Mustering the Emotional and Spiritual Maturity to Face the Satanic Cult


spiritual maturity

If we want to heal the world, humanity has to muster the courage & spiritual maturity to confront the Satanic cult and get the Satanists out of power.

Spiritual maturity is what is needed

most right now by humanity en masse to deal with the predicament we are in. We are in the midst of an unspeakable and horrific evil, but rather than evil, I suggest we use the term unconsciousness (as Eckhart Tolle author of Power of Now advises). We have allowed deeply unconscious individuals and groups to infiltrate and seize the power centers of our societies. The “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” that JFK referred to is, in fact, a Satanic cult that rules through black magic. Many whistleblowers have affirmed this such as the most recent one from Australia, Fiona Barrett. This international Satanic cult is composed of some of the most famous and respected people in the world. It is the dark heart of the New World Order. There is only one way out of this for mankind: to muster up the courage, in terms of both emotional maturity and spiritual maturity, to face this Satanic cult head on, expose its crimes and get these Satanists out of power, so they can no longer continue their lying, thieving, raping and killing ways.

emotional maturity denial

We have to develop emotional maturity to overcome our reflexive reaction to indulge in denial.

Emotional Maturity

The first step to healing this is reaching a critical mass of awakened people who are willing to face the uncomfortable truth and do something about it. Humanity still labors under a spell of collective amnesia, denial and cognitive dissonance. The majority of people still vote for crooked politicians, but they know in their hearts nothing will change; or they look for Government to solve the problems, when they know in their hearts that it is Government that creates the problems. As truth activist James Corbett has said, people suffer under a societal Stockholm Syndrome, where we have been bewitched by our captors and developed an affinity for those who deceive, rob and betray us. People defend those who enslave them. As Morpheus told Neo in The Matrix:

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around. What do you see? Business men, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”

One important aspect of helping people wake up from the system is to help them reach emotional maturity. By this I mean a sense that you can handle difficult issues or challenges in life, whatever they may be, without crumbling, shutting down or flying off the handle. Humanity needs more emotional maturity, not less, which is why the push for the absurdity known as political correctness is such a joke. It’s encouraging people to become emotional crybabies who can’t handle being called names. If people are going to get their knickers in a knot over a word or phrase, how on Earth are they going to have the intestinal fortitude to confront mass murderers and psychopaths who in some cases would rather kill than be exposed?

playing shoot the messenger

Many people’s consciousness level is still stuck at playing “shoot the messenger”. Time to grow up.

Playing Shoot the Messenger

One clear and obvious manifestation of people’s collective denial is the “shoot the messenger” phenomenon. This way, they can avoid doing the hard, inner, emotional, integrative work necessary to overcome their psychological cognitive dissonance, and instead take the easy route by blaming those bringing the truth, poking holes in their information or finding some other way to continue their denial. This needs to change – and fast – if we want to confront the Satanic cult. As Geoff Byrd from Radio Mysterium says in Atmos-Fear:

“We must stop acting like herd animals … on social media, peer pressure and psychological gaslighting techniques are used to shame truthseekers into silence. The self-policing on Facebook make me nauseous, like crabs in a bucket …”

People need to stop backing away from information, finding a way to forget about it, deny it, rationalize it or make it go away. It’s not going away. In fact, more and more information is coming to light, as victims go public, whistleblowers step forth, people turn to the alternative media for news and information becomes more rapidly exchanged. Denial is no longer an option. In this day and age, ignorance is a choice. As horrible as the truth is of the Satanic cult and the New World Order, the only way to heal it is by acknowledging its reality and integrating that knowledge within. A problem can only be fixed once you firstly accept it is a problem.

spiritual maturity 2

We have to develop our spiritual maturity to be able to handle the depths of Satanic unconsciousness – without losing ourselves in the process of exposing it.

Spiritual Maturity

It can be difficult to integrate the truth without spiritual maturity. If you don’t have a spiritual practice, deep faith, a connection to “God” or your Higher Self, or some other kind of way to anchor your consciousness, it is all to easy for the horror of the information to blow you away. Without the spiritual maturity, you are likely to get caught up in anger, frenzy, stress and hate – and go into “fighting” mode. This is a form of unconsciousness where you actually become the very thing you are opposing. Just as many great past figures have said, you can’t fight for peace. You can only be peaceful.

We need to walk the tightrope with precise balance. We need to use enough energy as passion and determination to expose the truth and set things right. If we overdo it, our energy may well turn into over-anger and hate (one path to unconsciousness). If we underdo it, as we are mostly doing now, we will remain in denial as passive and acquiesence slaves who allow evil to rise in their midst (another path to unconsciousness). It’s our choice. What’s it going to be – consciousness or unconsciousness?

