Sarkozy Announces Out Breeding As Government Policy And If Volunteerism Doesn’t Work There Will Be More Coercive Measures


You can’t make this stuff up. Sark sounds like he is reading from the Protocols of the Learnid Elders of Zion. Yeah sports fans, it appears we are moving away from the concept of people marrying whoever they wish to government controlled out breeding. That is right, you warm up to the salafists or face “sanctions”. 🙂

Sark says out breeding is now government policy. He explains the goals with stipulations there will be problems but explains to the French we cannot do otherwise! Say what?

He goes on to lament the tragic errors of the past, (Here he is not referring to the 90 million Russians and 30 million Germans killed either). He explains that it is not a choice but an obligation and the French must change. France must be faithful to it’s past he says?

If France ever manages to gain control of their government, perhaps someone will come up with the idea of chaining he and Merkel to a bed in an immigrant hostel.

Russell Means was right, welcome to the reservation. The ‘man’ is reaching a point however where he decides who lives or dies on the world wide reservation.


Welcome To The Reservation (Russell Means) “Television is the training ground for subsequent generations to have the attention span of a gnat.”

It is balkanization of thinking, it is very similar to the Balkanization of countries such as we have seen around the world. Yugoslavia, Germany, Iraq etc, the list is long. It is a tried and true method long used by the Roman empire. It is called divide et impera. The smaller the country is, the easier to control by the forces of the empire who draw their wages from the UN and IMF.

The thought never occurs to simply try and stop the wars. Countries should try and get along with the people who are already there and develop their own culture, kind of like what Russia, India and China are doing. In an over crowed world no country really wants any more immigration. In fact China is virtually at war with it’s Ughur separatists at present who want to split off. Russia went to war with the Chechen ISIS types to avoid the same thing. They are resisting the old strategy. In Europe they are actually speeding up balkanization and break away areas. Many areas are already a no go in Europe and America. They are convert or die areas. Europe is to be the new USSR, an amalgamation of countries with no sense of nationhood, pride in the past or sense of unity.

The Ukrainians have apparently decided they are Uber Alles and want to kill off the Russians. You can spot the designated countries who are mapped out to survive, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Israel etc. They don’t take any immigrants, that is something for other countries to worry about. In fact they are busy busy cutting off the heads of those who don’t fit the plan, like the Palestinians.

The new immigrants to Europe have an average I.Q. of 93, by some accounts. If you want to know how Europe will change due to the migrant wave, all one has to do is take a look at the countries where they originated. In fact right now some German educators are saying the new immigrants will never be able to find a job or function in society, the majority are functionally illiterate, they will simply establish more no go zones. There will not be any collusion between Russia and Germany which would combine German technology with Russian manpower and act as a brake on world government. You see no Germans, no problems. Morgenthau advocated sterilizing them the last war the elite led them into. Now there is a new plan. Germany has always been a problem, it was once the most literate nation on earth and stopped the roman empire at it’s borders. The key is to convince varying groups to eliminate each other and of course reducing the I.Q. of the composite remaining groups is always a plus. Recently in Germany a 7 year old and an 88 year old were raped by the new comers.

Expansionist goals are a large part of the Problem. Unnecessary people need to be shipped to Europe where everyone is errrr racist.

The Finnish people have some real leadership and are apparently advertising as we see from this sign board from which is said to be real. The western governments jabber quite incessantly about “human rights.”



The new world order will be happy when due to autism via vaccine, GMO, chemtrails and immigration etc. when the I.Q. level is reduced to around 30. They will much easier to control. They won’t be anti-zionist, they won’t even know what a zionist is, in fact many don’t today. In fact medical tyranny is no set go on steroids as crazy Jerry Brown wants mandatory vaccine in California.

Crazy Jerry Brown Of California Is Going To Criminalize Adults Who Refuse Vaccinations-The State Is The 8th Largest GNP And A Major Agricultural Hub-Taking It Down Is Crucial To Agenda 21

Speaking of chemtrails:

They know you won’t willingly go to the gas chambers so they brought them to you!



Ann’s Journal Collection

There is always some new movement or ideology to offer to the fast mentally enfeebled masses, whether it be black lives matter, white lives matter, ainu lives matter, feminism, corporatism, communism, fascism, etc. We hear about the holy land 24/7.


Black Elk



Diebold voting machines will not allow it to be changed. The way to get ahead these days it to get on the HUD list for cheaper houses. It will be subsidized by Rothschild monopoly money, which is periodically stolen from the treasury, pentagon and tall buildings to distribute to the chosen few. By this manner you control which groups are actually allowed to survive.

