A 1945 FBI Report Details How Hitler Arrived In Argentina With Eva And Their 2 Daughters One Of Which Was Named Angela


From private investigator Bill Warner of Sarasota, we see a 1945 FBI report indicated that our boy the Fuhrer indeed slipped out of Germany very much alive alone with Eva and his two daughters. One of which is no doubt Angela Merkel. You might want to rethink all of the goosesteppers who are writing books and think they had themselves a hero.




“9/21/1945 FBI Los Angeles Report on adolf Hitler in Argentina, see above CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE.  U-boat U-977 arrived at Port of Mar Del Plata of Argentina on August 17, 1945, Hitler was to be on board.  What if Adolf Hitler was able to fly out of Berlin GR on April 27th 1945, after his phony suicide plot, with lover Eva Braun and their two children, girls.


This is detailed in an older book. This should help you the reader come to the realization of just what a pack of lies you have been handed for decades. Enough to fill an ocean. Hitler had six body doubles.


Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch Was Faked (Crisis Actors From The Prussian Royal Theatre)

Of course we do know that Eckhart Playwright, poet, journalist and politician. He was the artistic director of the Prussian Royal Theatre and became great friends with the little corporal while he was being schooled for greatness by Pacelli who would go on to become pope. What a world of coincidence. Nobody can say Hitler could not act, unfortunately his role managed to get tens of millions killed. Mr. Mathis is definitely correct about David Irving when he says Hitler was a creation of Hollywood and Madison Avenue. There has never been a real communist or nazi, they were all actor fronts for rich industrialists to once again plunder entire nations, although the Germans under Prussian Royal theatre were much more theatrical.

The treatise on Charlton Heston Is also a work of art.



I have a March 2013 post detailing much of this.

New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Nazi Germany-FBI Files Opened-Not Exactly Breaking News But Der Fuhrer Still Seems To Have A Rock Solid Fan Base (Nieuw keihard bewijs dat Hitler Duitsland ontsnapte met behulp van CIA)

This is not exactly breaking news as even the FBI has opened their files on the matter and yes is says Hitler left with a bug out bag to Argentina. He seems to have a rock solid fan club in some arenas that simply will not accept any facts on the matter. To change the story now days implicates the EU, UN, the church and the crowned heads with some fancy footwork. That is why you will see some throw out the facts and embrace the party line until they are blue in the face. Russia and the immense resources is what they wanted and they got it. Germany was bombed back into the stone age, lucrative contracts were awarded to rebuild it, Israel was established and the elite were happy as they were not bombed. The peasants were rewarded with a high tech drama for decades and some cling to the (Hitler was a great guy, he built roads and revived the economy razzle dazzle.) Once those neural pathways are established, they are hard to reroute. By their fruits you shall know them.

Authors John Loftus and Mark Aarons have described Allen Dulles “as one of the worst traitors in American history, an economic version of Benedict Arnold.” They suggest Dulles was instrumental in financing Nazi Germany, according to these authors, created a financial network among Nazi corporations, American oil, and Saudi Arabia. Some feel he was involved in the Kennedy murder also.

FBI Opens Files Proving Hitler Went To Argentina With Help From The Director Of The OSS Himself-Allen Dulles-Make The Big Lie-Make It Simple-Keep Telling It And Eventually They Will Believe

(by R&S, Exposing the Realities) — Newly declassified FBI documents prove that the government knew Hitler was alive and well, and living in the Andes Mountains long after World War II.

Der Fuhrer Grabs a Bugout Bag


New rock-hard proof that Hitler escaped Germany using CIA

Beside the book of Robin de Ruiter with the title chronicle of Hitlers escapes, there is now a new book on Berlin on the Berlin market which shows very indisputably that Hitler committed no suicide. The book Hunting Hitler: New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Germany by Jerome R. Corsi comes with a battery of proof among which are DNA studies into the skull rests which were used according to the Russians for many years’ as proof for Hitler suicide. In 2009, archaeologist Nicholas Bellatoni got authorisation to examine the skull rests. . It appeared that the skull rests did not belong to a 40 year old person, or Eva Braun but to a young woman.

