Lucky Lindy Lindbergh Wasn’t So Lucky-He Was A 33* Mason And Didn’t Fly Across The Atlantic-It Was A Prop For Early Passenger Air Travel But Also A Big Ruse To Promote Hitler

I have a few thoughts on this before we get started. As you know Lucky Lindy is billed as the man who thought the US should stay out of WWII. He thought the Rothschild plant Hitler was a great guy. Supposedly his child was killed and it was billed as a Jewish mob kidnapping. He is later supposed to have fled to London. Yeah anybody who worried about the Jews goes straight to the City of London right?

It reminds me of another 33* degree mason who also was a proponent of Hitler, Henry Ford who wrote a 4 volume sets of books Entitled “The International Jew, The World’s Foremost Problem. His daughter apparently didn’t get the word.

“Stavros Niarchos-Aristotle’s brother-in-law and Ari’s business competition. Stavros’ parents came from Sparta, Greece. His relatives were rich. Stavros went into shipping and after W.W. II broke out, left Greece to avoid having to fight for Greece. He was a close friend of Colgate, Roosevelt and Bernard Baruch, who he would invite to his house on Long Island. He rented his Long island house from Harry Hopkins who was the man who told Pres. F.D. Roosevelt what to do. Even though he was a millionaire, he had a difficult time avoiding have to serve. Eventually, he managed to get himself situated as a naval officer in intelligence for Greece in Alexandria, Egypt. Information sent into the ’69-70 Who’s Who reference book about his war time exploits are fictitious. Niarchos and Aristotle were friends from 1934 onward, but also at times enemies trying to outdo each other. Both frequently went to St. Moritz, Swit., a ski resort. Stavros also frequents an old Medici family Palace/estate near Turin where the Duke of Edinburgh and Baron Elie de Rothschild like to go and shoot birds. The estate has many and it isn’t unusual for them to kill a thousand a day. Stavros is an important leader of the Bilderbergs and a billionaire. He married Henry Ford II’s daughter who was 38 years younger than he was, and divorced her shortly afterwards. He worked closely with David Rockefeller.”

Another one from Miles Mathis that is almost airtight. You can read the entire treatise at the link below.

This means the Lindbergh family was involved in extravagant fraud all the way back before the Civil War. We are told the grandfather worked as a farmer and blacksmith in Minnesota. Right. He went from being a prominent banker and ranking member of Congress to being a blacksmith. But they give you the clue this is a lie: they say he worked as a blacksmith for 26 years. They have buried the clue in numerology there: 2 + 6 = 8. Eight is the favorite number of the spooks and the rich families, other than perhaps 33.

Lindy’s grandfather was also a bigamist and adulterer, just as he would be. The grandfather Ola left his wife and eight* children in Sweden, emigrating to the US with his mistress and bastard child instead. Once here, he passed off his mistress as his wife, making him legally a bigamist.

Was Ola Mansson Jewish? Of course this is hidden, but it is admitted his most prominent speeches in the Riksdag concerned equal rights for Jews. He also argued for the right of foreigners to hold professorships at Swedish universities. Since he is said to have dropped out of primary school, that too is curious. He also attacked the Church of Sweden, recommending the break-up and takeover of its largest estates. Given that he was a bank director, the clues are beginning to add up already. Also, we have this portrait of him:


Does he look Swedish to you? As a portrait painter, I say he doesn’t.

One of Lindbergh’s first prominent clients was Singer Manufacturing. This was also known as Singer Sewing Machines, founded by billionaire Isaac Merritt Singer. Not only was Singer probably the richest man with interests in that part of Minnesota, he was Jewish, which brings us quickly back to that. His Jewish heritage was hidden for a long time, or not spoken of, but it is now admitted by mainstream sites. Interestingly, Singer was also a bigamist and adulterer, having, like the Lindberghs, a penchant for secret families. He had at least four wives and 24 children, mostly unknown to one another.

