Missouri Mother And Son Suddenly Drop Dead Via African Virus Strain-Suspicions That ISIS Is Spreading Flesh Eating Virus In Syria

Health officials and members of the community perplexed, concerned, as mother and son suddenly drop dead

Mother and son die suddenly from ‘unknown virus’; family says ‘strand from Africa’

By Lexi Morgan

ST. PETERS, Missouri (INTELLIHUB) — 19-year-old Zach Smith, and mother, Rhonda Smith, 48, both mysteriously died just four days apart after contracting what a family member said the two described as a “strand […] from Africa”.

Zach Smith was checked into the St. Joseph’s Medical Center with “flu-like symptoms” or what was thought by doctors, at the time, to have been “pneumonia”.

His mother Rhonda checked in to the hospital 4 days later than Zach with what she described as a side ache.

Both of the patients conditions deteriorated rapidly.

Both were reported to have had “severe respiratory problems” leading to heart failure and death.

Medical officials are perplexed and are currently looking into the matter, seeking more answers.

People in the area are rattled as a new superbug or potentially Ebola loom.

It is not yet known if the two infected anyone else around them, including medical staff.

About the Author:

intellihubLexi Morgan is a journalist and activist by heart, always striving to promote thought-provoking issues not commonly known or covered most. Lexi is an anti-New World Order, anti-corruption activist, but also enjoys the finer things in life including racing cars, riding motocross, and skydiving. Lexi is an exclusive weapon of Intellihub.




Leishmaniasis Wounds

ISIS terrorist group are spreading ‘flesh eating bug’ across Syria as a result of killing people and dumping their corpses in streets, this is the leading factor behind the rapid spread of Leishmaniasis.

Experts say that Leishmaniasis disease is being spread across the country “as a result of abominable acts by ISIS that included the killing of innocent people and dumping their corpses in streets”.

Known as Leishmaniasis disease, there have been 500 reported cases in Syria over the last year, Mirror reports.

Dilqash Isa, who works for the Kurdish Red Crescent, said: “As a result of abominable acts by ISIS that included the killing of innocent people and dumping their corpses in streets, this is the leading factor behind the rapid spread of Leishmaniasis.

Also among those who have warned about health issues in Syria is The World Health Organisation (WHO).It claims that there are 13 million Syrians in need of humanitarian aid.

The effects of Leishmaniasis on a victim in Syria A statement read: “Despite our best efforts, health needs are escalating, and more than four years of crisis is causing the Syrian health system to deteriorate.

– See more at: http://en.alalam.ir/news/1766165#sthash.kMr9y77I.dpuf



A “mysterious” disease that kills patients within 24 hours has claimed at least 17 lives in a southeastern Nigerian town, the government said.

“Seventeen people have died of the mysterious disease since it broke out early this week in Ode-Irele town,” the government spokesman for Ondo state, Kayode Akinmade, told AFP news agency on Saturday.

The disease, whose symptoms include headache, weight loss, blurred vision and loss of consciousness, killed the victims within 24 hours of their falling ill, he said.

Laboratory tests have so far ruled out Ebola or any other virus, Akinmade added.



A respiratory virus is sending hundreds of children to hospitals in Missouri and possibly throughout the Midwest and beyond, officials say.

The virus causes symptoms like a cold, except worse, and is prompting up to 30 children a day to seek care at one Kansas City hospital, where about 15% of the youngsters were placed in intensive care, officials said.

In a sign of a possible regional outbreak, Colorado, Illinois and Ohio are reporting cases with symptoms similar to the same virus and are awaiting testing results, according to officials and CNN affiliates in those states.



Cannibalism In Syria Causes An Extremely Rare Disease

Its called Kuru, an extremely rare disease which virtually became extinct after extinguishing cannibalism in Papua New Guinea. Amazingly Kuru has now been found in 8 to 20 people, out of all places, in war-torn Syria, and the only way it could have come about, doctors confirmed, is through cannibalism and the consumption of human brain,
as first reported by Arabian news source Zaman al-Wasal and substantiated by Orient News Television.



70 km north of Raqaa there is Tel Abyad city , which is dominated by Kurdish protection forces YPG in the middle of the last year, in partnership with Army of the Syria Democratic forces they carried out an ethnic displacement for its people to be under the facto authority in the absence of services and the exposition to various violations.
during the last week there was news about the spread of an unknown virus led to the injury of dozens of residents of the city and its countryside before it spreads southward to reveal new cases in the west countryside of Raqqa, where the progression of the disease to cause the death of about twenty civilians so far.
And the symptoms of the disease is similar to the symptoms of influenza as a viral infection spread from person to another easily through inhalation and aimed all age groups, as characterized by sudden high body temperature and the incidence of cough (usually dry), headache, pain in muscles and joints, nausea and severe (malaise), sore throat, runny nose and, while the cases of normal seasonal influenza recover within a week without the need for the development of medical care, but the diagnosed cases ended in death, mostly unexplained.



Recently discovered: “Stupid Virus”

New Light on the Black Death: The Viral and Cosmic Connection

This article was first published in issue 13, volume 1 / 2011 of The Dot Connector Magazine, official publication of Sott.net.

“Comets are vile stars. Every time they appear in the south, they wipe out the old and establish the new. Fish grow sick, crops fail, Emperors and common people die, and men go to war. The people hate life and don’t even want to speak of it.” -Li Ch’un Feng, Director, Chinese Imperial Astronomical Bureau, 648, A.D.


In 2007, a meteorite fell in Puno, Southeastern Perú. José Macharé – scientist of the Geologic, Mining and Metallurgic Institute in Perú – said that the space rock fell near a muddy area by Lake Titicaca, making the water boil for around ten minutes, and mixing with the soil and emanating a gray cloud, the components of which remain unknown. Having discarded radioactive poisons, this toxic cloud is said to have caused headaches and respiratory problems in at least 200 persons from a population of 1500 inhabitants. Other than this event, how often do we hear about people getting sick due to a rock coming from space? How about birds, fish or other animals? Ancient astrologers cite comets as ill omens of death and famine, but are there any other causes other than the ones due to physical/mechanical consequences of comet impact devastation in our fragile environment of which we should be aware?


Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

There are many questions surrounding the Ebola outbreak of 2014. Here is what you should know...

We’ve been told that the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa has killed several thousand people in recent months. According to World Health Organization (WHO) numbers, the virus has claimed well over a thousand more lives (4,493) then the amount that are said to have perished in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Currently, there are 8,997 suspected cases, with most being reported in the three worst-affected countries, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. The incubation period for the deadly Ebola virus is said to be anywhere from two to 21 days.

The virus has reportedly made its way to parts of Europe and the United States with new cases being announced every week now.



New fears emerge in Kansas from ticks

By Shepard Ambellas

BOURBON COUNTY, Kansas (INTELLIHUB) — A normally healthy 50-year-old man infected with a new strain from the pathogen group thegotovirus, named “Bourbon”, fell ill and died of organ failure 11-days after receiving a tick bite while working outdoors, said the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who is now investigating the deadly strain.

Additionally another virus, possibly linked to ticks, has also turned up in the area named the Heartland virus which the CDC says has been drastically “underestimated”.




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