Conclusion: We’re More Powerful – We Just Need to Remember It

It is clear that the Satanic cult, no matter how powerful they think of themselves as, are no match for a fully awakened humanity. They are parasites that feed off the unconscious state of the collective. Energetically, it’s a co-dependent relationship; if you change or remove one aspect of the equation, the other cannot exist in the same way.

So what can you do? EVERYTHING! Working on one’s shadow, sharing the truth, integrating the information, and developing emotional and spiritual maturity are key. LOVE – center yourself in your heart which is your place of power. I will again quote from Geoff Byrd who sums it up beautifully:

“It’s not just the Illuminati, or the Shadow Government, or the evil banksters doing this; it’s the silence and quiet acquiescense of the people who are allowing this to happen. No resistance; if you don’t resist, they will persist. The power vacuum was created by us. It is our own inability to face our own personal demons and heal our psychological trauma that allows this to happen.

We perpetuate this external reality. TURN AND FACE IT; not just for you, but for us too. So we must do the individual, introspective shadow work to improve the collective … our own individual healing will affect the morphic field and create anchor frequencies in the collective consciousness. So our own individual healing is a nexus point. The courage of the individual is paramount to the psychological health of the whole.”

There you have it. We have our mission. Let’s go forth and heal ourselves, and in doing so heal the world, and rid ourselves the NWO Satanic cult for good.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at (FaceBook here), writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.


Solutions: Overcoming Stockholm Syndrome





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10 Responses to Mustering the Emotional and Spiritual Maturity to Face the Satanic Cult

  1. jjsanto1962 says:

    Mr. Corbett actually ‘lifted’ that from me. 🙂 In 2013 I wrote a comment ( actually in response to one ‘Patrick’ who accused me of being a Stockholm Syndrome survivor ) on James Tracy’s blog
    ( which Corbett is an avid reader of ) stating that “99% of the population has bonded with their captors”, well before James Corbett did so. After I posted my comment, on Stockholm Syndrome, Corbett seemed to suddenly have an ‘epiphany’…all by his lonesome. 😉
    I will provide the link so that you may see whence Corbett’s “epiphany” emerged. Being the coward that he actually is he never gave credit where credit was due. I suppose he is afraid of being placed in the same category as myself. Truly a coward…..but then again, the world is filled with them.

    You are correct about “spiritually and emotionally maturing”, Mick. It ( the lack thereof ) is what has kept this party boat afloat, atop a cesspool filled with ‘turds’ ( pardon my vernacular ).
    People like their filthy cesspool ,and, their parties. I actually don’t see this subsiding anytime soon…or, at least, until Hercolubus hangs like the ‘Sword Of Damocles’ over their empty heads. Then…THEN….the party ends. Lights out….for everyone…. with no opportunity to “mature”.

    No wonder the ‘Illuminated flotsam’ do not want to let the cat out of the bag’. Who will serve them in the next world? 😉


  2. jjsanto1962 says:

    Forgot to mention my name, ‘Jamie’, so that you know which posts to read on Memory Hole Blog in the link I shared.


  3. says:

    Hi Jamie and thanks
    The MHB comment section is seriously trolled! 🙂 Paddy never agrees with anyone, that is his job 🙂

    I looked back and read the thread. Your comments are very impressive. Have you seen this one?


    • jjsanto1962 says:

      I just did and ‘liked’ every comment you made. 🙂 I always suspected “Paddy” to be an operative….I mean, c’mon! ….what the hell does MHB have to do with Patrick’s bible thumping? He has repeatedly taken up valuable real-estate to proselytize.
      Worse actually, he beats his own drum on Tracy’s forum. I find him to be the most vile and ignorant of all beasts that slither, walk upright, scurry, crawl, leap….alright….I am sure you get the picture.
      In all honesty, Mick….reading his comments cause me moments of deep embarrassment for all of humanity. If I were a “god” I would smote his pious ass to dust.
      He is one unconscious individual. Tragic….for those who must suffer his bloated ego. 🙂


  4. says:

    It is nice to find life in the comment sect there. Yeah Paddy’s mission is driving away intelligent posters and convincing them it is a wasteland. He and folker are great tag team.