Because of this Corsi was stimulated to further research. Robin de Ruiter lays out in his book already how several doubles were used for Adolf Hitler and defines the activities in the bunker of Hitler on and around the day of the suicide. de Ruiter examines contradictions in the declarations of witnesses and incorrect perceptions concerning what it seems was found. The book of Corsi seems the same follow line. In fact we can conclude, however, that the new DNA proof takes the edge off the suicide in the bunker still further. Furthermore Robin de Ruiter and Corsi seem considerably on the same page. Both explain that Hitler fled Berlin by means of a submarine. Although I have not yet read the book by Corsi, I see clear agreements with the book of Robin de Ruiter from the report on wnd.com. The Corsi book seems to confirm this now. I have however read the book by Robin de Ruiter and all I can say is it gives a detailed description of the manner and flight route of Adolf Hitler.


Corsi conclusion: The tale of the suicide of Adolf Hitler and Eva von Braun was a cover story considered to help him escape the American information service agents at the end of WO2, not only Hitler and Von Braun, but even top Nazi war criminals such as Adolf Eichman, who had gone into hiding in 1960 in the pale of Argentina. [Note:] The title of this article presumes the CIA was used and was a set up.]

The original German prince Bernhard has confessed that he flew around the world without a flight license and he was linked to Nazism. Thus he came more than once to Bariloche, where he stayed in the most expensive hotel of Argentina, Llao Llao. In Bariloche he met regularly with Jorge Zorreguieta, the father of princess Maxima. King Willem Alexander and queen maxima gladly go (to see here) skieën at San Carlos de Bariloche on the mount Cerro Catedral. Up until 1996 Jorge had a holiday house that was burned out, now it has been reported he has a new holiday house in Esch.


Martin Zorreguieta is a brother of queen maxima and son of María del Carmen Cerruti and Jorge Zorreguieta and he manages the villa drawer angostura restaurant in Tinto Bistro. The restaurant lies only seven kilometres from Inalco. The queen maxima educated by German nuns in the Colegio Mallinckrodt in Buenos Aires worked in its vrijgezellenleven for Dresdner Kleinwort Benson bank and just like aforementioned Ludwig Freude for Deutsche Bank. The family Zorreguieta apparently have a craze for everything that is German ( more details here).

Jorge Zorreguieta was moreover minister of agriculture in Argentina. He was the one which were responsible for the dispossession of smallholders in favour of grootgrondbezitters such as Monsanto (to see here too) under dictator Videla ( that offered a lot of German Nazi protection.) (My note, I remember those days and Videla called dissenters communists and lined them up to be shot. )

Would it be possible all that time ordinary contact was made between our prince, Adolf Hitler and the other top Nazi people who fled? Is it then perhaps all simply a correct conclusion that Europe is a Nazi idea? Is it a correct conclusion that the UN (other name for New World order) are also a Nazi idea? What history can we believe from school text books?

Source link indication: wnd.com, recovery the republic, RT.com





Angela Hitler

From Clipboard



The girls from Bariloche. Which one is Angela?



Nieuw keihard bewijs dat Hitler Duitsland ontsnapte met behulp van CIA

Naast het boek van Robin de Ruiter met de titel “Kroniek van Hitlers vlucht uit Berlijn” is er nu een nieuw boek op de markt dat wel héél erg onomstotelijk aantoont dat Hitler geen zelfmoord pleegde. Het boek “Hunting Hitler: New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Germany.” van Jerome R. Corsi komt met een stapel bewijzen waaronder DNA onderzoek naar de schedelresten die volgens de Russen jarenlang als bewijs werden gebruikt voor Hitler’s zelfmoord. In 2009 kreeg archeoloog Nicholas Bellatoni toestemming om de schedelresten te onderzoeken. Hieruit bleek dat de schedelresten tot een 40 jarige vrouw behoorden en niet tot Hitler of Eva von Braun.

