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Translated using Bing from the source in Finland. Sometimes it is interesting to see what those on the other side of the Atlantic or thinking.




This claim item as a functional website named Pironamakasiini:
Here below is the text from that site to the captured. The story is not mentioned in the authors, so I do not know to whom credit is due. Writing is, in itself, a cleverly worked out, so I thought I’d attach to that post in the source data. I look at the history of the case, whether the text under any source data even verifiable. Also other necessary and additional information has been added.


The opposition, however, Merkel is ferocious. In that sense, the underlying text is a contradiction in terms, that Gregg Hallet has, in turn, found it, that Hitler was trained at the Institute in fulfilling its Tavistock of England. Bring the mind control familiar with the Institute was able to brainwash and pirstaloimaan of the human mind in such a way that the brainwashed works like the function programmed robot. Hitler was trained to become a good speaker apparently also very. Already have a foothold in Hitler’s time, was known as the Mesmerin, developed by hypnosis or mesmerismi.



The STASI and the KGB, the secret archives reveal: Angela Merkel is the result of fertilization and himself in HITLER’S DAUGHTER!



For the record, that the Pironamakasiinin text is translated directly to the source:





The author of that source is unknown. There could hardly be a fabrikoitu or a fabricated story? Interesting, however.



The focus of the EU scrambled patterns: Angela Merkel was born in the GDR in 1954. According to official figures, her father was a Lutheran pastor. Angela Merkel visit a natural home heilgreeting. Angela Merkel is a natural fit in her father’s heralded heil.

Recently, in the light of the KGB and the Stasi documents, according to Angela Merkel was born 20. 4 1954 and the details of his birth were known to the German doctor Klaus Klaubergin. Klauberg was one of the Soviet Union, the Court of Justice and detention of the Nazi tohtoreista. When the Communists found out about the Klaubergin scientist skills useful in, he was released after seven years in prison. The artificial fertilization of Klaus Klauberg was pioneers. The Communists were interested in Klaubergista in earnest after having found out that this was frozen and stored by an embryo collection team Adolf Hitler’s sperm. The dark forces of the Communist regime, the Government decided to try to keinohedelmöittää of Hitler’s offspring, no doubt, dark and okkultistisiin purposes.



Such a statement of the existence of the Klaubergista or/KGB of the Stasi documents is nothing more than an online mobile rumour



It was Hitler’s secret grandfather in Vienna resident and working in the economy, in which Hitler’s Banker dismisses the young, future grandmother took care of becoming pregnant.



Gregg Hallet and many others have this issue looked at and this argument may be any truth on the ground. Hitler apparently got too know this truth and tried to conceal it. When Itäavallan over, Hitler tried to get something in the relevant documents, but could not find them.



Merkelillä is also similar to way to connect to the hand signals than the biological father has Used. In the case of the Satanic worshipers used by hand. Most of the politicians are using the so-called. Horn of the characters, which has been especially George Bush. See the article “what is common is the Merkelilla, the Ahmayedilla and other politicians?



Revisionistic history research has in many ways been trying to prove that the Holocaust did not happen, or if it happened, the number of victims is exaggerated. Pironamakasiinin according to the article, holokaustivalheesta is a plethora of evidence and the paikkaansapitämättömyys has proven more scientist, historian and an expert in using the power in order to obtain the benefit, it was used as a propagandamaisesti of the Palestinian Jews. The article does not mention any historioitsijaa, but according to such persons, i.e. the Holocaust kieltäjiä: Michael a. Hoffman, David, who is of white supremacy, Ted Pike is a conservative, Henry Makow.


Many of the “Holocaust deniers and Christians who do not bow down to the State of Israel and the siionismia, the time for a quick äärioikeistolaisiksi. This will take care of the Anti-Defamation League, or ADL, which operates in the United States. It monitors the rights of Jews. The British intelligence service MI5 Ian Fleming at the same time, worked with Dr. John Coleman, who has written a book with The Committee of 300, is, in turn, said that the ADL is a BritishIsraeli poweraxis resistance is defeated, all the stooge. Ted Pike is the ADL:n of the site according to the anti-Semite and dangerous conspirator.




Merkel is the spitting image of her grandmother, who was Hitler’s mother.



