LOL: French Court Rules Against French Comedian Dieudonné in Free-Speech Case-Don’t Make Jokes About Massa (Goyim Pride World Wide)

Well here we are you can joke against almost anybody whether they be Muslims, Christians, Indigenous American Indians or the “White Man” but you can’t talk about Jewish massa.




In the hey day of America, slaves were not allowed to make jokes about massa. Here in America today we are not allowed to talk about who exactly was behind the slave trade, and there again it is Massa.


“If we let Dieudonné make jokes, and the people laugh, free speech will be finished in France,”  Culfoutre explained.

Asked to explain why Charlie Hebdo’s free speech should be protected by tens of thousands of police and military, while Dieudonné should be banned and imprisoned, French President François Hollande issued a statement:

“Charlie Hebdo is unthreateningly stupid and obnoxious, while Dieudonné is dangerously hilarious. If Dieudonné were allowed to speak, laugh riots would break out; some innocent people might even die laughing. We have a French expression ‘mort de rire’ (MDR) which succinctly summarizes the threat posed by Dieudonné.

“Some members of Dieudonnés audience have actually begged the comedian to stop his rapid-fire gags, protesting ‘stop, you’re killing us!’ Yet Dieudonné keeps right on blasting away with his jokes and endangering public safety.

“Charlie Hebdo poses no such threat. According to painstaking research by our intelligence services, the last time anybody actually laughed at a Charlie Hebdo cartoon was in the spring of 1972, and we blame that incident more on the marijuana the reader was smoking than the magazine itself.”

Hollande told reporters that Dieudonné’s sharp, slashing wit is a dangerous weapon capable of drawing more blood than an AK-47 shot to the head at point blank range. The French President also said Dieudonné provokes powerful explosions of laughter that can turn audiences into helpless blobs of quivering jelly, shake auditoriums to their very foundations, and even threaten to “bring down the house.” He added that while blasphemous, obscene attacks on revered religious figures are  fine, “the right to free speech does not include shouting something funny in a crowded theater.”

You know you can bring in millions of North Africans into Europe, pay billions to acclimate to western norms after decades and then you get one who actually believes he is free to speak his mind and the hammer comes down.


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holding lamb's hind cloven hoof (Baphomet symbol).



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