Hierdoor werd Corsi geprikkeld om verder op onderzoek uit te gaan. Robin de Ruiter legt in zijn boek al uit hoe er gebruik gemaakt werd van meerdere dubbelgangers voor Adolf Hitler en omschrijft de activiteiten in de bunker van Hitler op en rondom de dag van de zelfmoord. De Ruiter belicht de tegenstrijdigheden in de getuigenverklaringen en niet kloppende waarnemingen aangaande de gevonden lijken. Het boek van Corsi lijkt dezelfde lijn te volgen. In feite kunnen we wel concluderen dat het nieuwe DNA bewijs de zelfmoord in de bunker nog het meest ontkracht. Verder lijken Robin de Ruiter en Corsi behoorlijk op 1 lijn te zitten. Beiden leggen uit dat Hitler via een onderzeeër Berlijn ontvlucht is. Hoewel ik het boek van Corsi zelf nog niet gelezen heb, zie ik uit het verslag op wnd.com duidelijke overeenkomsten met het boek van Robin de Ruiter. Het boek van Robin de Ruiter heb ik wel gelezen en daarvan kan ik zeggen dat het een gedetailleerde omschrijving geeft van de vluchtroute en vluchtwijze van Adolf Hitler. Het boek van Corsi lijkt dit nu te bevestigen.

Corsi concludeert: “Het verhaal van de zelfmoord van Adolf Hitler en Eva von Braun was een ‘cover story’ bedacht door de Amerikaanse Inlichtingendienstagenten aan het einde van WO2 om niet alleen Hitler en Von Braun te helpen ontsnappen, maar tevens top nazi oorlogsmisdadigers als Adolf Eichman, die in 1960 ondergedoken bleek in Argentinië“. [Note: in tegenstelling tot wat de titel van dit artikel doet vermoeden doel ik natuurlijk op de voorloper van de CIA (die in die hoedanigheid officieel pas in 1947 werd opgericht)]


Van de oorspronkelijk Duitse Prins Bernhard is bekend dat hij de hele wereld zonder vliegbrevet rondvloog en verbonden was met het Nazisme. Zo kwam hij dan ook meer dan eens in Bariloche terecht, waar hij verbleef in het duurste hotel van Argentinië, Llao Llao. In Bariloche ontmoette hij regelmatig Jorge Zorreguieta, de vader van Prinses Maxima. Nog altijd gaan Koning Willem Alexander en Koningin Maxima (zie hier) graag skieën bij San Carlos de Bariloche op de berg Cerro Catedral. Tot 1996 had Jorge hier een vakantiehuisje wat is uitgebrand, nu heeft hij naar verluid een vakantiehuis in Esch.

Martin Zorreguieta is een broer van Koningin Maxima en zoon van María del Carmen Cerruti en Jorge Zorreguieta en beheert in Villa La Angostura zijn restaurant Tinto Bistro. Het restaurant ligt op zo’n zeven kilometer van Inalco. De door Duitse nonnen aan de Colegio Mallinckrodt in Buenos Aires opgevoede Koningin Maxima werkte in haar vrijgezellenleven voor de Dresdner Kleinwort Benson bank en net als eerdergenoemde Ludwig Freude voor de Deutsche Bank. De familie Zorreguieta heeft blijkbaar een voorliefde voor alles wat Duits is (hier meer details).

Jorge Zorreguieta was overigens minister van landbouw in Argentinië. Hij was degene die verantwoordelijk was voor de onteigening van kleine boeren ten gunste van grootgrondbezitters als Monsanto (zie ook hier) onder dictator Videla (die dus aan vele Duitse nazi’s bescherming bood).

Zou het wellicht mogelijk zijn dat er al die tijd gewoon contact is geweest tussen onze Prins, Adolf Hitler en de andere ontvluchte nazi topmensen? Is het dan misschien allemaal simpelweg een juiste conclusie dat Europa een nazi idee is? Is een juiste conclusie dat de VN (andere naam voor New World Order) een nazi idee is? Wat kunnen we nog geloven van de geschiedenis zoals we die uit de schoolboekjes leren?