Merkel’s story is special and very curious, if it is even true. This story, however, with regard to this Klaubergin according to the legend continues:



The Communists and Klaubergin reproduction project progressed a good babysitter.



Hitler’s wife Eva Braun‘s sister, Klaubeg brought to East Germany and as a result the project was born, ANGELA MERKEL! Reproduction and childbirth was carried out with respect for the home birth days 20.4 (1889), which is the same as Angela, 20. 4 (1954). Angela became familiar with the activities of the Roman Catholic Church of the EastGerman Lutheran Church with connections. When a German (Jewish) would get the papacy of the Roman Catholic Church, Merkel should be Chancellor of Germany, just as the isästäänkin once. Finally 12.7 2005 ashkenazi, Joseph Ratzingerista, became Pope Benedict XVI, exactly Hitler’s 116. the day they were born. In the same year, 22. November, Angela Merkel was re-elected German Chancellor. 22.11 was also the year of Charles Darwin’s “the creation of the day. The theory of evolution has been proven in the Masonic ‘ built-in agenda, which has no scientific justification. The Vatican and the Pope’s shokeeraavista backgrounds more on page






Angela Merkel was in her youth in the former East Germany‘s Communist nuorisojärjeston agitation and propaganda officer. He joined the 16th anniversary of the unification of the German Christian Democratsunexpectedly-and stood just one year after the German Cabinet.

Angela Merkel is also the umbrella organization of the Jewish Masonic B ´ nai B ´ rithin member. To become a member of the association according to the rules, it can only come from a Jew.


Merkel, arriving at a logiansa Conference at the Marriot Hotel. Angela Merkel is a frequent visitor to the Jewish vapaamuurarijärjestön. She arrived at the World Cup. Marriott Hotel, located in the Potsdamer Platzalla Berlin, 11. in March 2008. At the Conference at the MarriotAngela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Jewish Freemason, received a golden badge, B’nai B’rith Europe Award of Merit:in, which is the Organization’s highest honor in Europe. Merkel got it after serving juutalaisjärjestöä excellent. Merkel’s participation in the meetings of the B’nai B’rith Lodge, is due to the Organization’s ylläpitämältä Web site.







Erkel, a policy has been a big business and banks. In addition, in many European countries have enacted laws that deny the Holocaust or kritisoimisen kyseenalaistavien of evidence. Those in power and the aim has been to eliminate all forms of intellectual and scientifically sound, critical discussion.

It is an indisputable fact that Angela Merkel rose in some cases over to power just as the father, Hitler once. Franklin Roosevelt said, “Presidents are not elected, they are are selected”. Merkel, at a younger age.


He also said that in politics, nothing happens by chance. Angela Merkelkin is selected in the position of the secret, just like her father, Hitler was elected to the päärooliin one of the greatest and the parts of the irvokkaimmista plays have yet to see. Doing caricatures, not so smart and so this impressive obscurity to became the European leader of the most powerful State, the Federal Chancellor and the President of the European Union. What’s the most surprising thing about the case, support for its minimal already for many years, this federalism fanatically doing undemocratic and bland politician will continue to power as the glued.

One interesting fact is that Chancellor Angela Merkelillä has an unusual obsession with Wagner’s works. She made his obsessions known as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper in an interview in July 2005. Wagner wrote the infamous piece called Parsifal, which is purely the occult and demonic. Parsifal was also a favorite of Adolf Hitler. Hitler said once, ettäWagnerin music conquered his mind. Angela Merkel, such as Adolf Hitler, is deeply fascinated by Wagner’s Ride of the Valkriescomposition. Valkyyriat were minor female deities, or haltijattaria, who rode all through the fighting, collecting the best and carried them out to a place called Valhalla where they were waiting for the forces of the old Scandinavian god Odin, linked to the last fight.

Merkel’s grandfather Alois Hitler.

Adolf Hitler’s father, Alois, who was the son of a Rothschild secret banker in Vienna, chose Adolf to became the Jewish Herr Pintzin. A researcher at that time in Austria, according to Mr Langer had an abnormal, if Hitler would have felt some sort of kinship with the Jews. An attempt has been made to call into question the basis of the Pintzin of Judaism, that region has lived permanently in the Jews dating back to the 1400of the Act. In Germany and Austria, however, at the time of millions of Jews lived there too. Adolf Hitler was born in the kolmennelle [7] in 1842.

