Exploding Radioactive Waste In Nevada-Our Planners Are Smooth Baby!-Apparently It Explodes Upon Contact With Water And Canada Wants To Bury Theirs By Lake Huron

It seems that underground nuclear waste has been exploding in Nevada, about 120 miles Northwest of Las Vegas. If it has to go the Las Vegas area is probably one of the places we can afford to lose. Nuclear waste explodes upon contact with water and there was some flooding in the area. That will be the case for about a million years. You can see the explosions below. Canada wants to bury some by Lake Huron! In the words of Ike Clanton “I ain’t kidding neither”.

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See video footage here.

It was near the site they planned the Yucca Mountain storage facility which was cancelled  due a lot of hell being raised by the local indigenous Americans which recognize it as a holy site. Thank goodness wiser heads prevailed.

We have been all through this before as a canister exploded in an underground storage facility in New Mexico due to “thermal runaway.” The explosions in Nevada were similar to the ones in Michigan which were called a “thermal emission event.”. I am sure you heard about that one right? They are finding that only above ground hardened storage is now viable in the long run. This is apparently something our planners never calculated initially.


I am sure everyone heard about the Kentucky Plant Hit by Tornado Produced Depleted Uranium, The Caldicott Report From Agreenroad. It was all over the news wasn’t it?

Thank goodness for the teevee or I wouldn’t know about the extinction level event up near Hanford Washington.

COLUMBIA GENERATING STATION FINAL SAFETY ANALYSIS REPORT (pdf), Dec. 2011: Grand Coulee Dam is ~250 river miles upstream from the CGS nuclear reactor, while the Wanapum Dam is ~60 river miles from the reactor and ~30 river miles from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

Wanapum Dam

Emergency plan activated after ‘massive’ crack found in dam near nuclear site — Official: ‘Serious problem’; Failure risk ‘sufficiently high’ — NOAA: “Potential for rapid increase in flows” — Gov’t: Flooding could release radioactive waste from Hanford (VIDEO)

There are many nuclear reactors within the reach of a Yellowstone Super Volcano  eruption. Yellowstone has been showing some unusual signs lately.

The last eruption of a super volcano was in Toba, Sumatra, and 75,000 years ago. It had 10,000 times the explosive force of Mount St. Helens and changed life on Earth forever. Thousands of cubic miles of ash were thrown into the atmosphere, so much that it blocked out light from the sun all over the world. Two thousand five hundred miles away 14 inches of ash coated the ground. Global temperatures plummeted by 21 degrees. The rain was so poisoned because of the gasses that it turned black and strongly acidic. Mankind was pushed to the edge of extinction; the population forced down to just a couple of thousand people worldwide. Three quarters of all plants in the Northern Hemisphere were killed.


TV: Radioactive waste containers may be “smashed and opened” after roof collapse at leaking U.S. nuclear site — Official: We believe there’s been a breach… “It’s a very serious thing” — ‘Seismic event’ mentioned — High levels of alpha and beta radiation detected Carlsbad Nuclearstorage facility roof caves in.

The Worlds Most Dangerous Dams

Now if the dam above Hanford Nuclear site, you know the one with the 60 foot crack in it goes, what happens when the water  hits one of the largest nuclear reserves in the world? You know like the counterpunch article says they are now finding out radioactive waste explodes when in contact with water.

We seemed to have escaped this one, I know you have heard about Savannah River right?

We Interrupt Your Favorite Program To Report The 5.4 Quake Near Augusta Is Near The Thurmond Dam-Holding Back A Lake With 1200 Miles Of Shoreline Flowing Toward The Savannah River Nuclear Plant-The Vogtle Nuclear Plant Was About Ground Zero But No Damage Reported-Whew


Savannah River Augusta Canal Riverwatch Pkwy 2.jpg

This will not be reported on major news channels, however  Lake Strom Thurmond, also known as Clarks Hill Lake in Georgia, is a reservoir at the border between Georgia and South Carolina in the Savannah River Basin. It was built between 1946 and 1954 by the Army Corps of Engineers at the confluence of the Little River and Savannah River. At 71,000 acres (287 km²), it is the 2nd largest artificial lake east of the Mississippi River. It was a shallow quake about 3 miles deep (the worst kind as far as damage goes). And it is reported to be 5.4, not 4.4 in magnitude. Make no mistake about it, failure of the Strom Thurmond Dam will place the Savannah River Power plant under a tidal wave and obliterate it.

This lake encompasses 1200 miles of shoreline and 71,100 acres of water. It dams some 120 miles of smaller lakes. Should the dam have been effected by the recent earthquake a virtual tidal wave would have swept down the Savannah River over the Savannah River Nuclear power plant and large areas of the south would soon have resembled Fukushima. The dam is two miles up river from Augusta Georgia and should it go, there will be no more Augusta, Georgia. At present the report is no damage as usual. Nothing to worry about until the next eruption of the New Madrid which has occurred every 200 years and is … well overdue.

