Ann’s Journals Collection

I ran into a nice blog recently that is a little different from the standard fare around here. It contains the wisdom of Buffalohair, the 13 indigenous grandmothers and Little Running Deer.

Of course any meaningful dialogue these days has to cover some of the insanity we see around us, but it strikes home best done with a little humor.


Ann’s Journals Collection

What Research Is Being Done In Other Areas Of Our Lives?

Buffalohair: Clueless in the Age of Prophecyy


Clueless in the Age of Prophecy  False Flag ‘Holy Wars’ fill the tabloid mainstream media front pages with half truths and lies while Investor/Politicians use their electorates like pawns and investment opportunities to build personal fortunes. Pseudo Civilization, blinded by greed and moral ineptitude, continues to march to their own demise like sheep to slaughter, obvious of their fate. But in the background, forgotten and ignored, prophecies from around the world continue to count coup in clear sight. To bad you have your rose colored glasses on.

There is no question cockamamie intentional misinterpretations of the Mayan Calendar, End of the World nonsense took it’s toll. Other legitimate ancient prophetic teachings that also spoke of the era from which we live and share similarities also took a credibility hit as the whole concept of cycle change was vilified then conveniently tossed in the ‘conspiracy trash bin’ and ridiculed. Since the non event some people have gone so far as to denounce their faith after this much touted ‘end of times’ cataclysm never materialized or met the expectations the media so eagerly published and promoted. Shades of the Wovoka Waltz.

All it would have taken was just a little research into the Mayan People, facts about their calendar and this ‘End of the Earth’ malarkey. When finally posed with queries about the ‘pending destruction of humanity’ the Mayans basically told occupants of ‘Planet Stupid’ to get real, enjoy your Zoloft moment and go back to therapy. Maybe not in so many words eh. Frankly the Mayans were tired of all this End of the world mumbo jumbo being promoted on their behalf by the western media. False Flag techniques such as over sensationalization and complete distortion of the facts to discredit prophetic teachings is what it was all about.

End of the World? Not a chance. End of a cycle, you bet, a physiological, multidimensional cyclic transition experienced only every 29,000 years. The dynamics of which will effect absolutely every aspect of our existence, on every dimension, right down to the protons whence it’s done. It is also a befitting ending to the 3,000 year reign of the ‘Global Pedophile Elite’, sexually deviant secret societies with Royal Bloodlines, false flag holy wars throughout the ages and now; the race for Hitler’s New World Order by the Global 1% and their Fascismo Zionist poodles in the UK, US, and the EU. BRICS is yet another boiler-room ‘Financial Fraud and Loan Sharking’ scam rivaled only by the World Bank/IMF. How special.

All this tumultuous global activity perpetrated by man, nature, meddlesome spirits and bottom feeding alien types is prophecy in motion. Financial Fraud is being perpetrated by criminal banksters and elitists who are in collusion globally in a concerted effort to control the world through ‘Economic Terrorism’. It is a major assault on every democracy in the world, a hostile corporate take-over of the entire commercial/industrial/economic sector of every nation on the planet. There is a very real reason Greece is such a prized target by Globalist EU Bankers. It’s the ‘Symbolic Destruction of the Birthplace of Democracy’.

Globalists are doing everything around symbology, numerology, rituals and spells because they openly dance with darkness like moths to flame, mesmerized by the fire that will ultimately destroy them. The death of ‘The Darling of the Rich’, English Satanic Visionary, Aleister Crowley’ in 1941 did not mark the end of the elitist’s love affair with the occult for it had become chic and a global phenomena among the wealthy and powerful by then. It become the Ultimate in Secret Societies. Elitist harbingers of moral rancidity are the folk singers of spiritual death and are seated in key positions of authority around the world by the Global 1%, as envisioned thousands of years ago.

That ole ‘Disaster Capitalism’ and ‘Shock Doctrine’ thing Journalist Naomi Campbell warned us about has gone global in it’s application eh. Poodle investor/politicians, owned by the nations elitist 1% are waging war on their citizens by ignoring government’s fiduciary responsibilities, inventing taxes, stripping rights and nullifying constitutions in unison, provided you are paying attention. National 1% er’s are directly connected to the global 1% and in many cases are the global 1% in guise. These ‘Children of Aleister Crowley’ know there is a spirit world unlike ‘yous guys’ for they walk in hallowed covenant with evil consciously and bare witness to the so-called magic.

