Vladimir Putin Escaped Her Majesty’s Secret Service After Being Used As A Breeder Due To Genius I.Q. (Why They Hate Him)

This is one of those older posts that I believe should see more circulation. It is very crucial to understand the world around us.

First posted here and Putin is no longer a Royal Arch Freemason after learning their secrets. From the link apparently Putin was so brilliant the bred his semen to female M-16 agents and then killed them. Putin backed out of going to the UK after the fall of the USSR where they planned to eliminate his services. Then amazingly the oligarchs of Russia thought he would be their puppet and placed him into power. He then turned on them and took back the vital resources of Russia, placing many of them like Khordokovsky in Siberia. They hate him and would surely kill him at the first opportunity.

What Does the Royal Arch Freemason Vladimir Putin Have to Do with Her Majesty’s Secret Service?

Editor’s note: Putin is no longer a Royal Arch Freemason. Did they use him or did he use them?

Putin: The Last Man Standing


Putin Is Winning the War Against Satan Worshipers and New World Order Agents


In 2007 I wrote and published “New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide”.

It was nominated for “Book of the year” and then, within about ten days, the article was removed, the book was no longer nominated, and concerted government attacks began, because I got the sexual secrets of New Zealand politicians and judges – the same sexual secrets that were sold to foreign countries to control New Zealand.

The person who collected the sexual secrets on New Zealand is the same person who became the Prime Minister – Helen Clark. She collected the sexual secrets from the seventies and sold them to a Russian intelligence agent called Valenti Putin. He had two body doubles, also living in Wellington between 1980 and 82, and they were called Alexander Putin, Valenti Putin and Alexia Putin.
Valenti Putin is Vladimir Putin.

Helen Clark collected the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s politicians, lawyers, judges, mayors, gave them Valentin Putin, and he used them to create and govern New Zealand as a communist mafia dictatorship, that would do absolutely anything that it could to cover up its sexual shame.


So along with publishing the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s notoriety I also published the names of the security intelligence services and their addresses.

Two weeks before I published, the same agency changed the law, so that it was legal to do so, so I was getting help from the inside.

One of the things I discovered about New Zealand is, that it is a ‘Paedophile Movement Fronting as a Country’, and New Zealand’s main import and export, apart from dairy, maybe, is heroin. More recently that has been taken over with methamphetamine.
I also found that the heroin deals were being done during and just after the royal visits, and that the principle heroin trafficker is ‘The Black Prince’ – Prince Philip – along with his wife Queen Elizabeth and the now deceased Queen Juliana of Holland and her husband Prince Bernhard.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince


Those who supplied children for paedophilia to Prince Philip were invited into the heroin trafficking ring. The heroin was then sent from South America in Phillips light tubes to Waihi, where they were taken out of the boxes, broken open and the heroin was taken out of the fluorescent light tubes, and the boxes were sent back to Holland, as a stocktake of the amount of heroin that had gotten through.

On the 27th of June 1979, two lawyers, Peter Williams, who became Peter Williams QC, and his business partner Eb Leary, later convicted twice, sold the house to the heroin trafficker Terry Clark.

On the 3rd of October 1979 the heroin trafficker Terry Clark sold that house to two Detective Inspectors of the New Zealand Police – they were Detective Inspector John Rex Hughes and Detective Inspector Ian Hastings, who was known as “Hastio”, and is now, well, he took over from Terry Clark’s heroin trafficking in 1980, and Detective Inspector Ian Hastings then ran casinos, and he used that to launder methamphetamine money. He is known as “Hastio” on the street.

Helen Clark had been a Tavistock St. Petersburg gang-bang prostitute.

She came back to New Zealand wanting to become an MP, but everybody knew that she was a lesbian. She was in a relationship with Judith Tizard. So Judith Tizard’s mother became the wedding celebrant, and Helen Clark married Peter Davis.Peter Davis is a known homosexual and child sex abuser. He was on the police list of those who needed cover.

KGB Prostitute and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark
Former New Zealand Prime Minister
Helen Clark, KGB Agent,
St. Petersburg Gang Bang Prostitute

So Helen Clark, lesbian and paedophile of a ten-year-old Vietnamese girl in Vietnam in late 2002, she married Peter Davis for cover, and became an MP. And because she had supplied the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s notoriety to Vladimir Putin, they both became the leaders of their country at the same time.

Helen Clark became the Prime Minister of New Zealand on the 6th of December 1999 and Vladimir Putin became the President of Russia on the 31st of December 1999.

It is an interesting story how Vladimir Putin became President of Russia.


In other news

Adolph Hitler And His Half Sister Angela And The Thule Society

There is another one of those out of publication books that are very inconvenient as far as the current narrative on the German dictator Adolph Hitler and his membership in the Thule Society and his half sister Angela whom some authors speculate Angela Merkel was named after.

Angela Hitler

Final Thule



Unlike you scum who would have your women raped and boy girls parade in the streetsl proclaiming rights! God your lifeless animals disgust me.


