After Warmest Christmas Day on Record- Freakish Warmth Continues in East- South

This is happening in spite of chemtrails, and more volcanic eruptions which have a cooling effect on climate.

Climate Change not you



Bad News For The Climate Change Denial Industry



Thawing Permafrost: The Speed Of Coastal Erosion In Eastern Siberia Has Nearly Doubled, Arctic Methane Released At Blinding Speed, Climate Change, Core Of Earth Heats Up


I lived in Michigan for six years and never saw a Christmas described as like a warm sunny day by friends there.



Record-breaking warmth will continue to grip much of the East and South after a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that were warmer than any on record for countless cities in those regions.

State Of Emergency: Massive Rains Create Widespread Flooding

CHICAGO (CBS) — An epic deluge swamped Chicagoland on Thursday, submerging neighborhoods across the area and prompting Gov. Quinn to declare a state of emergency.

“We are in a state of emergency in our state,” said Quinn, who added rivers across Illinois were at record flood stage.

State Of Emergency: …Widespread Flooding « CBS Chicago

Hold-ups delay Christmas getaway

Floods, signal failures and even animals on rail tracks have combined to hold up millions of travellers as the Christmas getaway began.

Flooding affected a number of rail services, which were also delayed when animals got on to the line near Micklefield in Yorkshire.

Austin airport continues to see delays due to flood damage

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, you may want to check the status before you head to the airport.

The flooding of the air traffic control tower over the weekend is still causing delays and cancellations due to modified FAA operations.


Flooding May Cause Service Delays in Calgary, Alberta

There has been a clear impact on roads and transportation, but flooding in South Carolina could also have an impact on mail delivery in North Carolina.

Massive flooding in South Carolina is presenting challenges and has post offices asking people to be patient.

South Carolina Flooding

flooding ups delays — 3 thousand videos




APTOPIX Colorado Flooding

Pickups delayed at DFW Airport due to road flooding

DFW AIRPORT — A night of heavy rain caused a back up for people being picked up from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Police closed the exit to Terminal E for three to four hours because of flooding, keeping drivers away as they were trying to pick up loved ones.

This Freakishly Warm

An American Heatwave: The United States Glimpses its Hot…


June 2015 Ranks as the Hottest On Record For US | Unofficial…


Worst of Alabama’s Christmas storms may be over, but flooding persists


Simulator building catches fire at Huntsville's Space & Rocket Center

When king tides begin washing down the streets of Miami like never before, you have to be pretty dense not to know something is going on. It means the oceans are rising. Oceans don’t rise because the earth is cooling. This is a pretty simple concept here.

This is a picture below of king tides in Miami. Now if you were to go down there and tell them nothing was going on, they might just infer you were some kind of dumbass or perhaps worse, working for the man. You know there are quite a few nuclear power plants on the coastlines. Turkey point in Miami has long been one of the most unsafe plants.


Now with Ted Turner, the Bush boys, Reverend Moon and scores of Isrealis buying up land in Patagonia down at the end of the world where there are no nuclear power plants, it could be they are just not ready to move just yet. It would look funny if all of our so called leaders just grabbed a bug out bag and headed for Patagonia all at once now wouldn’t it? Maybe there are mansions and bunkers still under construction there, who knows!

So you see it is good to hire out yokels to deny climate change for the time being. It also serves to have some of the fluoride generation jump on the bandwagon as Al Gore has apparently convinced them this is all about a carbon tax. They can always use the help and goodness knows the government would tax the air if they thought they would get away with it without anybody noticing.



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3 Responses to After Warmest Christmas Day on Record- Freakish Warmth Continues in East- South

  1. veritopian says:

    Could be El Nino…
    How is El Nino affecting countries around the world?
    23 December 2015 Last updated at 18:27 GMT
    Powerful hurricanes in Mexico, drought in Ethiopia, flash-floods and mudslides in southern California – all have been attributed to the El Nino weather phenomenon.
    El Niño has already helped make 2015 the hottest year on record — and might well do the same for 2016.


  2. Terrance says:

    Hello Dubs….another jumping jack flash incident in southern California, Porter Ranch…….unstoppable methane release!


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