America has come a long way. This continent at one time is said to have been home to 100 million native indigenous people. They are sometimes referred to very disparagingly. I can tell you this however, they tried to keep the land and waterways pristine. They didn’t kill the game for sport, piss in their own drinking water, dump sludge in it, or build plutonium plants by the rivers. They could have lived here another million years and the land would still be pristine and unspoiled. It is called living in harmony with nature.

Europe was the same way at one time. You may recall the Scandinavian and Celtic people with their nature religions were ruthlessly murdered by the roman empire. They were engaged in heresy and burned at the stake. 

Which way really is the road to progress? We are a little late in the game, as we have so many spent fuel rods lying around, we don’t know what to do with them. Some exploded recently in Nevada as they are now finding out this happens when they are exposed to water. We have dams in Hanford Tennesse and other places with cracks in them, up river from nuke plants. Nobody is trying to fix them. Fox News doesn’t tell you about. People run around on the web declaring nuclear waste is not that big a deal. It is, it is an extinction level event.

They say we are due for major comet hit at some point. I say make it huge, make it quick, make it redeeming. The Mayan view. (credits to Sue)

What The Mayan Elders Are Saying


In further news from the twilight zone.


Anne Gellinek who looks like she stuck her hand in an electrical outlet, reports from Egypt, Brussels and Iran. She doesn’t speak any of the languages but that doesn’t matter, she is an expert. A canned list of points to be made is handed to her by her handlers. You know NATO speak or political Esperanto.

It is best summed up as media whores of the trinity bringing it to you on German televsion ZDF. We have moved way past journalism sports fans into the arena of sheer propaganda.


The last time I recall things being this out of control, this took place.

“The orgy of murder, torture and pillage which followed the Jewish triumph in Russia has never been equaled in the history of the world… Christians were dragged from their beds, tortured and killed. Some were actually sliced to pieces, bit by bit, while others were branded with hot irons, their eyes poked out to induce unbearable pain….Some were nailed to the ceiling by their fingers or by their feet, and left hanging until they died of exhaustion….Others were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city, while the mob attacked them with rocks and kicked them to death.” …Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies.”

In fact dissidents in Siberian camps had portions of their skulls removed and injected with fluoride to see how their brain reacted.

General Ike Eisenhower starved millions of German men in open air cages after the war was over. He was known at West Point as the terrible Swedish Jew. He was something like second to last in his class. Prisoners were denied food and water and had to drink their own urine and this with an open stream just outside the fence. Germans who sneaked up to the fence to share what little food they had were shot. General George Patton tried to stop it but was overruled. He later remarked on how he never thought he would see Americans sink so low and that possibly he fought on the wrong side. He was later killed in a jeep accident on a military base which some feel were suspicious circumstance.



Let me sum it up for you!

Ziobonics Can You Speak It?

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.  Voltaire

In order to follow the dialogue these days on this thing we call the web I think it is necessary to understand what I refer to as ziobonics. It is worthy of a complete college course in and of itself. The typical proponent of Ziobonics will stress such things as victimization, racism-except for them as they are in the process of cleansing all of the anti-semites as if they were wild dogs. Of course their definition of anti-semite is everyone who is not Jewish. And of course they are not Semitic themselves, they are khazars/AshkeNAZI from the black sea area. A basic tenet of Ziobonics is to always paint yourself as the victim, oh lawd I am a victim, I am a victim. Lots of crisis actors running helter skelter is always a plus. It must always be pointed out that it is the bad Jews who are fomenting chaos around the world, the good ones are going to show up any day now. The term anglozionist is a term that arouses severe discontent and angst.










I am sure most have noticed there is an attempt by proponents of ziobonics to control almost every discussion and turn it to their advantage. I think this stems from talmudic teachings as the gentiles are said to be cattle born to serve the chosen ones. So we see large hasbara contingents engaged in this enterprise. There are many talking points the not so alternative, alternate news is also strangely silent on.

What are some of the main areas of focus? Well anything they do not agree with is called a conspiracy. (You have the wrong link dude is big) It doesn’t matter if there is a virtual ocean of facts to back up what is said in any one area and even an imbecile can recognize it. Many times the word reptilian will be thrown in believing this discounts the subject and rarely works for any but the mentally enfeebled. David Icke helped with this form of distortion, it is his job. I sometimes wonder if while talking to each other, they ever forget to drop the charade and continue lying.

If something were simply a conspiracy theory then most people would not have found out about it. When the conspiracy card is played for me it is the sine qua non that things need further investigation. It is used many times as a defection to mask the shallow intellectual depth of the user. Many times this is just a cliche to mask the user’s knowledge of complex subjects beyond his grasp. The Borderline idiot will always view the world as some vast conspiracy, a cornucopia of ideas beyond his grasp. They say the dumber you are the more things seem like one giant conspiracy. Of course it is also used as the casus belli of the disinformation artist. So what can seem simple to some can seem very perplexing to those on the down side of the curve.

