Hope And Change Brought To You By Team Bloodline-The NWO In Your Face



Moderator was satisfied identities of  Palin & Obama were established as Bloodline MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Controlled Slaves, but as her popularity increases and the run-up to yet another quadrennial tickle-fest (election) approaches, I thought we should revisit the Mossad-NSA-CIA-AIPAC, MK-Ultra Production, Alaskan M-I-L-F fantasy narrative, her Zionist Prog’mr/Handler and equally controlled counterpart (Mr. Hope & Change) in the ongoing Hegelian Dialectical PsyOps, euphemistically termed “elections”  So… just in case you  forgot…

Kissinger, Palin, Mengele: Part 2 (VIDEO)

Obama Related to Palin, Limbaugh, Ancestry.com Finds

Charm School Training last?

from Tranceformation of America — Cathy O’Brien Monarch Slave Survivor (Victim)


(0:13) “Piper’s here today!” — w/Lee Greenwood notorious MK Prog’mr/Handler


How The Dodgers Won Big On The Diamond


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