New World Odor Really? (The Mouth Of A Lion-Body Of A Leopard And Rider On A White Horse!)

More from Ann’s Journals. There is a lot here, I would recommend reading the above. What immediately jumped out at me was this.


holding lamb's hind cloven hoof (Baphomet symbol).


You probably remember the passages from Revelation. Something about the body of a leopard, mouth of a lion, white horses and red dragons. Hey it is all here in the so called royal insignia.

You know the bible is a pretty drummed up tale, but Constantine the ceasar’s minions didn’t take all of the truth out of it. That is most likely because they didn’t understand some of the Vedic background or the clay Enuma Elish tablets they were plagiarizing.

I am thinking John did have some revelations while on the Island of Patmos.

Lets be real however, the real message of Jesus Barabbas was not unlike the Native Americans, the Buddhists or the Hindus. All could understand exactly what he was saying. There is just no money or control in the original words. You can’t have people running around thinking they can cure themselves, figure out a proper diet and thinking the earth might be sacred without priestly intervention. You can’t be saved until the church tells you are saved, whatever that means. Those crazy indigenous people thinking everyday was God’s day, what were they thinking? The fact that people actually believe they need a priest, preacher, mufti, or rabbi to explain how they can take over the world for the best people is a real measuring stick as to just what time it is. And as they say, we are a minute to midnight. We have various parties now running war games to figure out if they can win WWIII. I don’t need a computer for that one, nobody is going to win it.

The Essene Jesus

Jesus, perhaps the greatest prophet who ever lived got the same treatment as other seers as you shall see below. He got the cross, the crown of thorns and a spear in the side. The Talmud claims he is now swimming in excrement and his mother was a whore. That is the same book Benny Nutyahoo is reading as well as studying the enlightened writings of Rabbi Kook. (Kook?) How cosmic is that one?

There are some guys out there who really want to get this thing rolling! I am always a little taken aback when I see a preacher with that autistic smile talking about armageddon. Sometimes Graciela even looks embarrassed.


The truth of the matter is, every country has had their prophets. My guess is India and China have probably had the most as they were some of the first countries who brought the light. I don’t discount the Americas however, we had the Mayans and their codex.

It is just that here in the Americas, prophets stand a real chance of being shot up, like Tecumseh for instance or Sitting Bull. We also had Edgar Cayce who escaped assassination, how I don’t know.

Russia had theirs in the form of Rasputin but there again he was poisoned and shot, several times in fact and then dumped into an icy river. The Mongols had Ssanang Sctzen or son of heaven, Bulgaria had Vanga. England had Mother Shipton. France had Nostradamus and Germany had Irlmaier and we should hope he wasn’t too exact. If you don’t think there is trouble in the Balkans, you are not looking around.


I am fine with the prophet in my own country Tecumseh. What he predicted was legendary. He predicted the eruption of the New Madrid fault line along the Mississippi River. He also predicted Harrison would die in office and many presidents elected on the zero year. He shot an arrow into a fort and offered to fight Harrison one on one so not everyone would have to die. He was not taken up on that offer. Given the name of Panther Across The Sky due to the fact that upon his first scream, a meteor streaked across the sky. Those in the know were pretty sure some powerful medicine was on the way.

Tecumseh had a brother who was also psychic and told him that he would die before going into battle. It happened as he had foretold, he died from a bullet to the forehead. Tecumseh gathered cedar sticks in bundles and traveled to all the indigenous tribes in the east and told them to put away one cedar stick each day until they got to the last one and that would be the day of the great shaking when the New Madrid would make the Mississippi run backwards. That would be the day the they were to unite and go to battle to defend their lands. It happened just as he had said. Some chiefs were skeptical at first but when they saw the entire east shake, they put on their war paint.

Tecumseh was killed in Canada in battle, but the day he died, he gave away his prized possessions other than his war club and told those with him that he would soon not be with them. His body was hidden and never found by the colonists. He had predicted his own death.




Anything can happen, there is a new geyser at the Rome Airport!










Meet the Flockers!



This may be the best idea yet.



And if you see this guy call 911. That is with a caveat however.  Judges and policeman are code enforcers and not there to protect you. You have no rights under the real constitution the one made in the city state of Washington D.C. Slaves do not have any rights under this one and you might want to look at the title to your land. You are called a tenant. The pope claims to own all of our stuff.


It is a minute to midnight



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8 Responses to New World Odor Really? (The Mouth Of A Lion-Body Of A Leopard And Rider On A White Horse!)

  1. Harry Oh says:



  2. Ann says:

    Sorry for so many new sites to replace crashed ones or ones they not let us update but they just can’t part with us completely:) lol
    Here are the Newer Blogs:)


  3. Boy I am glad to hear from you. I can never find you guys when I have good one.

    I promise you will laugh or money back.

    Yatsenyuk Flees To Argentina-Is Merkel The Girl From Bariloche Next? Beatrice von Storch Of The AfD Predicts Merkel Will Run To South America For Security Reasons Before The Fall Of Germany Once Again

    I try and maintain a sense of humor even in the darkest of times.


    • Ann says:

      It is our humor that helps us get through every day! 🙂 Hang in there buddy you can’t leave us behind! Yes, we do believe in a Spirit World , but we still have some work left to do ! Then we get to go home again:)


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