Wrong LinkA U.K. study has shown that those who believe everything is a conspiracy suffer from low I.Q. and a certain form of mental illness. You see conspiracy is not to be confused with a subject one disagrees with as opposed to a concept heavily supported with facts. Those who question everything were shown to possess a very high I.Q. and were much more mentally stable.

Some of the real conspiracies are to convince people at all costs they are actually voting for their leaders and Diebold software is not involved. Forty four presidents elected in the United States have been cousins of the Windsor family. Those with the most Windsor genes always win the election. America never legally seceded from the British empire, the Rothschild banks still print the money and American SSA numbers come from the U.N. and the International Monetary Fund. America by legal definition (the ones the courts go by) is considered a bankrupt corporation. We are constantly entertained by shills like Paul Craig Washington Roberts suggesting that it is America who is leading the world towards doom, yada yada yada. This is a large talking point. Evelyn Rothschild says if her sons did not want war there would be no more wars. Maybe it is that simple.One should try and be in the know.

dbe39-images252b2525286252529Then there is the kosher food industry you are not supposed to know too much about. Strangely a very large portion of Jews own the food industry and sell the gentile foods that are banned by their own dietary guidelines. This includes MSG, aspartame, fluoride, salt with aluminum binders, GMO foods and host of others. Doesn’t give one a warm feeling they are watching out for your interests.

Then we are led to believe the vatican is somehow not involved in all of this. They are just a benevolent religious outfit that has no power since Rome fell. Unfortunately Ignatius Loyola was himself Jewish, many popes have been Jewish and there have been hundreds of Jesuits that are Jewish. John Paul and Innocente were Jewish. Cardinal O’Connor was Jewish and this has been admitted by his sister. Rothschild prints the money for both the City of London and the Vatican. Rome owns the City of London and the Windsor family are Khazars. The vatican has hundreds of trillions of dollars stashed in Swiss banks.


In fact the first Jewish gay prime minister of Britain, Benjamin Disraeli called for an Aryan-Semitic alliance to form an organized superior caucasion race whereby aristocratic Anglo Saxons and aristocratic Jews were destined to rule the world. He is regarded as the father of zionism and nazism.


Alright lets break it down a bit and put on our thinking caps. When we discover that Loyola the founder of the Jesuits was Jewish, John Paul was Jewish, Anacletus was Jewish, Innocente was Jewish and ordered two crusades as well as establishing the spy system called confession, John XXIII was Jewish and called the most depraved who ever sat on the throne, Pope Gregory also Jewish declaring it not murder to kill the excommunicated, Malleus Maleficarum by the Dominican friars Heinrich KRAMER [JEW] and James SPRENGER [JEW].”- Sir l.Gardner “Realm Of The Ring Lords”, (Sauron still has the ring)

Crash course in soul stealing, welcome to the nut house.


Photo from Kevin Annett

There is another large item the world has been blinded about. This involves the so called Aryan savior Adolph Hitler (claimed to be catholic) the Austrian paper hanger who somehow became chancellor of Germany. He was a Rothschild, studied at the Tavistock Institute in London, played chess while there with Stalin who was a Jesuit. Stalin was finally murdered because he imprisoned his Jesuit advisor. FBI documents newly released say Hitler was not in the bunker and escaped to Argentina. Hitler’s relatives in Ireland, Bridgette Hitler and others have been tested and they exhibit the Ashkenazi blood type of y-dna-haplogroup-e1b1b-blood-grouping. It is why this gene must be passed down from the mother before one can be considered Jewish and researchers indicate this is how Jews in Japan  recognize each other. It is an Ashkenazi trait.








Say dude I like that Samarai hair do

Yet after all these years we are entertained by silly stories about how Der Fuhrer saved Germany from the communists, built the autobahn and put a chicken in every pot. He managed to engage Germany in a simultaneous war with several countries, have Germany bombed to the stone age and partitioned as well as creating the state of Israel, paying reparations payments to this day, still occupied and providing free submarines to Israel. That is what he did for Germany. Companies who financed much of this I.G. Farben, IBM, Ford etc were not bombed during the war and everything around them was flattened. In fact the Third Reich was not disbanded and transferred to the Netherlands. The Banderistas in Kiev say they have no problem with Jews either. What a surprise heh?