    “Worse actually, he beats his own drum on Tracy’s forum. I find him to be the most vile and ignorant of all beasts that slither, walk upright, scurry, crawl, leap….alright….I am sure you get the picture.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    They say if you throw enough manure against the barn wall, some of it will stick, but paddy is made of teflon. 🙂


    • jjsanto1962 says:

      One of the better ones at MHB was ‘Lashed but not leashed’. She left there long ago, and, with her departure, a gaping void was left in her stead. I actually find very little intelligence at MHB as they perpetually stay confined to a tiny fragment of reality.
      Not that I don’t think exposing the criminal mafia for what it is as vitally important but….we have other ‘pressing’ issues that need our attention equally.
      I just don’t think Tracy has the capacity to multi-task and that it was I find so dull at MHB.


  5. says:

    Lophatt is one of the better posters there and he hasn’t been around for awhile. And Yeah I believe every word the little girl Fiona said also. If you recall Nixon’s old lady had a nervous breakdown and his daughter married Ike’s son, (Ike who starved 5 million Germans in an open air prison after the war was over) and we hear little of them any more.

    Reagans’s daughter they say would not speak to Ronny raygun. It seems they find out eventually what is up.

    I think the constant whining by boypaddy and folk are to intimidate, and discourage writing are discussing certain subjects. They also have a small contingent who rise to their defense occasionally when needed like they are part of a small net cell. Am I wrong?

    Did you check this last one, Irene Caesar is a pretty hard hitting Russian philosopher!


  6. jjsanto1962 says:

    ” think the constant whining by boypaddy and folk are to intimidate, and discourage writing are discussing certain subjects. They also have a small contingent who rise to their defense occasionally when needed like they are part of a small net cell. Am I wrong?”

    No, not wrong at all. This is how I see humans, few are tall oaks, difficult to bend or break, their roots penetrating the deepest layers of soil, and, then there are the rest….a bonsai forest. Constricted and confined their roots grow shallow atop their soil. Paddy boy ….bless his infantile heart….is a bonsai tree. His admirers suffer the same malady; shallow roots. Every time Paddy boy drops his ‘seed’ a bonsai forest grows exponentially….but, that IS what his masters want after all.

    The problem with Patrick is that he actually believes that what he is doing is ‘honorable’….serving his demented masters. He is a tragic figure and one destined for the recycle bin no doubt.

    In regards to Reagan’s daughter not speaking with him when she moved out, it is not at all an unusual situation. I and my sisters do not talk to our father and many women I personally know have no relationship with their fathers/stepfathers/grandfathers for this very reason. A lot of pedophilia in this world….actually the very foundations of civilization.
    Have you read Sitchin’s work? I think it explains everything that is so wrong with our ‘societies’.

    I have not checked out ‘Irene Caesar’ yet. I will have to as we both share the same name. 🙂
    Thanks for the link, Mick.


    • says:

      This is for entertainment purposes only. I get this stuff daily from vatican jesuit software programs. 🙂 They are all banned but show up in spam. They need to do some serious work on their programs to at least make it appear humans are responding.

      “I know the Christian world isn’t doing much of anything to defeat the NWO. Knowing that hindooism is sooooooooooo Spiritually Superior to Christianity because I read you, Dubby, all the time, I’m wondering what exactly is the hindoo world doing to defeat the NWO? You never have any articles about what it is the Spiritually Superior hindoos are doing to defeat the forces of the NWO. Which I find odd.

      AND I’m wondering why the ones in the alternative media who LUHV Hindooism so much also LUHV the “religion” of ancient Egypt, the worship of ISIS, the worship of the dog star Sirius, [ most likely] the worship of Saturn, the worship of the NWO One Eye of Horus [ on the Yankee Empire dollar bill] , the worship of THE SUN. So there must be a connection between the “religion” of hindooism and the “religion” of ancient Egypt. I just don’t know what that connection is, but I know you know THE CONNECTION. I wonder why you NEVER have any articles about THE CONNECTION. I find that odd also.

      You spend TOO much time with your head up your ass dubby instead of working and providing your readers with some real information. Where’s your “Think Tank” located? In the tank of your toilet bowl?”


  7. says:

    Hi jjSanto
    Good to hear from you once again. I must say I don’t believe Paddy believes all that nonsense, how could he? I think he is just working for the man.

    As for Sitchin, you haven’t read my magnum opus. I would be very happy if you took a look at it. Paddy says I am an ignorant fool when I post it over there.

    So yes I have read somewhere in the range of 15 of Sitchin’s books but better yet long ago I had some mahatmas tell me this was pretty much what is taught in Shaolin and Buddhist temples.

    There is a thread going on this now on a site with some pretty good commenters.


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