Austrian Intelligence Indicates US Financing Migrant Wave Into Europe-Insider: Die USA bezahlen die Schlepper nach Europa!

Insider: Die USA bezahlen die Schlepper nach Europa!

An unbelievable reproach comes now from the numbers of Austrian secret services: In accordance with information of an employee, of the Austrian office for defense * realizations are to be present over the fact that USorganizations pay the smugglers, which daily bring thousands of refugees to Europe.

Smugglers require exorbitant amounts of money, in order to bring refugees illegaly to Europe. The conditions are often very bad, nevertheless cost of transport uptodate between 7.000 and 14,000 euros, to region and smuggling organization differently. From police circles, which have to do daily with the asylum solicitors (alone in the Erstaufnahmelager Traiskirchen are daily over 100 officials in use) are smuggler costs and conditions  for a long time wellknown. Also the suspicion that the USA in the sense of a geostrategic strategy would have fingers also in the play, is again and again expressed. Few experts ooze ready reliable information, nobody wants their full name public.

There are realizations over the fact that organizations from the USA created a COfinancing model and carry substantial portions of the smuggling costs. Not each refugee from North Africa has 11,000 euros in cash. Does nobody ask itself, from where the money comes? A strict ban on news prevails over appropriate connections. Also the HNAA (note: Office for army news)  may or may not have information on it to pass. It must however to the public.  The same arsonists are at work, who felled Ukraine one year ago into the chaos.
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Note of the editorship

We ask journalists to participate, police and intelligence service employees in the clearingup of the reproaches expressed here actively. Please take up under contact with us, if you can pass reliable information on in this connection. The present situation is fire dangerous and educational work can taper or prevent a crisis.

Das office for defense is the intelligence service of the Austrian federal army and is subordinate to the Federal Ministry for national defense of Minister Gerald Klug.
Contribution picture: public domain/John Edwards Wikimedia


The only problem we see with this article is the US is not financing anything as the United States is 19 trillion dollars in debt and considered a bankrupt corporation. We see this party line all across the alternative news and even on the Russian English language sites where they pump the party line 24/7 about the US and this elusive empire building. This nonsense would be humorous if not so serious. The United States has been subverted into the military arm of the global triumvirate consisting of Rome, The City of London and finally the United States.





Hitler was a British Agent

From Clipboard

It is no secret that Soros is pushing for more migrants into Europe. How can there be any doubt that Turkey, Qatar, Jordan as well as Saudi Arabia do their best to round up the worst of the worst and have Soros fund their way to Europe. And everybody knows Saudi Arabia has plenty of scum to ship out. They are drenched in Donmeh Wahabism brought there by British Jews and Lawrence of Arabia. This is their day in the sun. For all practical purposes, Saudi Arabia and masonic Turkey are Israel as well as Qatar and Jordan. What they are preaching has little to do with the Koran and more about the Hadiths the various Imans pronounce with the drop of a hat. One in Sweden was just recorded as saying anyone who will not fast-kill them.

Most of these refugees are not Syrians, in fact Russia has taken in 200,000 Syrians themselves. You might notice they don’t get near the Wahabbis however.

This is certainly a situation which cannot be written off as yet.

It Is Time To Revisit The Prophecies Of Monks Joseph And Elder Paisios Who Predict Turkey Will Cease To Exist When They War On Greece As Russia Will Step In With Nuclear Weapons

On the other hand the criminal Swedish/zionist government tries to jail anyone who complains. The Zionist and the empire have turned the Jihadists almost into imitation Jews. Of course few will understand that in the west and Jews will benefit as they want to present a picture of hey look at these bad people around us, do you see why we have been trying to kill them all? Will Europe fall into chaos, revolution and ruin all for the sake of Israel? Time will tell. Two very prominent psychics, Nostradamus and Vanga predict that is exactly what is going to happen.

And then we have the goofy looking lunatic Merkel who is issuing visas as rapidly as possible. She will try and finish off the Germans as soon as possible and clear the way for an Israeli gas pipeline to Europe as well as clear the area for greater Israel and the expansion we know is coming.


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5 Responses to Austrian Intelligence Indicates US Financing Migrant Wave Into Europe-Insider: Die USA bezahlen die Schlepper nach Europa!

  1. Anthony says:

    Tractors should be traffickers. Otherwise the translated article doesn’t make sense.


  2. says:

    Well yeah I know, traffickers or contractors, I already changed that translation a tad, and didn’t want to change it too much.


    • Anthony says:

      Hi Mick,
      Smugglers is also fine.

      One of the indicators as to just how big and well organised these operations are is that when it seemed likely that the Balkan route would be blocked, some big names (Soros I think) said that it would make no difference and the refugees would travel via the Ukraine as if that were the most obvious thing in the world.

      Bus the refugees across Turkey, ferry them across the Black sea into the Ukraine, bus them to the Ukrainian western borders…. and then what? Hungary is currently the backbone of Europe on this issue. The Poles are anti-immigrant and still have the balls to protest. Slovakia? Then via the Czech Republic, although the Czechs also still know how to protest or Austria, which has grown tired of being pushed around by Merkels Germany.


  3. says:

    I corrected it.


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