Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts: How To Mix Chicken Salad And Chicken Crap And Serve Warm To The American Imbecile




If you can’t figure it out, America is going to be the new fall guy as Germany was after WWII. Prepare to batten down the hatches, duck and cover and watch the trials if everything goes as expected.

America Is Being Set Up For The Fall


Paul hears his masters voice

Presstitutes At Work

Paul Craig Roberts

“This morning I was stuck in front of a Fox “News” broadcast for a short period and then with a NPR news program. It was enough to convince me that Nazi propaganda during Hitler’s Third Reich was very mild compared to the constant stream of dangerous lies that are pumped out constantly by the American media.

The New York Times, Washington Post, and a couple of think-tank types were represented on NPR. They delivered the most crude propaganda imaginable and questioned no US government statement.

Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts

Unfortunately Paul Craig is a continuation of Nazi propaganda. He doesn’t realize the Reich is still alive and well. He has apparently not heard the federal reserve is not federal, about the City of London, the Vatican, the UN, the IMF, and Brussels. He apparently thinks obama and Hillary are cooking up the mayhem in the basement of the white house. He pretends not to know about the trinity. His compa and member of the usual suspects, Steve “London is inocent” Lendman runs with him in these pathological diatribes. We are witnessing some amazing displays of propaganda here in the end times.”

Europe’s Stolen Future Under The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) The Nazi Cabinet Was Transferred To The Netherlands And Later Adopted By The European Union






Once Again Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts Hears His Master’s Call From the Nazi Zionist Papal And Royal Knights














Although throwing in some logic most of the time, “Washington” Paul Craig Roberts shows us that he is still a two party shill as he cannot write an article without drumming home the propaganda that he is paid to instill. In other words everything is all Washington. He provides a good cover for the City of London and the vatican where real policy is made and serves his master’s voice by attempting to instill to the people of the world it is all Washington. Does anyone really believe think tanks in Washington devise what we see around us when it comes to global policy, five eyes and the ongoing turmoil around the globe. No governments throughout the west and their media are in lock step and it does not emanate from “Washington.”

We are looking at one small article here and Washington is mentioned 20 frigging times. Yes he hears his master’s voice and it makes it appear Europa and the U.N. are helpless victims to Washington policy. Do you think this shill mentions “Washington” enough? I still see those of the not so alternative, alternative media leaving links to this clown.












The Papal And Royal Knights

Washington Roberts Quotes: 20 mentions of “Washington”. This is not an aberration as he does it each and every article he unleashes on an unsuspecting American public.

Having served Washington’s propaganda purposes

Washington’s stooge government in Ukraine

Washington and its presstitutes are protecting the lie that Washington and its media vassals successfully spread around the world and have used as the basis for further sanctions that escalate the conflict with Russia.

The Western media follows Washington’s lead, not Moscow’s or Beijing’s.

Washington does not engage in diplomacy.

Washington doesn’t listen

The Western media speaks only with Washington’s voice:

Washington is interested in fomenting crises

Washington cannot be trusted

Washington’s ability to further erode Russia’s political and economic relationships with Europe with more sanctions,

The other alternative is for Putin to meet privately with Washington’s stooge

Putin would explain to Washington’s stooge

Washington would not have time to create a new propaganda.

Therefore, Washington, like Marx, relies on violence.

Putin could make it clear that if Europe continues to accommodate Washington’s assault on Russia

Washington’s campaign to demonize Russia can escape control and result in a war

Washington’s foreign policy and adopting foreign policies that serve their own interests instead of Washington’s,

Europe does not need Washington’s guarantee against a nonexistent Russian threat.

Think the guy mentions Washington enough here?

So yeah we get it Washington right, I mean everybody has to eat even if you were on the Ronny Raygun team that murdered tens of thousands of Guatemalan Indians who did not want to work at walmart. He is working for you right? Washington Paul has given up his stipend and is working for the cause, yeah sure buddy!

The United States Has Been Purchased

Bubba Paul Craig

But Paul Craig thinks Washington is behind everything! Notice the hidden hand in the pic behind “Washington” Roberts. He is I assume displaying the beady eyed persona of the truth teller with those eyes. More freaks from the supposedly alternative news.

Once Again Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts Hears His Master’s Call From the Nazi Zionist Papal And Royal Knights


Published on Dec 13, 2014

“It would never have been suspected, no one could have imagined. that, one mans wealth could grow over several centuries, into such proportions, that, they would be able to buy the government of the United States, out right. You could argue that it is a joining of forces of some kind, but, that would not be accurate, The U S Government is owned by the American People, we had nothing to do with this merger. What has happened is more like a literal take over. They took the government without a shot fired, and since they had established so many chains of command, over centuries of time, and since they gave so many the illusion that they are, also, profiting from the Rothschild’s, and the U S, MERGER. They have certainly acquired us totally.


There is very little we can do. Those traitors who benefit from the take over, are set in positions of power all throughout our government. Though most of them only man their posts because they have been brainwashed by centuries of religious teachings, that the whole thing was God’s will. They began infiltrating the Church from the beginning, and even making secret cults and societies for decades. Each of these Societies were carefully created and organized, with the rank and file members being fed, bit by bit, that, if they joined the group, they had to give total allegiance to the higher ups, in their various orgs, and also, above everything else, believe the JEWISH people were the chosen race. And, that, they must never be hindered. They also orchestrated the propaganda, along the way, that this was all just and right, and their wars and murders were all part of God’s Plan.

Then, in the last several decades, they have archived another tier of power, through the Banking industry. Not just that, but also the Oil Companies, and other power structures, that they have made people dependent upon. People are now controlled, to keep them in Power for multiple reasons, none of which, we can overcome, or, alienate ourselves from. We cannot either physically, or emotionally. We are now Completely trapped and enslaved. But, not just physically, also mentally and emotionally. The last piece of the puzzle has now been placed. They have actual physical control of the government with technologies that can control and watch over, not just the government, but, even our individual lives. The trap has been sprung and we are in it and we cannot ever be free. Our only hope left, if there is any, is in the next few months, and possibly the next couple years. If we could get enough people to become awake, and learn of this predicament, we MIGHT, possible, maybe, if enough were aware, take back the government and arrest the instigators, and disband the organizations responsible. I ask, can we do this?”


The Evil Empire Has the World in a Death Grip


Of course I have a disagreement with that summation. Paul Craig has probably never heard of earth changes.


All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014 (The Kali Yuga Where Ignorance Becomes Bliss)


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