Alois Hitler was a firm believer in discipline and order of the tough, violent man. Embittered and with time he beat his wife and family, and alkoholisoitunut Alois often for the smallest of reasons. Adolfistakin increased by the nature of the väkivältaisen and brutal in his father’s behaviour, unbalanced. By the nature of the contribution of Hitler may have been unstable.

1908 Hitler moved to Vienna. There he left to respond to kutsuntoihin three different occasions, the last time in 1912. In the end in May of the same year, Adolf Hitler had to leave Vienna and change the cultural activities in order to avoid asepalvelulta. In November, he was declared a military karkuriksi.

Hitler’s good friend and room mate in Vienna was Gustl Kubisek. Kubisekin according to the “Hitler never read, never went to the library and his vitsinsä were terrible!

Hitler’s diary written by the said Kampf (Mein Kampf) was, in reality, a Jesuit priest in the Staempflen output. How school friends left that will never be done, Hitler even read anything, could all of a sudden to write a julkaisukelpoisen book?

The Jesuit organization founded in 1543, with the intention of Lloyola kryptojuutalainen Ignatius infiltrate kryptojuutalaiset the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church and destroy it sisältäkäsin. Many of the Roman Catholic Church pedophile cases dating back to the Jesuit church of the secret objective of rot away. Spain was, and is, a number of seemingly Christian converts are that, in order to be able to stay in Spain, were forced to take, at least, seemingly the Christian faith. In Spain, the converts were called marranoiksi or.

Hitler’s prison, Lenzburg Castle, where Hitler spent five years training for a future role. Hitler has never been in prison.


According to the official history, Hitler was forced to jail for five years because of political activities. Bringing prison was in reality the Lenzburg Castle, a luxurious place where Hitler had trained for a future fuhrerin role. The Castle by the then owner was a Jewish-American Lincoln Ellsworth, James Ellsworthin, a banker and Union National Bank of complication to the Chicago Board

The Austrian Chancellor, Dollfussin documents, which is why he was murdered


Hitler’s rise as a political factor in the Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss had ordered to investigate his background. Dollfussin received by the documents revealed that Hitler’s unmarried grandmother Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living at the time in Vienna, the banker for the Rothschild House, pregnant with their earnings and that this worked as a domestic.



Nazi Germany Hitler’s blurrybackground was a sensitive issue, and the National Socialist media brought this to the fore.



When the pregnancy was discovered, Maria Anna was forced to leave his job and to change back to his home in Spitaliin, where Alois was born. When applying for a certificate of birth to Hitler’s father Aloisille a fresh 42-year-old mother refused to mention the name of the father. The page was posted to the aviottomaksi child and got his mother’s last name, Schicklgruber. Hitler knew of the existence of the Dollfuss documents and tried to get them for themselves. In spite of the Dollfussin murder she did not receive a revealing documents. The extremely sensitive nature of the documents, and he knew the Dollfuss had hidden them in a location that knew only one personSchussing. Today, documents are taken into the care of the British secret service.



Hitler’s sister Paula was mentally retarded. Due to the early sisäsiittoisuudesta, two of the Millennium among the Jews appears in relation to the backwardness of the least-among other peoples of more than. A quarter of the Jewish position on one of the hereditary disease genes. Hitler’s other sister was Angela Merkel, have been found to have received its name from the name of his aunt. Angela was the only sister, whose name was mentioned in the Jesuit Staempflerin writing Mein Kampfissa. He worked for a Jewish student in a dormitory before transferring their residence in Vienna, Hitler’s housekeeper. January 20, 1936 she married under a German Jewish Martin Hammitzschin.

A New Zealand Gregg Hallet began to explore new Seelannnin policy unclear and illegal connections and started to England to investigate the royalty. Hallet had wondered how a New Zealand politician, Helen Clark had acted against the interests of their own country. Hallet has determined that Clark had been trained at the Institute, which is the Mission of the English Tavistock English intelligence stooge. Hallet was discovered that Hitler was the same institution also received training. Thus, Hitler the angloAmerican economic policy under the guidance of an eliteknowingly or unknowingly. That’s the question. John Coleman, the bombing of the second world war, and operations were designed precisely Tavistockissa. The German pommituksethan were almost completely on the civilian population. Germany would have at any time been able to occupy the islands of the British Isles, but it is done. Is it a coincidence that after all does the same mistake as Napoleon century beforethat leaves the war tour? Operation Barbarossa was also designed for the Tavistockissa. Even Hitler’s own generals marveled at all the operations in the East, when they do not win anything. The aim of the Leningrad piirityksenkin, did you just genocide, when a large number of people nääntyi hunger!



