeans, most of whom were slaves to the Jesuits, brought with them their own slaves and indentured servants, some of whom escaped into the wild countryside and formed their own groups and small colonies that would later become villages and towns.

An unwanted side effect of this new wave of immigration of the ruling class was the inclusion of smart, thinking anarchists among the servants who specifically despised their owners and generally opposed any type of government rule. After all, their rights had been stripped so they could serve their masters, so these slaves were in no mood to be ruled by anyone, let alone a new form of government that did nothing to protect their rights as human beings and then continued to enslave them in paradise.

These early dissidents were a constant thorn in the side of the Jesuits, who continually tried to kill them off but eventually found a more effective way to deal with the opposition: infiltrate their groups and control them from within. We see this strategy even today, and it plays out most effectively.

Step Three: Establish Religion

The Jesuits then focused on planting the seeds of Roman Catholicism in the New World, using staunch Catholics from largely Protestant England, which was in the throes of a decidedly anti-Catholic epoch under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I and her successor James I. The first expedition set sail for America in November 1578 with seven ships and 350 men. They were forced to turn back after encountering fierce storms and members of the Spanish Armada.

A second attempt at bringing Catholicism to America began on June 11, 1583, when Sir Humphrey Gilbert led five ships and 200 men to the New World, four ships landing in Newfoundland two months later. Two months following the initial landing, Gilbert set sail for Maine, lost all supplies off his best ship, and then attempted to return to England. On the way, his ship and all hands were lost during a heavy storm. A companion ship returned to England to report the losses.

Captain_George_Weymouth_expedition_in_MaineThe first successful landing of a large contingent of Catholics in America was in 1605, after the Archangel made landfall on an island off the coast of Maine. The best they could do, though, was to plant several crosses in the ground, before returning to England.

England’s former Secretary of State, George Calvert, retired from political life in England and was sent by the Jesuits to Virginia, where he attempted to mingle with established leaders who, it seems, wanted nothing to do with him. So he returned home and had the crown of England grant Calvert a patent on considerable land that would later become the state of Maryland.

He soon became the first Lord of the Jesuit city of Baltimore, and set the stage for the first mass arrival of those who would establish Catholicism as a religion in the New World. I discuss the early history of religion in America in depth, in the upcoming chapter Religion & Cults.

Step Four: Flood the New World With Subservient Roman Catholics

After the Jesuits emplaced their band of governmental and religious leaders, the next step was to seed the New World with subservient citizens who would do their bidding at any time and for a song. For this, the Jesuits turned to their favorite minions, the rabid Catholics of Northern Ireland. Long a tool of Rome, the Irish were easily controlled with religion, drink and moderate threats.

The first ripples of Irish immigrants fell on America’s shores in the 1600s, where they made their way from Caribbean isles that housed Irish and Scottish criminals and misfits. Around 1720, a larger wave arrived and continued on for about 100 years. The majority of them arrived between 1820 and 1845 and settled in large strictly Irish ghettos in New York and Boston and in the Appalachian mountains, where the Scots-Irish became known as the original American “rednecks,” rabble-rousers and home-grown terrorists. In later years, they would be used in some of America’s first false-flag attacks on its own citizens. They moved southward into the Carolinas, Georgia and into the Louisiana Territory, where they established a firm foothold and quickly grew in numbers.

The Jesuits’ method of population transfer forced or coerced Irish citizens onto ships bound for the New World. The Jesuits paid their way, gave them modest seed money, a place to live and plenty of back-breaking work. After all, there were cities to build.

These Irish-Americans were tightly controlled by the Jesuits, who emplaced priests among the population to organize them into specific groups: secondary religious leaders, community leaders, paramilitary soldiers and operators, businessmen and other professionals. As their numbers grew in each major city, the Irish quickly ensconced themselves in government, law enforcement and fire-fighting professions, which allowed the Jesuits to control and manipulate the populations of entire cities and towns. It is no surprise that the Irish also established  the first gangs that later became part of the Jesuits’ organized crime network we still see today.

Michael J.F. McCarthy wrote about how the Irish were ruled by the Jesuits, in his 1912 book The Nonconformist Treason:

“It was a Unionist Government who gave Lord MacDonnell the Under Secretaryship, which proves that he suffered nothing by Unionist Sectarianism. He has had no experience of the self-governing Colonies, he is a Jesuit-educated Roman Catholic, and, while he was Irish Under Secretary, he literally ruled Ireland through the Jesuits—his brother being at the same time an Irish Nationalist member! And how can coercion be a true description of the Unionist policy, when it was the Unionists who gave Ireland her Local Government and Land Purchase?”

How America Was Doomed From the Beginning

America’s Founding Fathers: Sycophants and Cowards

Some of the so-called Founding Fathers were a group of sycophants who took orders either directly from Rome or its public face, the British Crown. True, there were some brave men and women (behind the scenes) among them who genuinely opposed Jesuit rule, and this is why they originally came to America from despotic countries, but few of them ever spoke out publicly against the Jesuits, only venturing the occasional glancing blow that had little effect on its intended target.