A world ruled through parlor tricks by a False G*D with help from dim bulb Earth Guys is almost funny and a perfect story line for Harold and Kumar but the joke is on humanity. Fortunately the universe is not laughing and soon man and his false G*D Mork will reap their just rewards for a job hell done.

There is a ‘New World Order” coming but not the one being pushed by the Global Corporate Media. So don’t get fooled in the future by staged (Holographic) celestial events in an effort to duplicate the ‘Second Coming’ scam, ‘The Great Alien Revelation’ scam or any other scam where we are told ‘This is the Real God of Creation’ nonsense or other ridiculous excuses to introduce some fat headed terrestrial/celestial dork named ‘Mork’. It’s just a spiritual false flag so don’t waste your time genuflecting or wondering if these butt-cracks are going to take you to heaven, gawd.

If you already have your true spiritual connection you will easily recognize these charlatans of creation. You will hear the fantastic news as the sky’s fill with Intergalactic Frisbee’s and fatheads, lizard dudes or whoever is claiming to be our ‘Real G*D’ and/or Architect’. ‘Just cause there are Aliens don’t mean they’re G*Ds’, scrawl that in your hippocampi or iPhone. Look who these boneheads are sharing technology with, Global 1% Flakes of the New World Order. Not so benevolent eh. And since when did G*D need a contraption to whiz around in anyway? Maybe this went over your head but it will make sense one day, unfortunately. For others around the world who already know the drill this is old news, ancient. You need to have an open mind or the future will surely freak you out, if the voices don’t.

There is nothing better than a comfortable spiritual connection within your dogma or ideological principal to provide YOU a crucial liaison between here and reality. Wake up! Don’t matter how your pray or express your personal dogma, just so you are sincere within your path and walk in a good way. ‘Killing in the Name of G*D’, is nothing more than a Satanic contradiction. Know your spirits, guides, ancestors or whatever floats your canoe spiritually and recognize the differences between spirits. This is a skill all paths teach in some form or another. Please be advised; this is a critical survival tool/skill everyone must know if they plan to survive the future. The hinterland is busy and transition is in full swing therefor I implore you to open your sacred book and review ‘Spirit-World’ 101, nail it or you’ll be toast. Time has run out.

Prophecy is moving along on scheduled and there is nothing man or false G*D can do to alter destiny fore their day of reckoning is just around the corner, along with ours. Nobody rides for free on the spirit-world superhighway and the price for our complacency is astronomical. We are already feeling the effects of separation from one cycle to another but it does not mean the world is going to end, for the most part. Man’s toxic ill effects on life will soon be just a fond memory and a pimple by comparison to dynamic changes the Earth, solar system and galaxy are already experiencing. The further we move away from the other cycle the more pronounced the differences are becoming.

In visions it was said men of greed would die of starvation in their sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow in the years to come. It was also said metaphorically that ‘The top would become the bottom and the bottom would become the top’ in the new era. In the real world the issue is NOT if Cycle Global Change really exists, it’s a matter of how to survive it for change abounds on our subtle state of consciousnesses as well as the complex multi faceted physical planes of existence, but it’s not the end of the world. Another aspect to consider is the chance we may permanently share this plane of existence with others, including the some elements of the spirit-world, terrestrial and celestial folks.

It’s the physical mechanics of cyclic change, all the way down to the molecular level that are destined to alter the very way we live on this planet. Contemporary science, real and politically motivated will soon become archaic if not completely anecdotal as we collectively discover how primitively minded we really are. For those who are truly aware (prophetically speaking) everything is actually moving right along, as per traditions from around the world I might add. One sure fire way to gauge the cyclic change is to measure how hard evil is tormenting the lives of people who are doing good for humanity.

Does not take rocket science to figure out that any and everyone who lifts a finger to ease another person’s suffering is in direct conflict with evil’s mission of human suffering and lost hope. Just remember, ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ and undoing evil’s handiwork, no matter how trivial you may think it is, just pisses those guys off big time. In my case, if I don’t get hit. I am not doing enough against those ‘dorks of death’. I wear evil’s torment like an Award for Excellence for I know I’m going to get a hit every time I write or post stories and videos exposing the depths of corruption. Hits are usually below the belt so you just need thick skin and faith to weather their assault.

Your personal connection with the Creator is the key to surviving the multitude unique and spectacular events that may seem impossible, far-fetched or unsurvivable during this cyclic change. The paranormal or supernatural side is probably the single biggest obstacle people must overcome in this new era. Praying to talking owls and shooting up movie theaters because ‘They’ told you to is a classic example of lacking or misguided spirituality. Know who ‘They’ are before they convince you to dismember your neighbors or roast your first born.