Henry Makow is referoinut the Hallet’s work like this:


Adolph Hitler was in England in 1912-1913. This argument is in favour of it, that Hitler’s half-brother, the wife is kijoittanut of this in his memoirs “The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler” (1979). Many Hitler written by historians such as John Toland are ignored in this amazing attention. If the Hallet is right, so it may be quite possible that John Toland and the partners have committed to the perversion of information on Hitler. Hallet’s, Hitler spent from February to November in 1912 in Devon, which was located in the British psychological warfare familiar with military school called the Tavistock, where Hitler brain washed and were trained in mind control technology. War machine needed to start a war, and it took kaksoisagentteja and vedeltäviä puppet and only lobby pulled strings for the strength of the same Stooges.



Hitler’s half-brother wife describes that during that time in England, Hitler read the German pamphlets, which just came out from somewhere in the Third Reich. Hallet thinks, that they were Tavistovkin training material. Hallett, who are in the British illuminaatteja masonistisia means superrikkaita, who have built a pervasive yhteenkietoutuneen power network. The power of the network’s headquarters is located in London, but it makes use of any of the States in order to achieve the desired goal of unlimited or an ideology of power.



Hallett claims to give an explanation for many of the historical events of the second world war, that have been left to confuse posterity. For example, why is the Hitler of the Allied soldiers to escape Dunkirkissä amtoi 335.000? It was thought to have been Hitler’s quest for such a gesture to please the English, so that the peace talks were making progress. Triumph of the Nazis in Europe was like a knockout victory in the first round. The purpose of the Illuminaattien was that the war continuesnor is it intended to, of course, was that Germany will win.



In the summer of 1940, the Nazi military intelligence chief Rear Admiral Wilhelm Canaris ordered Romania’s Foreign Minister, Prince Michael Sturdzan not to participate in the war, as the English would win the war. He gave this command to the Spanish dictator Francolle.



(“Are theWorld Wars Orchestrated?”





Hallett’in theory to explain also that Hitler, which was anti-Semitic, behaved as if it would not be at all aware of the fact that the Rothschildn bankerruled England and America. (See Hilaire Belloc, “The Jews, 1922). If Hitler would have really liked to have defeated the Jewish supremacy, it would be attacked in England and Russia.




Hallett in hypothesis explains why Hitler was able to expand its 1) Rhin aleuella without fear of the Western powers to intervene) why the Nazi war machine, funded by the Bank of England, as well as the angloAmerican illuminaattirahatrusti 3) why Hitler never closed the access to the Mediterranean Sea in Gibraltar and why a Spanish dictator, Franco remained outside of the war, even if it was for the debt due to the civil war.




The factories of I.G. Farben-4) why in Frankfurt remained from the headquarters of the Cia after the war and became a 5) why the Bank of England gave Hitler a prize of the Prague invasion Czech gold reserves in the London bank.




If Japan really would have been on the side of the axis powers, it would be attacked by Russia together with the Germans. Instead, it was attacked by the United States. However, the Japanese war and the economy as a whole for a complete trade embargo imposed by the United States were limited by the.



According to Hallett, Hitler’s grandfather was the Nathan Meyer Rothschild. Hitler’s servant, isoäaiti, Maria Schickelgruber was Rothschild of Vienna’s mansion, when Hitler’s father, Alois. Hitler’s grandmother got a maintenance juutalaiselta a business man who was apparently a Rothschild, the middleman. Hitler’s half-brother wife, Bridget Hitler, writes in his sister’s Paula Hitler is quoted as saying: since [Adolf] started the race in the law enforcement, we will no longer be Grandpa. (Memoirs, p. 175)



Rothschild‘s son, Alois Hitler’s third marriage, with the world of Hitler‘s beer Hall oratory. Alois was very violent and Hitler became an unstable personality, which already has 18-year-old was living in a guest house for men in Vienna, which at that time was able to be a place for the irtoseksille of men. Lothar Machtanin “The Hidden Hitler” (2001), Hitler would have been a homosexual, who had a long criminal record, the harassment of young boys in Vienna and in Prague. (My comment: Even Hitler, it is desired to do this in a way a homosexual pedophile, pervert, and I would say that this is a year of education through the Catholic Church and the wrong caused by misalignment. Is homosexuality not cause of pedophilia or perverssiyttä.)