Muslim ‘Refugees’ Molest Women in Russian Nightclub… Russian Men Put Them in the Hospital



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5 Responses to Vladimir Putin Escaped Her Majesty’s Secret Service After Being Used As A Breeder Due To Genius I.Q. (Why They Hate Him)

  1. mitch says:

    For such a great man to have a close friendship with Henry Kissinger would be impossible.


    Editor’s note:

    Mitch for a great man to be as thick as you would also be impossible. I am not going to go down the list of your manual and refute each talking point. We have all been there Mitch, you get that new computer and you want to comment on things even though you have no idea what subject matter is even about. At this point I am going to say happy trails to you.


  2. https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com says:

    “long-standing, friendly relations” does not mean they drink vodka together and go out on the town Mitch. Taking the “opportunity to talk” does not mean they make each other the God father of their children Mitch.

    And Kissinger is a world class politician although working for the dark side. Putin is smart enough to know Kissinger holds insider information in many areas which might be useful, unlike you Mitch, Putin is smart. Mitch you come across as a contract worker or one who cannot understand abstract issues.

    It is the nature of software programs and disinfo organs such as yourself to blur the relationship between events involving Russia and NATO. The thrust is make it simple, Putin is bad guy, former KGB, he talks to Kissinger. Whatever it takes to cast aspersion. Sure Putin talks to Kissinger, he also talks to Merkel, Kerry, Obama Nuttinyahoo and a host of others. He is the prime minister of Russia and he is smarter than you.

    If you someone like you, had followed Yeltsin, Russia would already be broken up into smaller states and Rothschild would be selling off their resources and placing them back under a dictatorship and the army would never have been rebuilt. ISIS would have taken over large parts of the middle east and probably Iran bombed to the stone age.

    This is going to be hard for you Mitch but try and imagine enough of a chess player to play his hand, move through the KGB while it was controlled by communism and your friends, move into the FSB and finally become Prime minister. Now that is what you call chess. I know that is hard for you to imagine because you don’t seem to have the intelligence or the fortitude to even imagine such an undertaking.

    I think I have a good idea what the first two chapters of your manual are all about, flood Europe with ISIS because it is good and the humane thing to do. The second chapter-stay on board with the Putin is evil meme, he is bad, must be overthrown, Rothschild needs Russian resources and needs them yesterday. Honestly Mitch are you the best they have got?


  3. Kat Campbell says:

    It may seem off subject but desecrating a human corpse is illegal. It’s now a big business here in America-dealing in tiny unborn murdered baby parts. God can blow up America for all I care just for this sin alone. Then you want to preach about Putin being holy? Look into the abortion practices there and see they’re even more cursed than we are. Putin could effect change but he does not. He’s too busy with his bearded Catholic leaders pretending to be holy.


  4. https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com says:

    Kat I often find it interesting how people expect perfection from Putin while their own lands are lead by politicians who would cut your throat for a 20 dollar bill.

    I am against abortion also. Unfortunately it will take a vote by the “supreme” court to change that here. It also has to pass the Duma in Russia. Putin can’t wave a magic wand as he is not a dictator or a monarch.

    The elite like stem cell blood, they think it prolongs their life.

    Russia has outlawed the importation of GMO foods in Russia. He is also the only one talking about this.

    Putin: Western Governments Are Enslaving Humanity Through Vaccines

    When your children are barely human, psychologically-altered bots, their nerve cells and synapses failing to connect, and their neurodevelopmental processes dulled to the point of restricting them to sub-human level repetitive grunts and gormless stares, what are you going to do then?


    These are just a few of reasons why the elite want to destroy him at every opportunity and swarms of paid posters and intel types are all over the net. (Like Mitch above, but he won’t be with us any more) Should they come into control of Russia’s vast resources, you will then see a world dictatorship so criminal they will probably use you for body parts.

    WWI and WWII were all about making sure German technology did not link with Russian resources and military power. You couldn’t have a world government under that set up. The goal was no relationship between Russia and Germany which would be a major road block on the way to the NWO. Stalin and Hitler were both tools of the Tavistock Institute and designed to destroy both Germany and Russia with as little damage as possible to Rome and London. It worked very well. Now the goal is the same, Germany with their technology cannot befriend Russia with their military and vast resources. So we have mass immigration to Germany. No German technology to Russia, in fact no Germans, no problem. The Germans are to be bred out of existence through mass immigration and a European super state created with a population that knows no national identity. Yes Hitler was a Rothschild and Stalin was a jesuit priest. The goal is the same, the technique and methodology only change.

    But if you are interested in any of this.



    And Russia is not catholic, it is orthodox and that has been a very large part of the constant wars. Rome does not like the idea of a prelate in Russia. Rome insists on being the “vicar of Christ.” The battle lines have always been catholic Europe vs Orthodox or the Byzantine Church. It is the same struggle today, Ukraine is the dividing line.

    Russian civilization is very old and contains much Vedic history.



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