Bron linkvermeldingen: wnd.comHerstel de RepubliekRT.com







March 5th, 2012…Did Hitler live to old age here in Argentina? Sun Newspaper investigates mountain haven for Nazi war criminals.STANDING beside his log chalet in the Argentine mountains Jorge Priebke happily reminisces about the Third Reich’s most evil men. Pointing to the next street, the old man revealed in a heavy German accent: “That’s the Hotel Campana where Dr Mengele stayed for a time. 


And now a MEP member of the German government wants Angela Merkel to fleee back to Argentina.

A MEP Member Of Merkel’s Own Government Suggests She Should Flee To South America Over Migrant Crisis



The North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) branch of the German movement Pegida (Patrioten gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes/Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident) Has recently stated on Facebook That Angela Merkel is Jewish


Merkel will run to South America like her father did in 1945




Hitler Was A Rothschild And So Was His Daughter Angela


Japan Swindler’s List-Chiune “Sempo” Sugihara’s List (Let’s Take A Look Between The Lines Of The Japanese-Nazi Alliance)


Father of Teresa Heinz Kerry Allegedly Worked With Mengele On The German Ebola Virus?


Billy Hitler-Descendant Of Adolf Hitler

The Jewish Moravian Ancestry of Pope Benedict XVI linked to the Maharal of Prague

Family of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger


German Chancellor Angela Merkel Praises “Visions For 2050” A Book Predicting The Extinction Of The German People: Germany With Natural Born Killers At The Helm


Germany Must Perish


Hitler had six body doubles/Black Raiser


Hitler Used Rothschild Banker’s Typewriter


This claim item as a functional website named Pironamakasiini:
Here below is the text from that site to the captured. The story is not mentioned in the authors, so I do not know to whom credit is due. Writing is, in itself, a cleverly worked out, so I thought I’d attach to that post in the source data. I look at the history of the case, whether the text under any source data even verifiable. Also other necessary and additional information has been added.
The opposition, however, Merkel is ferocious. In that sense, the underlying text is a contradiction in terms, that Gregg Hallet has, in turn, found it, that Hitler was trained at the Institute in fulfilling its Tavistock of England. Bring the mind control familiar with the Institute was able to brainwash and pirstaloimaan of the human mind in such a way that the brainwashed works like the function programmed robot. Hitler was trained to become a good speaker apparently also very. Already have a foothold in Hitler’s time, was known as the Mesmerin, developed by hypnosis or mesmerismi.
The STASI and the KGB, the secret archives reveal: Angela Merkel is the result of fertilization and himself in HITLER’S DAUGHTER!
For the record, that the Pironamakasiinin text is translated directly to the source:



Signature of the Reichskonkordat on 20 July 1933. From left to right: German Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen, representing Germany, Giuseppe Pizzardo, Cardinal Pacelli, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, German ambassador Rudolf Buttmann. Signature of the Reichskonkordat on 20 July 1933. From left to right: German Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen, representing Germany, Giuseppe Pizzardo, Cardinal Pacelli, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, German ambassador Rudolf Buttmann.



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  5. rollo57 says:

    There is a claim by his former body guard http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20070405.htm Otto Skorzeny, that Hitler was alive in 1997 aged 107?

    “But this was not the only bombshell Otto Skorzeny delivered that day in late-1999. Skorzeny, producing a shoe box full of 60-years worth of his personal photographs, showed them to Berman, describing each one in great detail. The collection featured a photo of a young, majestic Skorzeny in full S.S. Nazi military dress, next to his Führer, Adolph Hitler. Then there were photos of Reinhard Gehlen (S.S. spy and assassin) Dr. Joseph Mengele (the “Angel of Death”) Martin Bormann (Hitler aide and S.S. assassin) and Adolph Hitler (photographed in 1997 at age 107).

    The Hitler photo was taken during a “reunion” at the Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park, Montana, on August 27, 1997. According to Skorzeny, Adolph Hitler was alive and well in the U.S. in 1997!”


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