Those who openly opposed the Jesuits were silenced, either by threats, assaults or outright murder of themselves and their family members. Many who wrote about Jesuit intrigues did so under pseudonyms, although one is hard pressed to find even one copy of their books in existence today, as the Jesuits were diligent about locating and destroying any book, pamphlet, newspaper or other printed material that openly opposed or criticized their rule or any of their actions. Foreign observers appeared to be the only successful dissenters, often publishing their research findings anonymously in books that were later smuggled into America to warn of the coming storm.

thomas-jefferson-and-abigail-adams-took-totally-different-approaches-to-parentingThomas Jefferson knew from the beginning that the Jesuits were in full control of America, because it was their pet project, one carefully planned decades in advance by Rome. By design, America was built to extract the natural resources of its lands, using slave labor, which would be used to forge the most formidable power on the planet, a slow and methodical process that would take more than 200 years.

When one considers the sheer length of time alone, it feels daunting. However, you must understand that the Jesuits and all other Roman predecessors operated on 50- and 100-year plans, even longer. The continuity of their operations was ensured by strict rules and regulations that were passed on from one generation to the next, one man to his sons and cousins, and so on. Considering long-term projects then, it is quite easy to envision how the Jesuits masterminded the designing and building of a completely new country, including importing the seeds of its citizenry from old stock, and controlling and manipulating, if not destroying outright, the Native Americans who simply got in the way.

Even shortly after the Revolutionary War in America, Jefferson spoke shamefully of the inevitable decline of his beloved new world, America:

“The spirit of the times may alter, will alter. Our rulers will become corrupt, our people careless. A single zealot may become persecutor, and better men be his victims. It can never be too often repeated that the time for fixing every essential right, on a legal basis, is while our rulers are honest, ourselves united. From the conclusion of this war we shall be going down hill. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten, therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will forget themselves in the sole faculty of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore, which shall not be knocked off at the conclusion of this war, will be heavier and heavier, till our rights shall revive or expire in a convulsion.”

The American War of Independence: A Colossal Sham

We are taught that America fought and eventually won wars of independence from England, but the reality is that our “victory” was a carefully staged series of events that created only the illusion of freedom and liberty among the American people, and actually delivered something altogether different: a subjugated system well on its way to becoming one with a fully enslaved population, which is what we see today. While we may have “freedom of speech,” we certainly do not possess true liberty of expression; go too far outside what the Jesuits deem “acceptable,” and you wind up in prison.

America’s Shadow Government: A Transnational Corporation

A prime example: in 1871, the Jesuits formed a shadow government, an international corporation known as the United States of America within the bounds of the District of Columbia. To do so, the Jesuits had Congress pass “An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia,” which effectively nullified the original Constitution (The Constitution for the united states of America) and replaced it with a new one, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which functions in an economic capacity on behalf of the owners of this corporation, the Jesuits.

Why would an area, defined by law as a “state,” need its own “constitution” with wording nearly identical to the original Constitution for the United States?

USAIncThis new constitution operates well beyond the strict bounds of our original Constitution by stripping us of all the rights so granted and replacing them with “relative” rights or privileges. Since 1871, Americans have been living under this privately owned shadow government of the Jesuits, although Americans have been led to believe the original organic Constitution still exists to protect its citizens.

Those who serve the corporation, i.e. all politicians and other employees of the US government, are no longer beholden to the citizens of America. Therefore, when a politician lies to the American people, he is not committing a traitorous act because he is acting on behalf of the corporation, not the American public.

You should treat the American government like a typical corporation, e.g. Walmart or Microsoft: if you do not like the products or services, stop using them, do not support them, and encourage all your family and friends not to support them.

Americans in the 1770s would have revolted against this current malevolent Jesuit behavior, but Americans now do not because you are numbed by drugs and toxins in food, mind-controlling programming in movies, tv shows and news programs, sports and other mindless forms of entertainment and distractions.

Our government today is a puppet show of epic stature and high production value, artistically created and painted in grand fashion by experts in the art of gentle manipulation and persuasion of the American and worldwide public, the vast majority of whom swallow the bait wholesale. Not only that, they beg for more.

The End Game: World Control Under One Roof

America: The World’s Workhorse

How clever the Jesuits to infiltrate and control every country on Mother Earth, then attempt to build an even grander scheme: a mononation and single government that rules over all citizens.

There are many reasons for the creation and implementation of WWI, not the least of which was to bring all nations together—most under force—under one global rule.

LeagueofNationsEnter: the League of Nations (LN). Established in 1920, the LN was designed to prevent further wars by providing a global security force and ensuring all nations’ citizens were effectively disarmed.

One need only take an hour to read the LN’s charter, or covenant, to see hidden purposes. Some glaring examples:

Preamble: . . . to ensure, by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples.”