History is unfolding according to the Illuminati’s long-term plan. Wars are plotted decades in advance and orchestrated to achieve the destruction of nations and natural elites, depopulation, demoralization, and of course power and profit.




The super rich have organized themselves into a satanic cult to prey on mankind and to establish their permanent hegemony. Put yourself in the central bankers’ shoes. The nations of the world owe you trillions based on money you printed for the cost of paper and ink. The only way to protect this “investment” is to establish a thinly disguised dictatorship, using sophisticated methods of social and mind control. This is the true meaning of the “War on Terror.” It’s not directed at “Muslim terrorists.” It’s directed at you and I.



According to Hallett, Joseph Stalin was another Illuminati “agent of war” who attended the Tavistock Psyche Ops training school in 1907. Clifford Shack has suggested that Stalin was also an illegitimate offspring of a Rothschild.





Hallett says Hitler’s death was faked (a double was killed) and Hitler escaped to Barcelona where he lived until 1950, when he died of stomach cancer.



Greg Hallett is a maverick and his rambling book is full of repetition and digression. I wouldn’t swear by any of Hallett’s claims as yet. But he deserves our thanks for advancing an alternative view of history that while far- fetched is more plausible than what supposedly transpired. We should be able to entertain speculative views without feeling compelled to accept or reject them.



World War Two achieved all of the Illuminati’s goals. Germany and Japan were turned into a wasteland. Sixty million people were slaughtered. The Jewish holocaust motivated Jews to establish the Rothschild’s world government headquarters in Israel. Idealists and natural leaders on both sides were slaughtered. Nations were laden with debt. The United Nations rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Hiroshima cast a pall of terror over the world. The USSR was a superpower and controlled Eastern Europe. The stage was set for the next act…the Cold War.



Given the bleak outlook for humanity, there is a tendency to actually idealize Hitler as an opponent of central banker hegemony. Hallett’s book is an important reminder that like Stalin and Mao, Hitler may have been an agent; and the Illuminati sponsor “enemies” in order to foment conflict, and keep humanity in its thrall.



(This updated article first ran in Jan. 2006)



Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of “Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order.” (www.cruelhoax.ca) His articles can be found at his web site http://www.henrymakow.com He enjoys receiving your comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only. hmakow@gmail.com




(This updated article first ran in Jan. 2006)


Henry Makow Ph.d. is the author of “a Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order. (www.cruelhoax.ca) His articles can be found at his web site http://www.henrymakow.com They enjoys receiving your comments, some of which they posts on his site using first names only. hmakow@gmail.comIn 2005, it was reported about a woman called Aloisia V”, that would be kaasutettu to death, at the age of 49 in the Austrian in the mental hospital 6. December 1940. The reason for this was the execution of the policy of Nazi Germany, according to which the mentally ill, the disabled, the blind and deaf, as well as endemic to the vajaaälyiset was slain in the euthanasia program Aktion T4. According to the news of a woman would have been Hitler’s cousin-in-law or isotädin.Adolf Hitler’s Brother Alois, who was named after his father, left the family and moved to Paris, where worked as a waiter. Alois acadianstud69brother, the family left for a shilling, after the death of his parents, he was given only the statutory minimum. Brother married an Irish girl with whom she had a son, William Patrick Hitler. Alois and Adolf were not affiliated in any way with at a later date.William Partrick Hitler (later Stua



Raelialainen the swastika combined with the so-called. “David’s stars”.Raelialainen the swastika combined with the so-called. “David’s stars”.Hitler’s Y-haplogroup E1b1b1, which is common to the Jewish were, Somalis and Berber. Among the white Europeans do not occur. Hitler’s encrypted grandfather was ashkenazi (edomiittitaustainen) of the Jewish Rothschild, so this strangeness may be a natural explanation. Hitler sympathetic anyway. Mm. naziarmeijassa served in the very soldiers, at least 150 000. In addition, many high ranking Nazi soldier’s family was Jewish. Rudof Hess’s mother was Jewish. Himmler and Göbbels were Jews, Eichmann was a Jew. In fact, you can say that the whole of the ashkeNAZI-Jewish. Raelialainen the swastika to fit a “main sequence star of David” illustrates the Nazism and edomiittijuutalaisten siionismin.