“Ft. Calhoun Equals About 20 Fukushimas”
by Zen Gardner

“MSNBC apparently had a picture of the Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant taken today AFTER the ‘water dam’ – barely visible surrounding the reactor and main control buildings in this photo taken on June 24 – burst. But that page is now ‘page not found’. I’ll guess that when the aqua dam burst, the control room was flooded. They are saying “no problem, there is no danger”- but, of course, there IS a problem.

The REASON there is a problem and why they aren’t telling the truth is because, while Fukishima is equivalent to about twenty Chernobyls, Ft. Calhoun is equivalent to about twenty Fukushimas. Not because it has a lot of reactors – or even a very big one. But because it is holding an immense amount of nuclear fuel in its cooling pool. This isn’t some elevated bathtub like the cooling pools at Fukushima. Oh, no. This cooling pool is forty feet UNDER GROUND AND forty feet ABOVE GROUND. It’s EIGHTY FEET DEEP IN TOTAL. If they can’t cool it, the corn belt is in trouble.

There is about 19 power plants along the Mississippi which could be swept away if the Fort Peck dam goes or flooding really gets out of control. In fact the corps of engineers say the Mississippi River basin is spiraling out of control to where they are a bit worried.

I could go on but, well you get the picture.

The World’s Most Dangerous Dams With Very Spectacular Possiblities From Our Planners Hovering Above Nuclear Plants





I guess that is why they have women like Britany Spears slinging their tits all over the place. They want to keep people’s mind off just what time it is while the governments of the world worry more about settling old scores than fixing problems. This planet is a lunatic asylum.

Oh and I almost forgot.

Explosion rocks nuclear power plant in Belgium -About 9 million people live within a radius of 75km of the station

I almost forgot this one also.

Multiple Employees Injured In Washington State Dam Explosion – Above Wanapum Dam Which Has 60 Foot Crack Already-Wanapum Sits Above Hanford Nuclear Site Where 17 Million Gallons Of Plutonium Water Has Leaked For Sometime And All Of This Just East Of Mt Rainier One Of The Largest Strato Volcanoes On Earth


Oh wait

Guess What-The Sinkhole At Boone Dam Above 7 Nuke Plants In Tennessee Still Hasn’t Been Fixed-In Fact It Is Getting Worse As A Parking Lot Has Now Caved In


Elk River Chemical Spill Very Serious, Could Pollute The Ohio and Mississippi, Charleston Cincinnati Louisville Evansville Memphis and New Orleans

Prep To Evacuate! USAF Base Orders 1200 Radiation Suits In New Mexico

Due to a massive radiological event in New Mexico and the release of airborne plutonium,Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico has ordered 1,200 radiation suits and our videographer POTRBlog has put out this prepare to evacuate notice in the video below.

The obvious purpose for this order is to prepare for another massive Plutonium release from DOE’s WIPP plant outside Carlsbad New Mexico.


BUGOUT ALERT! CDC Preps MASSIVE Ventilator Order, References Radiological Event And Pandemic Influenza



Navy Sailors With Cancer Suing For One Billion Over Fukushima-Reports: USS Radioactive Ronald Reagan Should Be Sunk-Germany To Dismantle Another Reactor Early

AP: Fukushima children flee radiation; “Getting nosebleeds, growing pale and lethargic”; Mistrust of officials high — Father: “Cases of cancer are up… we are worried” — Mother: I don’t believe it’s as safe as gov’t claims, raising questions can get you branded a troublemaker.


You know it is my personal opinion the Nefilim who we are told came to planet earth to mine gold because it is used to power flying craft, are pretty crafty. This is from India’s Mahabharata. Rothschild has mined all the gold, placed it in London vaults and the bank of settlements in Switzerland. When we finally destroy ourselves, it may just be what the Nefilim have expected when it comes to earthlings. They had better make a move or the lunatics of the insane asylum are going to irradiate the gold! 🙂

Who Are The Nefilim, Where Did They Go, Will They Return?

And that is why I am always pointing to my favorite post I have ever seen on the internet. If I see a better one, then I will start posting it.

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks.

Cosmic Convergence

All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014 (The Kali Yuga Where Ignorance Becomes Bliss)

Another timely piece of advice comes from Buffalohair the devil’s advocate. It is always good to bow our necks and gird our loins so we are not taken off balance when we leave the toll booth and enter the spiritual super highway.




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  1. Angela says:


    This is an absolute MUST WATCH video. It’s so controversial, YouTube is in the process of banning it permanently.

    Do not vote for either candidate until you watch this entire video!



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