1241615383045Stavros a former husband of Ford’s daughter, also frequents an old Medici family Palace/estate near Turin where the Duke of Edinburgh and Baron Elie de Rothschild like to go and shoot birds. The estate has many and it isn’t unusual for them to kill a thousand a day. Stavros is an important leader of the Bilderbergs and a billionaire. He married Henry Ford II’s daughter who was 38 years younger than he was, and divorced her shortly afterwards. He worked closely with David Rockefeller. Henry Ford was a 32 degree mason. A key twist for the master of Ziobonics is to fuse the word Bilderberger with reptilian. It is a favorite drive by.

What is more astounding is soviet documents detailing the Clauberg frozen sperm experiments showing Angela Merkel to be Hitlers daughter. She is said to have been placed with a Lutheran minister after the war, raised in east Germany where her father had easy access to a car and traveled back in forth from west to east. She was also a member of the Stazi and East German communist party. Her second husband keeps such a low profile the Germans call him the phantom of the opera!

In the, aforementioned, ‘agreement’ between the Soviets, the Western Powers and the Vatican, the ‘ascendancy’ of Hitler’s Daughter to power could not be achieved until the Vatican also brought to power a German Pope, and which was accomplished in 2005 following the death of Pope John Paul I, and which then brought to power the former German Nazi Joseph Ratzinger, and who is now known as Pope Benedict XVI, and who assumed the Leadership of the Roman Church on April 20, 2005 following his election the previous day. (It goes without mentioning the significance of the present Nazi Pope taking power on the 116th birthday anniversary of Adolph Hitler.)

This sure looks like Angela Merkel and Papa to me. How about you?

Angela and adolph


“Though said to be born on July 17, 1954 in the former Soviet controlled German Democratic Republic (East Germany), Angela Merkel’s Stasi GDR file (currently still held in the Soviet KGB archives) states that she was instead born on April 20, 1954, the birth date of her ‘true’ father, Adolph Hitler who was born on April 20, 1889.

According to these reports, Doctor Clauberg was released by the Soviets after serving only seven years of his sentence in return for turning over to the KGB his hidden files on his Nazi artificial insemination experiments and, more horrifically, the frozen sperm of the former Nazi Dictator, Adolf Hitler.”

When theAshkeNAZI Khazars migrated to Palestine they were called Edomites, the ones Jesus Barabbas referred to as those who call themselves Jews but are not Jews. So it is a strange twist the Semites in this area are Palestinians who converted to Islam and the Sephardic Jews who are being killed off by the AshkeNAZIS. At the time of Jesus there was no such word as Jew. This is something the British warlord Constantine came up with when he killed off the Vedic priests in the vatican and along with his advisors, wrote the bible. At one point in history the culture of the Vedas was world wide.

Another key element involved in Ziobonics is one must never ever mention that big planet Hercolubus and never ever speak of climate change. It must stay the same. I suppose it is part of “conservatism.” The seas cannot possibly be rising even though they are.

hercolubus small












Don’t worry there is nothing going on over at the beach


Ziobonics is a fairly easy language to master. The goyim must be told they are anti-semitic at every opportunity. Phrases which are used include, it was the joos, you are an idiot, crazy, paranoid, need to take your meds, Arabs must die. Anyone who is not Jewish or who disagrees is anti-semitic. Other weak phrases designed to dazzle the goyim with chutzpah and result in back slapping and hava nagila dancing with other mensches at bar mitzvahs include:

Talking points:

You must be trailer trash or a supremacist.

Putin is your hero, you are a Putin fan boy, Putin is NWO, he is just playing you-good cop-bad cop.

Israelis are terrorized by bottle rockets shot from Gaza (shot by Mossad) They also use children as shields! In most cases, this reverse reasoning is so bizarre, the goyim pick up on it immediately. The constant references to meds is so congenital, as the Bolshevik hava nagila boys were fond of medicating any goy in the former soviet union who had any political ideas that did not correspond to those of the Trotskyites. It was so pronounced they were sent to the Gulag, small pieces of their skull were sectioned out and fluoride was inserted to study the reaction. It worked every time according to Solzhenitsyn.In fact the Tsar’s daughters were apparently raped.


tsar 4

Rasputin sprang from Russian Shamans in Siberia.



ignorance-is-a-choiceOf course Freud was a favorite pushed psychiatry for years. Freud, the so called father of psychiatry. He was shunted by Viennese society and tried to strike back by promoting supercilious theories such as the id and the superego and oedipus complexes. He wanted to degrade his goyim detractors. Such ridiculous theories are now laughed at by even the most brain washed European. It was much easier than putting in the long hours of laboratory work to actually study the neuron. You need to be in a position of authority to tell the hoi poi what is wrong with the inside of their heads!









Ziobonics can you speak it? Sarah Palin, the queen’s cousin.


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