World War II suffering most specifically German soldiers and civilians, which include hunger, millions of näännytettiin.


Rothschildit, at the juutalaispankkiiri Jacob Schiff with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, and were also young Stalin this revolutionary projects. Stalin even worked at the Rothschildien-owned Baku oil fields in his youth, as well as already having signed a number of agreements with Rockefellerien and power Rotshildien with the oil companies. Some scientists have come to the conclusion that Stalin would have been Edmond Rothschild secret son. The resemblance to the undeniably was obvious. There is, therefore, ultimately had to wonder if the Communists, leading to the kiinnostuivatkin for the opportunity to produce more Rothschildeja.

Vallassaolijat and the winners write history, and therefore these sensaatiomaisista secrets is not informed of the general public and of the official history books.

Historian Antony c. Sutton is revealed in his book the Jewish alkuperääolleiden bankers share bolshevikkivallankumoukseen The Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

The Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution can be read on the net: UR




Even that is not known, that, in the end, after all, was on the winners ‘ side, representing the secret had to do with the interests of the economic, political and. Tähtäimessähän all had the Palestinian looting the bogus israelilaisuuden and Balfour Declaration with the edomiittijuutalaisille, the Rothschilditkin are. In Germany, for example, were active and effective Rothschildien IG-Farben factory is nationalized, but it continued to operate throughout World War II, the head of the Rothschildien of time, providing Hitler’s Nazis.



Professor Antony c. Sutton is in his book, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler described this I.G. Farbenin and its links to the United States Rockefellereihin (Standard Oil’s owner), Warburgeihin and Morganeihin. The machinery of the German Nazi was anointed with a very strong American funding. I wonder if anyone come to mind to ask, that’s how it was possible for economic collapse of 1929 in the United States? British Economist A.W. Mullineux, at least, has been wondering that why the economy and the banking sector could so suddenly collapse. It was Bankers already at that time, sufficient information on how the economy Mullineuxin wheels rolling. Menivätköhän the American money for the construction of the German war machine?

The leaders of the German Nazi leaders met in a secret meeting of the industrial districts in 1944. Industrial districts were prepared to the fact that Germany lost the war and that many of the Nazis will be lost for a moment under the ground. The intention was that Germany should be the size of The comprehensive economic power immediately after the war. Näytösluontoisesti prosecuted at the Nazi Court was sentenced to only some of the minor of the Nazis. The AngloAmerican power network examined the history professor Carrol Quigley is in his book Tragedy and Hope (1966) described how the construction of the Nazi regime in Germany was very decisive in the role of Franz von Papen.

In this figure, the agreement, signed by Franz von Papen at the Roman Catholic Church.



Signature of the Reichskonkordat on 20 July 1933. From left to right: German ViceChancellor Franz von Papen, Giuseppe Cardinal Pizzardo, representing Germany, Pacelli, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, and German ambassador Rudolf Buttmann. Signature of the Reichskonkordat on 20 July 1933. From left to right: German ViceChancellor Franz von Papen, Giuseppe Cardinal Pizzardo, representing Germany, Pacelli, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, and German ambassador Rudolf Buttmann.


This is even more valid state Concordat!



What happened after the war Franz von Papenille? After the war, the allies took the Papen to catch and the Nuremberg trials, he was released. A German court sentenced him to eight years of hard labor in 1947, guilty of the crimes of national socialism. After the Court of appeal was lifted in 1949, but the majority of the assets confiscated from the von Papen. In his birth city of Werl, had already been withdrawn by him in 1945, in 1933, the amount of the value of the kunniakaupunkilaisen. Although Germany tuomitisi as a Catholic the Madeleine Church raised! And von Papen never admitted anything. In 1952, appeared in the von Papen memoir Der Wahrheit eine Gasse (the truth). in the 1950s he also tried, in vain, for a return to the policy. Until his death, von Papen‘s refusal to grant its own role in Hitler’s valtaannousussa. Von Papen was a devout Catholic, and he became church honors. In 1923, Pope Pius XI appointed him to the Chamber of neuvokseksi, and the password paavilliseksi in 1959, Pope John XXIII endorsed the appointments. Von Papen was also the Church of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, maltalaisritareihin and Knight.



