Hungarian Top Economist: CIVIL WAR IS COMING 2016

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Much more in the above youtube. He thinks it is just a warm up for what lies ahead.

“Only the idiots are incapable of comprehending that for a relative quick pumping of millions of people across thousands of kilometers, millions of secret agents are required for this.

And naturally, at the very end, we need the cheap, underhanded, filthy, unrestrained, cynical collaboration of Europe’s ruling elite.

And naturally the German Chancellor woman. They participated just the same in the destruction of Syria and Libya.

Europe have a brain,

You were dragged into the projects known as WWI and WWII by the same unspeakable global world power. ”




Photo of Stuttgart attack victim from facebook

According to the paper, bouncers then “accompanied the troublemakers with an immigrant background to the door of the premises,” but they waited outside for the German girls to emerge.

When they did, the unsuspecting whites were “cruelly beaten” by the nonwhite mob. One of the victims was beaten so badly that she suffered a broken nose and several cuts to the face, and had to undergo an emergency surgical procedure at the local hospital.


Mobs of invaders have been beaten back by Macedonian border guards. They then tried to enter through Bulgaria, however Bulgarian police will shoot to kill. No large numbers await beyond the border Greece.

Afghan refugee shot dead by Bulgarian police near border with Turkey

A terrible picture of a badly adjusted young woman. She celebrated with friends New Years Eves and by several men was pressed and lambasted. With the main perpetrator it is to act according to the father of the victim around a man with migration background.

Picture: Facebook

The 24year old woman celebrated with friends in Stuttgart club comfortably a New Years Eve. The tendency was good, until the young woman and its friend were got snotty with by strangers. To get rid of the two tried the strange men.

These wanted not to see however and began the young women to insulted and to threaten. The friends of the young women go protesting and, then the situation escalates for the first time. Perpetrators slammed shut.

The strangers hit the male companions of the ladies. A thrown glass provided thereby for a laceration at the head of the friend of the 24year old. It had to be sewn later in the hospital.
The bouncers accompanied the troublemakers with migration background before the door of the restaurant. They promised to wait thereby for the two couples.

Cruelly lambasts

When the four friends wanted to leave the club, she channeled a bouncer through an underground parking lot after outside. The 24year old lost thereby however the connection and landed now nevertheless before the restaurant, where the men waited for it. The perpetrators pursued the young woman and lambasted them in terrible way. Already on the stairs of the restaurant it met a boxer blow, which lead her go to the knees, on the road continued it then correctly. The girl found  herself with a nasal bone break and some bruises.

Lives you, lives it, it lives

Lives you, lives it, it lives , communicated the father of the victim. Nose broken and burst, was sewn. The rest at face and head got along without surgical interferences. The eyes meanwhile slots, will only go down however soon again.

According to the father of the victim it acted with the main perpetrator around a man with migration background. After the act fled it and its accomplices.

Now a cell case to a further incident it came loud Stuttgart in the city center.
A group of approximately 15 southern men with Arab appearance is to have affected and afterwards rob thereby two 18year old women immorally. The police searches at present for the perpetrators.
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In a first, male migrants were banned from a leisure center in a German town for sexually harassing female visitors, while authorities in a different German town chose to step up security at a center for similar reasons.

Male asylum-seekers currently living in a hostel in Bornheim, a town on the outskirts of Bonn, were banned from visiting a local swimming pool after the number of complaints of sexual harassment from female bathers became alarmingly high, the town’s authorities said on Friday.




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2 Responses to Hungarian Top Economist: CIVIL WAR IS COMING 2016

  1. kznwatch says:

    Much as I don’t respect Merkel at all and think she is a complete ZIO puppet, what irrefutable evidence is there that she is indeed Hitler’s daughter? Is it not just another story, as one also doubts whether Hitler was indeed the baddie, which western written history claims he was, when so much of their historical facts are now exposed as unadulterated fiction and of the worst kind — to divide and keep humankind divided?


  2. says:

    Perhaps the best evidence is the eye test. How can one look at the photos and not come to the conclusion they are both from the same genetic mold? Even their mannerisms are the same if you have studied both of them.

    Perhaps you have not read this one.

    In my estimation there is enough evidence, I find it almost irrefutable. Don’t expect however to see a 60 Minutes expose or politicians of any country to address this matter. This concept abrogates almost 60 years of false history and proceeds to give it the lie.

    Of course truth is always in the eye of the beholder.


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