Conservative Mega-Donor Koch Brothers’ Father Linked to Nazi Oil Refinery

You know we have a plethora of wannabe storm troopers masquerading around the internet under the guise of alternative news. They include Beulahman, Kaminski, Spingola, Darkmoon and others. They will do anything within their power to convince the masses that Adolf was a good guy trying to save western civilization and stave off communism when in fact he was a Rothschild as was his close associate Stalin the jesuit priest. Rome is alive and well and was always under the control of very wealthy khazars such as the breakspeares and Borgias. Beaulahman is very good at flitting around the net calling me an idiot. You don’t get much debate from him, usually just a grunt.

It was all about keeping Russia and Germany from any type alliance and it is still about that to this day. Germans may have their choice, die in useless wars or be bred out of existence by European open border laws. Why is Germany the target? It is the financial center of Europe and up to this point the most well organized, but that is changing fast.

On with the story.

Newly released information has revealed that the father of the billionaire Koch brothers helped to construct a major Nazi oil refinery in a business transaction personally approved by Adolf Hitler.

In a new book titled Dark Money, Jane Mayer of the New Yorker dives into the history of several well-known conservative and highly political families. A large portion of the book focuses on the Koch family, and the fortune that Charles G. and David H. Koch inherited from their father, Fred C. Koch.The book details a business venture in which the elder Koch was hired by the Nazi regime to build critical infrastructure.

“One venture was a partnership with the American Nazi sympathizer William Rhodes Davis, who, according to Ms. Mayer, hired Mr. Koch to help build the third-largest oil refinery in the Third Reich, a critical industrial cog in Hitler’s war machine,” the New York Times reported.

The Koch brothers have reportedly not read the book, but are essentially pre-emptively condemning it. The father’s investment in and profit from the fascist regime is not mentioned in an online history approved by Koch Industries.

“If the content of the book is reflective of Ms. Mayer’s previous reporting of the Koch family, Koch Industries or Charles’s and David’s political involvement, then we expect to have deep disagreements and strong objections to her interpretation of the facts and their sourcing,” Ken Spain, a spokesman for Koch Industries, told the newspaper.

The book also contains details from William Koch, the socially liberal twin brother of David, regarding a legal battle within the family over ownership of Koch Industries.

William recalled participating in an attempt by Charles and David to blackmail their brother Frederick to give up his stake in the company by threatening to inform their father of Frederick’s homosexuality.

In related news
The Koch’s are not the only khazar nazis in on the gig.

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First noticed this on

Much more in the above youtube. He thinks it is just a warm up for what lies ahead.

“Only the idiots are incapable of comprehending that for a relative quick pumping of millions of people across thousands of kilometers, millions of secret agents are required for this.

And naturally, at the very end, we need the cheap, underhanded, filthy, unrestrained, cynical collaboration of Europe’s ruling elite.

And naturally the German Chancellor woman. They participated just the same in the destruction of Syria and Libya.

Europe have a brain,

You were dragged into the projects known as WWI and WWII by the same unspeakable global world power. ”



Europe’s Stolen Future Under The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) The Nazi Cabinet Was Transferred To The Netherlands And Later Adopted By The European Union



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