San Bernardino Shooting Live Feeds-Open Forum

Video outtakes from San Bernardino shooting triage: “It doesn’t get any more fake than this.”


Analysis from 21st Century Wire‘s Patrick Henningsen

Live Feed via Washington Post

Live Feed via RT

General Information:

Allegedly 3 dead and 20 wounded. [Updated: 14 dead, 17 wounded]

Shooting took place at around 2:00PM EST at Inland Regional Conference Center, 1300 Waterman Ave, San Bernardino

Facility allegedly serves people with developmental disabilities (but appears to be office building with various separate businesses)

Roughly 500 people employed in building

1 to 3 “active shooters” at large, possibly in black SUV

Shooting may have interrupted Christmas Party

Various Observations From Cable News Channels:

(Note that this has been a widely-covered event, with the story being carried by Bloomberg Television and FOX Business, even when at best scant information was initially available. Timing is ideal for full above-the-fold coverage across most 12/3/15 daily front pages.-JFT)

SWAT Team already geared up and in area [before shooting.”-FOX Business, 4:35PM EST

“Local San Bernardino hospitals: 4 adults in care, 3 expected.”-FOX Business, 4: 25PM EST (2.5 hours after shooting)

Doug Sander of San Bernardino Sun Times on MSNBC at around 4:20PM: “When I arrived on the scene I heard no gunshots at all.” Claims not to have talked to any witnesses, many of whom are being processed by law enforcement.

Kristin Myricks, IRC employee not at work on 12/2, tells CNN at 3:50PM EST that mass shooting drills regularly taking place on the IRC campus since 2014.

Anonymous woman tells MSNBC at 3:35PM via phone, “It happened in conference room” and people fled conference room and building.


FOX News states around 3:40P EST “suspect with tactical gear, armed.”

Unidentified man interviewed on local affiliate KNBC states that sister is in IRC building hiding in closet with two other people.-MSNBC, 3:30PM

IRC employee Brandon Hunt tells CNN at 4:07PM that the facility has about 500 employees at work on 12/2, “give or take 30 to 40.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper states at around 4:25PM EST that a “package deemed suspicious” has been found at the scene. (Subsequent reports indicate package was blown up by “robot.”)

Police claim 14 people dead.-FOX Business, 5:05PM

“This is the new normal, whether domestic or international.” KT McFarland, Reagan administration staffer, FOX Business, 5:13PM EST


Update from non-related source


It’s another new technique, the “texting proof” of a real shooting. ‘Hey pops, someone is blasting us to smithereens.’ The response: ‘No problem, honey, I’ll come down, right away, and get you. Just stay low to the ground, like a mole, or maybe make a burrow for yourself – or hide in the bushes. Make yourself inconspicuous.’

No one can find any of this believable. Is this meant to be a joke? It’s the worst, most sophomoric hoax conceivable.

Text photo is a bit facetious, it is actually worse than that: “Dad” shows up on CNN with the text from daughter storytelling and horrible acting:

An active shooter drill was taking place just blocks away so police were able to be there in 3 mins Hmmm

Of course … all these shooting events seem to have a drill going on nearby. This strongly suggests that federal grant money was received to conduct/practice militarization, and a “live” shooting just happens to occur nearby … JUSTIFYING the need for further militarization! Every town/city/agency wants a piece of the action, wants to get the grant money … All these “events” point to the likelihood that incorporated towns everywhere have been getting grant money to install the police state.

They’re portraying this as unlike the ‘lone wolf shootings’ but not stemming from islamic extremism either. ‘Workplace violence’ seems to be the theme along with female participation so I guess it’s a new twist on equality there… So far the only main female perpetrator in these psy ops was Sandra Bland, who supposedly just killed herself.


Two terrorists shot dead!
This is ideology of Islam!
A mother abandoning her child!
He visited Saudi Arabia earlier this year but the child is six months old and there is a nine month gestational period
putting the date of conception a year and three months ago!

Who’s child is this?

She abandon the child to go to a certain death in a shootout hardly a loving mother!

It is reported that some of the coworkers he killed they killed even gave them a baby shower!
Obama will call it work place violence
and attack the gun lobby again!

The level of BS that these Psyops operate within is just laughable. 14 dead, 147 wounded??? in a facility of 500 employees?

No Motive for the shooter … AGAIN! Start the countdown for a bogus Manifesto to be DISCOVERED!

Drills going on the same week? Wow what an unbelievably unlucky coincidence for the shooter.

This is a distraction from the COP21 fraudsters and the debauchery PSYOP that was the Paris terror attacks.

I heard someone recently say that we’re in an “Age of Deception.” I very much agree.

The bollocks coming out of the Telescreen is so blatantly manufactured that it is possible to hypothesize the veracity of an event with some reasonable accuracy over a cup of coffee.

For me this is simply a refreshing reminder of this:

We all have a common enemy – it ain’t the 1% it is the elite ruling class.


Why is Obama so bent on arming the rest of the world while disarming American citizens?


From Sputnik news:
“US Doctors Urge to Lift Ban on Gun Violence Study Hours Before CA Shooting”

“A US-based group of doctors and medical students presented Congress a petition signed by 2,000 physicians requesting the removal of a 1996 ban on gun violence research funding by the US government a few hours prior to Wednesday’s San Bernardino mass shooting.”

Coincidence? Not really. The group of doctors is the Doctors for America advocacy group, which started life as “Doctors for Obama” and helped push through the Affordable Care Act.

Obama rewarded Vivek Murthy, the president of Doctors for America, with the nomination for Surgeon General, which was opposed by the NRA due to his vocal opposition to gun violence as a “threat to public health.”

In his confirmation hearing, Murthy assured Senators that he would not use the office of Surgeon General as a bully pulpit for gun control.


Another good find, Toni. This doctors group looks like it was formed in 2009 to plug for Obamacare and here, Murphy’s bill: It’s so ironic that they want to fund ‘research into gun violence’ as doctors who, again, will proffer no scientific evidence to support their findings and prescriptions for society. I often wonder how it is that the average doctor convinces him or herself that psychiatry is in any way a legitimate ‘specialty.’ It’s a reflection on how utterly classist and profiteering ‘medicine’ is. The legal system is the same way. Any decent lawyer could easily expose the absurd scam that is psychiatry, but the upper middle class simply cannot bear to have its power indicted – and that’s all psychiatry is at the end of the day. It exists solely to justify the upper and upper middle class’ perch over all the proles.

Also of note, yesterday New Jersey Second Amendment Society held a press conference decrying the state’s denial of personal firearm rights to the citizens, especially as they pertain to certain more vulnerable groups, like women: Last March a NJ woman was stabbed to death while awaiting her permit to conceal carry, by her abusive ex whom she feared would try to kill her. The organization’s video begins with an expose of a real life cop admitting he denied a petite woman her right to get a permit because the gun could be easily wrestled from her.

Perhaps my earlier comment from today, about the featuring of a woman shooter, was right on ‘target.’




The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically) (Repost)


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