You will understand why Lindbergh’s connections to the banks have been scrubbed, seeing that his later fame rested on his alleged opposition to the Federal Reserve. We now see that opposition doesn’t fit his earlier life and all his known contacts. It is more likely his speeches were simply a pose, made to manufacture the opposition. Remember, we have seen that he was a banker himself, and that his father was also a banker. Many of his associates were bankers.

Lindbergh Sr. is just as unbelievable as the story of his father. It continues, when we are told the workaholic Lindbergh took a honeymoon of two and a half months. When they returned, we are told Charles had a house built for Evangeline, but that they had to live in a “tar-roofed two-room shack of pine” for six months while it was constructed. Right, Evangeline Lodge Land, who lived in the Antlers Palace while supposedly teaching high school, is going to live in a shack in central Minnesota in late fall, early winter? Do you know how cold it is in Minnesota in December? They really need to hire a proofreader for these ridiculous stories they call history.

Once this huge house was built for Evangeline, the Lindberghs entertained the Weyerhaeusers, the Mussers, and other extremely wealthy families of the region, many of them Jewish. In this period, Lindbergh also was advised by the millionaire Wall Street broker Howard Bell. It is Bell that warned him of the economic downturn after 1903—one of the reasons Lindbergh moved to Washington and joined Congress soon afterwards.

I will be told my analysis can’t be right, since Lindbergh Sr. is known for opposing the Federal Reserve. But given my research, that now looks like a pose. We know the opposition is always controlled, and this appears to be another example of that. Given that Lindbergh was a banker himself, that his father was or had been a banker, and that he had many banker friends and contacts in Wall Street and industry, it looks like he was hired to lead an ineffectual opposition.

The faked flight was actually just prepwork for the publication of the book WE, which of course sold millions of copies. The scumbag G. P. Putnam was one of the brains behind that part of this hoax. He was the head of Putnam Publishing, and was of course of the old Putnam family of Boston Brahmins, going back to James Putnam before the Revolution. Putnam was also another ranking spook, and at the time we may assume he outranked Lindbergh in that category, despite Lindbergh’s 33rd degree status.


Lindbergh was only 25, but Putnam was almost 40 and had been in Military Intelligence in WW1. The mainstream bios tells us he was in field artillery, but that is a likely cover. These rich boys normally went into Intelligence, never getting anywhere near a trench or a patch of mud. OK, it is clear they faked this flight, but it may help if you understand why they faked it. They were about to launch commercial air travel and they needed a big event to get everyone on the planes. TWA (or its precursors) was founded in 1925 and began operations in 1926. Do you think that is just a coincidence? No, a lot of very rich people had just invested a lot of money in the future of air travel, and they also invested in this Lindbergh hoax. It would allay fears if people thought old Lindy could fly across the Atlantic in that ridiculous little tin-can mailplane with no visibility and just a thermos and a couple of ham sandwiches. Seeing him feted in the greatest ticker tape parade of all time is just what they needed to plant the seed of air travel in the minds of the American public. Hollywood and Madison Avenue knew they needed this tall, handsome, fresh-faced bachelor kid to sell the idea, not Admiral Byrd, who was by then almost 40 and not nearly as photogenic as Lindy.


After that, the rest of Lindbergh’s career isn’t really worth commenting on, but just be aware they continued the numerology to the end. He is said to have died August 26, 1974. That is 8/ 2 + 6 = 8/ 7 + 4 = 11. Or 8/8/11. Just to be sure you understand what I am saying, I am not saying he didn’t die around that time. I am saying they adjust these dates in small ways to fit them to numerology. It has


been admitted they do this. See the bio of Anton Lavey, where they admit they tried to shift his day of death a couple of days to make it fall on Halloween. In that case, the local authorities caught them, but usually the spooks are not caught. In that line, I just added a footnote to my Tate/Manson paper, after discovering Roman Polanski claims to have been born 8/18/33. That is also most likely a date that has been manufactured by Intelligence to fit numerology, and it is a signal to other spooks that Polanski is a spook.


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