Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey’s rapid decline after supposedly being ‘cured’ leaves experts staggered


A British nurse who was apparently cured of Ebola earlier this year is now in a critical condition, doctors have said, with experts expressing astonishment at the deterioration of her condition.

Pauline Cafferkey was admitted to the isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in north west London on Friday after becoming unwell in Glasgow.

Medics working in West Africa during the current outbreak – by far the worst ever recorded – say they have seen many rashes, infections and eye problems in people suffering from so-called “post-Ebola syndrome”.


The implications of this are staggering. 58 people have been in close contact with her and 25 more have received the vaccine which used in trials earlier in New Guinea.

One thing that is very important to keep in mind here.

BREAKING: Formaldeyde in Water Allegedly Causing Ebola-like Symptoms-Liberian Man Arrested Putting Formaldehyde In Wells



Those crisis actors never quit.

The cnn youtube was removed unfortunately but showed crisis actors strolling the village laying down and the being immediately discovered as “ebola” victims.

Observer Staff

A man in Schieffelin, a community located in Margibi County on the Robertsfield Highway, has been arrested for attempting to put formaldehyde into a well used by the community.

Reports say around 10 a.m., he approached the well with powder in a bottle. Mobbed by the community, he confessed that he had been paid to put formaldeyde into the well, and that he was not the only one. He reportedly told community dwellers, “We are many.” There are  are agents in Harbel, Dolostown, Cotton Tree and other communities around the ountry, he said.

State radio, ELBC, reports that least 10 people in the Dolostown community have died after drinking water from poisoned wells.

The man also alleged that some water companies, particularly those bagging mineral water to sell, are also involved. The poison, he said, produces Ebola-like symptoms and subsequently kills people.

The man also alleged that some water companies, particularly those bagging mineral water to sell, are also involved. The poison, he said, produces Ebola-like symptoms and subsequently kills people.

The Observer had previously been informed that people dressed as nurses were going into communities with ‘Ebola Vaccines’. Once injected, it reportedly produces Ebola-like symptoms and sends victims into a coma. Shortly thereafter, victims expire. Communities are now reportedly chasing vaccine peddlers out of their communities. After 10 children reportedly died from the ‘vaccine’ in Bensonville, the peddlers were reportedly chased out of the community upon their next visit.

It is possible that the ‘vaccine’ is/was composed of the same formaldehyde-water mixture. This publication has received reports from families whose loved ones’ organs were missing upon return of the bodies to the families. Families suspect an organ trafficking operation is capitalizing on the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Liberia.

The district’s representative condemned the act as barbaric, but called upon Liberians not to doubt the existence of the Ebola virus in the country.

An investigation is ongoing.


Another interesting backdrop to this situation to keep in mind.

Father of Teresa Heinz Kerry Allegedly Worked With Mengele On The German Ebola Virus?




Shrimpton goes on to allege the following in the book.

“One of the more interesting scientists working in World War II for Dr Josef Mengele on the German Ebola program was a Portuguese doctor, Jose Simoes Ferreira.

His daughter, Teresa, is married to Senator John Kerry, although I am quite sure neither knew anything at all about Ferreira’s past until I blew the gaff (it’s a topic covered in Spyhunter).

I imagine the Democrats have since tightened up their selection procedure for presidential candidates – surprisingly, no one apparently thought to ask John Kerry in 2004 whether or not his father-in-law was involved in hideous medical experiments on African children in World War II on behalf of Dr Mengele.”


(tropical viruses)!Nobody wants to talk about Jose!

He had to flee Mozambique with the rest of the colonialists during the revolution. He became a translator at the United Nations down the line. The 1% do seem to land those high paying jobs.


Both Simoes and Ferreira are Sephardic Jewish names and they lived in Laurenco Marques, which was then one of the only Jewish populated areas of Mozambique. Many Portuguese Jews converted(became “conversos”) in order to be saved from harm or death.” “A small European Jewish community developed in the capital, Maputo, and in Beira, a port city on the northern coast. The Jews who settled in Mozambique were mainly merchants and businessmen who maintained very close ties with the South African Jewish Community



So what we have so far …

… are totally fake news (coming from CNN, the New York Times, Vice, ABC etc.):

Ebola Hoax CONFIRMED: Full CNN video Reveals Crisis Acting + Fakery (Video)

Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT Caught Using CRISIS ACTORS! (MUST-SEE Video)

… and reports that confirm that people get sick from the Ebola ‘treatments’:

From Ghana: Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who have received treatments and injections from the Red Cross

And then there is an interesting historic connection to the 1918 flu pandemic:

Expose EbolaGate, Arrest The Perps, Stay Healthy With Vitamin C (Video)

We have at least two motives:

One is taking over sovereign nations for their natural resources using Ebola as cover:

US Troops, World Bank And IMF Set The Stage For Liberian Resource Extraction:

“… in Liberia, “there is enough energy in the ground right now to supply the needs of the U.S. for the next 100 years, and we can get to it economically.”

The other is the global depopulation agenda:

WTF! Ebola Zombies? Untested Ebola/RABIES Vaccine To Be Unleashed On The Public!? – WAKE UP! (Video)

US bioweapons lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at core of Ebola epidemic





















The last information I encountered on the subject indicated that Obomba had placed his 50 million in vaccine stocks into a trust fund.


While poisoning the planet, Gates and  crew build 30 billion dollar seed bank in Norway. Several years ago a prominent politician from Norway admitted the capacity to place about one half of the population underground in case of war or other possibilities being deftly covered up by politicians such as EMP, solar flare, war or objects from space, the greatest mystery of the modern era.  So while we have nitwits slamming keyboards deriding conspiracy theories, we have governments around the world building underground bunkers in case of various scenarios



Russia’s Yamantau Mountain Complex


Was Glenn Thomas aware of hard evidence showing that the lab was faking positive diagnoses for ebola at Tulane University in order to justify forcing people to undergo treatment


US bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone at the epicentre of Ebola outbreak

*US bioweapons lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at core of Ebola epidemic

*CDC admits hospitals and vaccines cause Ebola

*Epidemic and pandemic plans allow for implementation of martial law

At the epicentre of the current Ebola epidemic is the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, which houses a US a biosecurity level 2 bioweapons research lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Soros Foundation.

The partners and people leading the viral fever bioweapons lab inside Kenema Government Hospital read like a roll call of New World Order organizations.

“”The Consortium is a collaboration between Tulane, Scripps Research Institute, Broad Institute, Harvard University, University of California at San Diego, University of Texas Medical Branch, Autoimmune Technologies LLC, Corgenix Medical Corporation, Kenema Government Hospital (Sierra Leone), Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (Nigeria) and various other partners in West Africa. …The Consortium intends to expand this program to include other important infectious agents such as Ebola, Marburg and other Arenaviruses that are of great concern to public health and bioterrorism,” states the bioweapons lab website.


Meeting Doctor Doom


Noahide Laws Passed By Congress: Are You Ready For The Guillotine?


It Is Zombie Time Baby!



Look out useless eater!



State Of Emergency In Liberia Due To Ebola And Fears Of Marshall Law In Britain


French Herbe de grâce Or Herb Of Grace Used Against The Black Plague By Nostradamus-Only Plant Blessed By The Prophet Mohammed


EPA Rules Coal Fly Ash Not Harmful-Used In Chemtrails-‘Scientists’ Can’t Figure How Grand Canyon Is Becoming Saturated With Mercury-It Is Called Agenda 21


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