The bug-out bag might be filled with spiffy survival gear but if your spirit is not fully prepared for surviving the wave of paranormal activity that is destined to be a part of everyday life, you are toast. Without your spiritual connection you are puddy in the hands of those who wish you harm in the events that lay in store for humanity. And you had better believe this paranormal activity will drive many people insane because of their lacking in true spiritual knowledge.

Prophetically speaking, this supernatural interface is going to take a great toll likened to war, pestilence and famine for no reason other than ignorance of our spiritual reality. Now that man and his lame G*D has entered the spiritual fray with their techno-mechanical frequency generators, that can broadcast on frequencies within the brain, spirituality will be even harder to discern from other static spirit-world traffic and your thoughts. Good thing this IS the waning years of evil’s reign over humanity or corporations would use PSYOPS Mind Invasion Techniques to send commercial advertising into your head. Hmm, maybe they already are.

To think for one second the ‘Era of Prophecy and Earth Changes’ went away only to be shelved along side other fizzled ‘Epic’ events and conspiracies you are sorely mistaken for change abounds throughout this solar system and our galaxy. Surely you’ve seen it on TV. Every aspect of life as we know it is being changed or altered and you better bet your sweet bippy this is prophecy in motion with a very predictable end. Take a long hard look at the world around you. We are on the cusp of major change for the show has only just begun and your spiritual covenant within your dogmatic ideological principal is the key to your survival. For within this deeper understanding is the information needed to survive this spirit war and to intrinsically know the spirits who are here to assist you rather than lead you astray.

For those who already ‘get it’, this is just more verification of what you already know, granted I did leave out lots of ‘stuff’. But hey, you know most people won’t buy into this until it’s to late anyway. There will no time in the future for leisurely instructional reading on spirituality while sitting on the can either. Everyone will be facing their own personal battles with evil’s stooges and you are just going to either sink or swim with what you know and that is basically the bottom line. So yes boys and girl’s, prophecy is in full swing in conjunction with a 29,000 year cycle change.

With a little common sense, a 30 day bug-out bag & adjoining hardware, accessories and a qualitative, sincere spiritual connection bound in absolute faith you stand a good chance of survival. Just remember that the further we move away from 2012 the more pronounced changes will become as the last vestiges of the previous era are finally ripped from their once deep moorings in the human psyche.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Buffalohair: Hitchhiking-on the Spirit World Super Highway

Buffalohairs Wisdom of the future thoughts about serious news


100% murdered off! Don’t kid yourself, whatever rules this evil wants nothing living on earth


Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever 


I have had some thoughts on this myself. You know in the book Sitting Bull Champion of the Sioux it mentions he liked to walk barefoot in the grass in the early morning to draw the energy of the earth into his spirit through his feet. He obviously wasn’t such a savage after all. That is the way you worship the Christos or living energy, not thumping bibles.


The Dogon Tribal Symbols, Same As The Cheyenne Or Planet Of The Crossing

The Mayans were mentioned above … lets set the record straight.

What The Mayan Elders Are Saying

And what the hell, I may as well throw in my favorite. Live or die, sink or swim I am hoping I go someplace where these sons of bitches can’t follow. Anyway, I think I would like this Buffalohair guy.

All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014 (The Kali Yuga Where Ignorance Becomes Bliss)

What can you say

sand hook


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9 Responses to Ann’s Journals Collection

  1. lagenie24 says:

    Great reading. Oh and that awful photo of short old Kissinger and tall old rich battleaxe. Scary buzzards they are but they strut like peacocks.


  2. says:

    Ha Ha great minds think alike, when I first saw that pic of Heinz, I thought gawd this must be from some dracula movie. That spawn beside him must be a good three foot taller than him.

    It is always good to run into somebody on the “spiritual superhighway” as Buffalohair calls it, who are sane. At least by my standards anyway!

    But he is right in many different ways. There are 29,000 year cycles that are known to most cultures other than western cultures. Well it was known in the west until Longshanks decided the Kolbrin bible was too dangerous and wanted it destroyed. It was all about the great destroyer or the big planet that comes about every 29,000 years and brings it’s own mini solar system through our solar system.

    Just how anybody is going to survive it this time with 420 nuclear power plants around the world, well I would like for somebody to explain that to me. The odds don’t look good from my angle.

