The 6 News Channels Owned By Zion Refuse To Show Migrant Chaos-Throwing Rocks-Screaming Allahu Akbar And Fuck You-Angola Is The First Country To Ban Islam And Tear Down The Mosques

The 6 jewish owned news coporations of the NWO coming world government refuse to show any of the carnage being wrought by the so called migrants who act more like the shock troops of satan. They throw rocks, food, try and rape young woman, scream allahu akbar, fuck you and beat women down in the streets with their fists.  In the meantime they are portrayed in the media as victims of police brutality.

I wouldn’t take too kindly to strangers walking up to me on the street and telling me to convert or have my head cut off. Make no mistake these Salafists are trained by the Wahabbis and it is exactly what Syria is fighting against. They need to be back in their own countries where they can sort out their religion. Much of this began with Lawrence of Arabia, the gay jewish sex fiend. There are approximately 190 million Islamists in the Hindu country of India who have dynamited age old Buddhist temples. It all started with Lawrence of Arabia.

The salafists have been tearing it up in India for quite some time.

It is my personal opinion we are seeing exactly what Nostradamus was predicting. He predicts a muslim invasion of Europe and the rise of the Mongols. China is having serious problems with Muslim Uyghur separatists who are now said to be joining the jihad against Syria. We also see speculation that China has sent a warship through the Suez canal and would like to entertain the Uyghurs on foreign soil before they come home.

China in Syria? Ready to Join Russia in ISIS fight


Erdogan with his Uyghurs and they have been trained by ISIS and there is speculation they are behind the industrial explosions in China using parcel bombs.

The Astonishing Revelations of Wayne Madsen on the Mystery Explosions in China and Japan

The Nostradamus quatrains have always been difficult to interpret before the event actually transpires such as the rise of Hitler, which Nostradamus referred to as Hisler, the one who knew no laws. Nostradamus predicted that a Muslim would arise in the middle east and lead a campaign of war. He predicts the decline and revival of the Ottoman Empire. It is unmistakable that Turkey is once again on the road to war under Erdogan. In fact we see reports that Russia’s Putin has spoke directly concerning this sending word to Erdogan that he will turn Damascas into Turkey’s Stalingrad.

One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
Will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind
Never more horror nor worse of days
In the past than will come to the Romans through Babel. (C2 Q30)

Out of the country of Greater Arabia
Shall be born a strong master of Mohammedan law.
He shall vex Spain and conquer Grenada.
And by sea shall come to the Italian nation. (C5:Q55)

From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois, (the Mongols),
Before after Mars to reign by good luck
(Century X, Quatrain 72)

What is interesting is the quatrain which predicts this scenario will give rise to the great king of the Mongols. I have oft wondered for many years just how such a situation could unfold. But as we see above, not only is it being mulled but actually called for by some in China, that China should embark upon fighting terrorism beyond it’s borders, which suggests Russia and China combining to fight ISIS in Syria as Chinese Uyghur separatists have now established a beach head there. Now one could write this off as a stretch however remember Chinese troops are already in Iraq guarding China’s oil interests. And Russia has a base at Tartus in Syria.

Hannibal’s God was Hammon which can be taken to mean “Lord of the Sky.” We certainly know that in the 90’s the Chinese resurrected Genghis Khan to his rightful place in Chinese history. Khan was known as Bogdo-Emporer of Emporers. His empire was nothing to sneeze at, his empire included modern-day Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union.

For more on Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan-Emperor Of Emperors-Bogdo-Race Of The Gods


In Sweden a gruesome 7 hour rape by a mother of two by six Afghanis.

More of the same in Sydney Australia. Convert or lose your head.

Angola becomes the first country to ban Islam, all mosques to be destroyed.

France bans all protests by Muslims


Watch carefully as migrant straddles the chest of young woman and beats her senseless.


Merkel offers 75 million Turks right to migrate into the EU

No Borders activist in migrant camp

A young, female ‘No Borders’ activist working in a migrant camp on the France-Italy border remained silent about her gang rape by Sudanese migrants for over a month because “the others asked me to keep quiet.”

CLAIM: ‘No Borders’ Activist Gang Raped By Migrants, Pressured Into Silence To Not ‘Damage Cause’

Fighting breaks out in Cologne anti-Islam demonstration

Riot police and protesters clash in Hamburg

30,000 people in Poland shout “Fuck Islam”

Thousands in Dresden march against Islam

Germany: Riot police unleash batons on anti-PEGIDA protesters in Leipzig

Riot police teargas refugees attempting to break out of detention camp in Hungary

Wake up or perish! Russian Philosopher Irene Caesar interviewed on NWO- Putin- WW3 and the solution

Europe’s Stolen Future Under The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) The Nazi Cabinet Was Transferred To The Netherlands And Later Adopted By The European Union

The Carefully Calculated Mass Migration Agenda

toyota go places

Below however we have real footage of a black man beaten by police in the streets of New York.




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