The role of von Papen was no longer a major German new. Instead, rose Bilderberger group. It was one of the United States with the economic elite to build a federal Europe and a common market/single currency Union. Bilberbergeriläisten gatherings have been completely secret. The first koollekutsujakin was Prince Bernhard, which was known as the Nazi party.



What happened to those other high-value to the Nazis?



Jesuiittojärjestön management of the Roman Catholic Church has always been in the background for all poliittisissä manöövereissä. The Roman Catholic Church in Spain, the Inquisition was 1400 century also strongly associated with Jews. Estimates suggest that at least some of the Spanish Jews had drawn up its own rules of Kabbalistic and wrote them in a format that the document named Zohariksi. It is Oriental mysticism and esoteerisesta, even very lusiferiaanisesta. In Spain, the victims of the Inquisition, the Jews turned to ostensibly to Catholicism. They came to be called marranoor kryptojuutalaisiksi. Today’s New Age and Theosophy are based on very far in that the Jews [9] it. When the Protestants were divorced from the Catholic Church, one of the marranojuutalainen named Ignatius Loyola founded the only reformaatiota to take the Jesuit organization, which was good enough for the Pope. At the same time bringing the Jesuit organization solutti the Kabbalah mysticism of the Roman Catholic Church. As a counterweight to the Roman Catholic Church had also developed the Knights Templar organization, that the Catholic Church was abolished in the year 1314, as it had grown into a powerful and influential and affluent organisation. The Pope and the French monarchy that is the envy of the richness of the Organization and made a quick impact.

The Templars fled mainly to Scotland. Marranojuutalaisia also turned up in England. Marranot make a hand signalarm parallel to the ground. It was made by mark, that each Ignatius Loyola Jesuit vows full loyalty to the Organization and to the Pope. It is a masonistinen (vapaamuurarillinen)/kabbalistinen. From this link you can take a look at, who all have been loyal to this hand.





The list can be found in the uskonpuhdistajana known as the Martin Luther. Lutheriakin was funded by the top very strongly just the Jews, but Luther was aware of this, and revealed the plot. It ran out of Martin Luther a liking for Jews. His script for the sawmill were ultimately very anti-Semitic. The Jews wanted to finance Him because of it, that wanted to undermine the role of the Roman Catholic Church, so that it will no longer be able to persecute all dissidents. Where they did a favor for the rest of the world.





To Scotland under the cloak of the Templars built gradually, the British Isles, the vapaamuurarilaitoksen came to the alchemists and the Rosicrucians. The impact of kristillisyydessä is on the way to the Puritan, which is also vapaamuurariudessa. God has them kaikennäkevä at the top of the pyramid, the eye of the universe a great architect, intellectual sense light = lighting (illumination). The aim of the spiritual development of the Jewish kabbalassa is a level level until you reach the highest light. Kabbalassa statue of the light is Lucifer. a Professor of law at the University of Ingolstadt 1776 the Bavarian Church of their thinkers, social reformers, racked up a utopian Socialists and sense light are pursuing the Freemasons their own features. Weishaupt was a kryptojuutalainen Kabbalist and a Jesuit. He founded the secret society of 1.5.1776 Illuminaattien, who settled in vapaamuurarilaitoksen and infiltrated it. In this way the top of the cake are the Masonic secret Illuminati. Funding for this activity gave the Jewish Amshel Meyer Bauer, which was in its time the richest banker. Bauer’s on the door was a red sign with a star of David, which is kabbalistien a magical symbol. On the basis of the red label, Bauer moved to the name Rothschild, which means the Red sign.



Weishauptin enlightened began to plan for the French Revolution. Time antisemiittina during the 1920s in England known as the Nesta h. Webster studied the French Revolution. He argued that the nation was kiihotettua against the monarchs, bread and cereal ran outthe secret Illuminati were able to manipulate the cereals market, so according to the economic debacle was deliberately inflicted by Webster’s. The people were in favor of the revolution, but after the jakobiini terrorist (vapaamuurarillinen Jacob’s Club) took over and started to kill people. Broadwayohjaaja, Myron c. Fagan brought these issues up after the second world war in the United States.