    When I run into a piece like this from Buffalohair, I always think of old Ydhishthira.

    Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Ydhishthira has a vision of the age to come: I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity, ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time.”

    I have already put Buffalohair on the side bar

    Cheers Genie


    • CrissCross says:

      Editor’s note:

      Criss Cross

      There are not going to be any links on this blog from Deanna Spingola, Carolyn Yeager or Justice4Germans. I consider all three of them as a waste of bandwidth. I will stop blogging before I host any links from any of them.

      Renegade Tribune, believes the earth is flat

      Current Russian policy does dissuade discussions of of the holocaust and concentration camps. This is a discussion that would also open up the fact that the soviet union came to control all of those camps after the war. In essence the soviets help to create a false narrative. That includes the infamous Nuremberg trials.

      And yes there were atrocities on both sides.

      Laws that prohibit glorifying nazism, I don’t find so unusual. Russian is engaged against it at this moment in the Ukraine and true to form the leadership of Pork, Tymoshenko, Yats, Yarosh and Kolomoisky are all eternal victims as usual.

      As far as Iran, anyone with two eyes in their head and brain behind them can see Iranian troops are now entering Syria under Russian air cover. Iraq has signed on for Russian bombing against ISIS.

      Israeli planes have been turned back over Lebanon by Russian bombers. There are many things we would all like to see done differently regarding the Palestinians, however don’t you think Putin has enough on his plate currently? Russia is not going to invade Israel. In fact Putin is playing a chess game there as many of those Russian Jews actually vote in Russian elections. And yes he kisses up to them more than some of us would like, currently. Contortion artists who parrot the Debka line don\t impress me.

      There is no great alliance between Russia and Israel. Benny and the London Crown Temple could call off the media onslaught vs Putin and reign in their hirelings in Washington at a moment’s notice. They don’t however.

      Putin is trying to influence and sell things to several rogue nations in the area, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and others come to mind.

      Moscow (Pravda):  American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin delivered until Obama only minor troubles. Analysts believe that this is the “calm before the storm.”
      Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks. The list of evidence includes satellite images.

      The Ugly Truth believes the Bostom Bombing was real ….. end of story.

      And yes VT has some questionable writers at times and also counterpunch has some working for the man. I would use a jaundiced eye in reading either one of them. But the point here, is I have no desire to rehash FOX News talking points.

      Bumped upon an opinion of an article…the gist is something like this… 😉

      Incidentally, it is knowledge like this that makes few think that Putin is in fact most likely a WWIII facilitator for the Jews, doing it very nicely, whilst appearing to many as some kind of hero fighting the Jewish mercenary terrorist ISIS, currently led by serving Israeli military personnel

      To be or not to be, that is the million dollar question! 🙄


  3. Ann says:

    Being a Fan of Buffalohair myself, was pleased to find his writings at your blog:) He is one busy Brother! He was wondering where he could contact you to say hello other then comments? 🙂 Maybe he already has at this time? I think you stirred the writers ink well and may be seeing some New Postings from his pen / key board! Thank you very much, for all your comments and Posting of our pages:) Nice meeting you!


  4. says:

    Buffalohair is the best. I am wondering how I never ran into him before. There are many gems out on the spiritual superhighway we never know are there because google covers them up. Last year they had a pow wow here in Florida and I met Joan Shenandoah. I walked up to her and said you look exactly like Joan Shenandoah and she started laughing. I said I want to buy that CD “I think I might need a man to go home with me tonight” it is so exciting!

    They have the get together here once a year and I get chance to break out all of my hardware, you know eight strand Navajo necklace, bracelets and the works!

    I put

    On the side bar. I don’t know if many native Americans are even aware that part of Doc’s family branched off among the Cherokee. I remember some word of mouth in my family that my grandmother who had a small amount of Cherokee DNA was linked to chief Osceola, so I may be his cousin. We can’t prove that however as there are no written records.


    • says:

      I received an email but the reply bounced back could not deliver. I will try it again.

      I removed the email address here, as I immediatley got a message from Anastasia wanting to know if I wished a date 🙂


  5. Ann says:

    I placed your Blog link in our lower side bar, as it took rule over the stories sent out:) lol Good for you but confusing for other readers? Hey, what happened to Buffalohair? !!!!!!!


  6. says:

    Thanks Ann
    I have been in touch with Buffalohair, nice guy, fun to communicate with.


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