Big Pharma is Injecting Us With Cancer Enzymes — Doctors Who Made the Discovery Found Murdered

By Jack Murphy, Neon Nettle

Not long ago, Neon Nettle reported on the epidemic of doctors being murdered, most of which were in Florida, U.S.  — read the full report here.

The scientists all shared a common trait, they had all discovered that nagalase enzyme protein was being added to vaccines which were then administrated to humans.

Nagalese is what prevents vitamin D from being produced in the body, which is the body’s main defense to naturally kill cancer cells.

Nagalase is a protein that’s also created by all cancer cells. This protein is also found in very high concentrations in autistic children. And they’re PUTTING it in our vaccines!

This prevents the body from utilizing the Vitamin D necessary to fight cancer and prevent autism. Nagalese disables the immune system. It’s also known to cause Type 2 Diabetes.

So basically… they weren’t killing these doctors because they had found the cure to cancer or were successfully treating autism… they’re killing them because these Dr’s had been researching and had the evidence that the vaccines they’re injecting our precious children with are CAUSING our current cancer and autism crisis!

And that it’s obviously being done knowingly and on purpose! The Dr’s they killed in FL had been collaborating and were getting ready to go public with the information.

Depopulation 101..add poison to vaccines… make it law that all children must be injected to attend school. Slow kill methods. They think they’re being fair w/ their “survival of the fittest” type mentality. Only the best genes survive? These people have no souls.

Dr Ted Broer broke it on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report and it took them a whole hour just to get him on air b/c their 3 hour show was brought down and every line they tried to use kept disconnecting…and then their servers were brought down.


They asked a bunch of people to pray against the attack and then finally got him on a secured line… and so a full hour into the show they were finally back on the air and connected to Dr Broer and the first thing he said was “I am in no way suicidal.”

He was super nervous holding onto this info… afraid he’d be taken out Hastings style before he got a chance to say it publicly. So listen to this short clip of him breaking the story.

It’s a 19 min clip but the most important info is heard within the first 10 min. It is def some of the most important news Ive ever heard. And it needs to go viral.



First seen here


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It is good news the US finally following the lead of several countries around the Pacific Basin has banned fish and some agricultural products from 14 sources in Japan. They are going to begin checking for radiation after all these years. Must be a lot of people keeling over. I have in the past seen some Japanese apples in the stores which I pass up. I banned them long ago.



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6 Responses to Big Pharma is Injecting Us With Cancer Enzymes — Doctors Who Made the Discovery Found Murdered

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  2. I actually wrote this article ^^ that you quoted by neon nettle. I had originally heard Prof Doom report on this subject of nagalese in vaccines but not many ppl seemed to notice the story. Then a couple months later I heard Dr Ted Broers explosive interview (the one posted above in the article) on Hagmann’s show and I was floored. But again it came and went without any real coverage in the alt news media. I think I saw one article someone wrote on it but it was just a ton of compiled info and facts and I zoned out reading it… So I knew anyone else reading it would not have understood the significance of the article.

    So about four months after I first heard Dr Broer make these announcements on Hagmann’s show I decided to write an article and spell it out loud and clear to hopefully grab ppls attention and make the points that needed to be made hard, fast and to the point. And then write it in a way that would get ppl to take the time to listen to the Dr Broer audio.. Because hearing him describe it….the way it came out of his mouth just really struck me… and so amazingly conveyed the gravity of this situation.

    Because nowadays you have about 2 seconds to grab ppls attention and keep it… One of the biggest battles is just getting ppl to click on your article. Then once they’re there you gotta give them a reason to stay within 4 seconds or less. And I knew as soon as I heard it that this info was HUGE… And I was astounded that no one seemed to notice it. So back in Nov. 2015, I wrote it out on my blog and then submitted it to beforeitsnews and it immediately shot to number one and stayed there all week. All sorts of sites copied it and it ended up getting millions of views. I heard Dr Broer later say (perplexed) that a few months after it aired it suddenly became their most listened to show of all times (because of my article).

    I had written the article under the pseudonym “Sedated Princess” and so most of the sites who copied it did not list any author (I don’t blame them.. Lol). And I really did not care because I was just so thrilled the info was going viral and getting out there… I dont CARE about the recognition… I was just so excited that something I did (little old me) was actually making THAT much of a difference… getting the word out about the nagalese they’re intentionally putting in our vaccines… It was so pleasing to know that even just one avg everyday citizen could use the one skill they know they’re good at (writing and putting a compelling story together)…. to make a small dent in that patient beast… The NWO. Here is my original article

    And on my blog


  3. I apologize, it did not copy and paste correctly for some reason. I ill try and correct it later.


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