Historically the only measure used to effect measurable change in any country was by force and this involved soldiers and weapons of war. Given the LN mandated complete disarmament of each country’s citizens, that left only one entity with the world authority to bear arms: the army of the LN.

As for employing “international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples,” what person of sane mind would allow an international group to determine its economic and social evolution? We see today that people of different race and religion cannot agree on the smallest of terms, so imagine having a dispassionate observer dictate how you will conduct your business and personal interests.

Chapter V: The Security Council, Article 23: 1. The Security Council shall consist of fifteen Members of the United Nations. The Republic of China, France, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America shall be permanent members of the Security Council. The General Assembly shall elect ten other Members of the United Nations to be non-permanent members of the Security Council, due regard being specially paid, in the first instance to the contribution of Members of the United Nations to the maintenance of international peace and security and to the other purposes of the Organization, and also to equitable geographical distribution.

Please pay particular attention to the nations that were to be permanent members: Republic of China (now People’s Republic of China), France, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (now Russia), the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (now UK), and the United States of America.

These choices were by no means left to chance. China and Russia, even back then, were being manufactured to become world powers that would 1. oppose the US and 2. serve as a manufacturing base that would eventually take over the majority of manufacturing and production jobs from the US.

For hundreds of years, the UK has been the public seat of financial power in the world, with Switzerland serving as the actual power deep behind the black curtain and far removed from public scrutiny.

The US, of course, was still being groomed to be the world leader for a certain period of time, from approximately 1945-2025, so it was imperative to have it not only as a permanent member but recognized leader.

As with many Jesuit intrigues, the LN ultimately failed on many levels and was thus scrapped. They felt they could build a more powerful and globally accepted world government, but needed a bigger spark: WWII.

By the end of The Second Great War, the citizens of the world were beaten down sufficiently to acquiesce to the Jesuits’ latest offering, the United Nations (UN), whose official existence was acknowledged on 24 October 1945, only a few short months following the end of WWI.

One World, One Lawful Government

Think here: such a lofty idea, the creation of a world governing body, should have taken many years. And, in fact, it did. Decades, even. The Jesuits planned to establish the UN shortly after it became evident that the League of Nations would not gain sufficient hold to become the world’s leading governing body. Everything had been in place over the years. All that was necessary was the small matter of bringing WWII to a dramatic close.

Since its inception, the UN has secretly been the international face of the Jesuits, which have secretly ghostwritten many “international treaties and resolutions” that have subjugated the rights of citizens the world over. Although never advertised by BigMedia, various UN treaties and resolutions have stripped Americans of various rights that were previously guaranteed by the US Constitution.

In fact, the Jesuits are using the UN to slowly erode the Constitution so much that it is little more than a dead letter. The latest insults are aimed at disarming American citizens, with the passage of the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which takes careful aim at our Constitution’s Second Amendment: Right to Bear Arms. Like all other UN issues, this one has been ongoing officially for more than 60 years, with the establishment of the UN’s Disarmament Commission.

UNODAThe UN now even has an entire department, United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) and its Conventional Arms Branch (CAB), solely dedicated to disarming all citizens of the world.

From their website: “On 2 April 2013, the General Assembly adopted the landmark Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), regulating the international trade in conventional arms, from small arms to battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships. The treaty will foster peace and security by thwarting uncontrolled destabilizing arms flows to conflict regions. It will prevent human rights abusers and violators of the law of war from being supplied with arms. And it will help keep warlords, pirates, and gangs from acquiring these deadly tools.”

While UNODA and CAB cleverly advertise ATT as targeting criminals and illegal activity, it’s real purpose is to disarm Americans. After all, the greatest threat to the Jesuits is an armed citizenry: one with weapons capable of assaulting and killing their leaders and fighting their soldiers, and one with intimate knowledge about the Jesuits and their machinations. If they can take away your weapons and keep you ignorant of their actions, then they have already won. The next step is simply to carry out their planned actions to further enslave you and reach their end game.

The UN also has passed measures that allow foreign military troops on American soil “for training purposes.” What they really mean is, since our own Constitution does not allow our military to take up arms against US citizens, the UN established a way around this law, and has already secretly been implementing it for more than 30 years.

An example of how the UN will use foreign troops in America: a false-flag attack by a Jesuit organization (CIA, Mossad, Virginia Militia, or some covert unit) provokes Americans to riot. Federal and local law enforcement will be “overwhelmed” by the rioters. Officials then invoke the Canada-US Civil Assistance Plan to allow foreign troops inside US borders as “law-enforcement providers,” granted with wide power to quell the riot and any further uprising by any means necessary.

One can only imagine the carnage inflicted on the American people by this foreign armed force, and the aftermath of such an act. If the trust of the American people had been on thin ice before such a movement, think of the possible repercussions. There is no longer any safety or security, only tentative peace and temporary comfort.

Consider the Jesuits’ bottom line in establishing and maintaining governments all over the world: the Jesuits completely control a government, and a government completely controls its people.




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