Even before the French Revolution, jesuiitoille was to visit köpelösti. The Pope in fact banned and broken up by the entire organization, in 1773. The previous Pope was the same tried, but got killed mysteriously. The Jesuits/Freemasonry/secret Illuminati decided to then take control of the Roman Catholic Church. This post was commissioned to Napoleon Bonaparte, who marched directly to the Vatican with his army, and took the Pope prisoner. However, Napoleon went to war against the British and tried to isolate the British embargo. The Pope did not comply with the embargo, nor the Russian Tsar refused to Napoleon’s imperialism, so for these reasons, he was imprisoned by Napoleon in 1808 the Papal and then war trip to Russia. Tour Desk, ended unhappily. Napoleon’s battle against the brittejäkin ended in defeat, but the outcome of the war, Rothschild, Rothschildille couriers brought a message. He called to inform all of you that France won. Desperate Englishmen sold their shares to the London Stock Exchange at a ridiculously low price and Rothschild bought it all! The scammer. This is how Rothschild was virtually the whole of the city of London. Is it any wonder that coat-of-arms of the city of London is such a dragon?

Rothschild banker family took possession of the practice of the European economy as a whole, because it was financed by the tombs of the King‘s wars and all of the rooms at the knees, and the characteristic



Hitler is thought to have been a German Protestant, but that’s not the case. Hitler had received a Catholic education and Catholic schools. Hitler was even sung by the choir of the Roman Catholic Church. Hitler received a Jesuit education, which is a very militaristic. Who are there to Hitler’s concentration camps actually was? Because the Catholic Church was given full authority to/kryptojuutalainen the Jesuit in 1933, when Hitler took office Reichskanzler, as the Jews began emigrating to Palestine since 1933 and, at the same time, Protestants began to take away for elimination.






“I am personally convinced of the great power and deep significance of Christianity, and I won’t allow any other religion to be promoted. That is why I have turned away from Ludendorff and that is why I reject that book by Rosenberg. It was written by a Protestant. It is not a Party book. It was not written by him as a Party man. The Protestants can be left to argue with him … As a Catholic I never feel comfortable in the Evangelical Church or its structures. That is why I will have great difficulty if I try to regulate affairs of the Protestant churches. The evangelical people or the Protestants will in any case reject me. But you can be sure: I will protect the rights and freedoms of the churches and not let them be touched, so that you need have no fears about the future of the Church.” Hitler was also ready to discuss with the Bishop his views on the Jewish question: “As for the Jews, I am just carrying on with the same policy which the Catholic church has adopted for fifteen hundred years, when it has regarded the Jews as dangerous and pushed them into ghettos etc., because it knew what the Jews were like. I don’t put race above religion, but I do see the danger in the representatives of this race for Church and State, and perhaps I am doing Christianity a great service.”
“The Nazi Persecution of the Churches” by J.S. Conway, Pgs. 25, 26 & 162.

Stalin was also a priest of the Roman Catholic Jesuit training.






Rothschild banker family donated to the Salvation Army in setting up the funds. For this reason, the Salvation Army as a logo has been a red sign. Pelastuarmeijan, founder of the William Booth was a Freemasonhand so prettily in the bosom of the he is in all the pictures. William Booth was a Master of the second veil.




Russelilaisiin Masons formed part of Charles Taze Russell, in turn, was founded by the Jehovah’s witnesses, or rather, it was the first WatchtowerWatchtower Bible and Tract Society, which then consisted of the import or the Jehovah’s witnesses organization. Sometimes I have taken note of the reports, published by the Church of the advent of the eternalbook series of artwork is nearly identical to the artwork used by the Jehovah’s witnesses. I have sometimes held lastenraamattua of Jehovah’s witnesses, which was very beautiful pictures. It is well known who started Charlez Taze Russelin end times on the mietiskelynsä just the advent Church.





The seventh-day Adventist Church founder and Prophet of women working 1800-century, Ellen g. White, that he, too, is revealed in the vapaamuurariksi!




Ellen g. White is in perfect harmony with the working vapaamuurarikäsimerkkejä of the brethren. I hardly need to mention that the Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith was a Freemason. Vapaamuurareille asusteitakin riiteissä is used for the typical Mormon in secret.





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