Civil Disobedience Erupting in USA: Students Refuse to Submit And Turn Over Vaccination Records To University Of Maine

Civil Disobedience Erupting in USA: Students Refuse to Submit

Some of us have been wondering just how long it will take for Americans to take a stand and refuse to be bullied, trampled and have their civil rights stripped from them, and I’ve been particularly interested to see how they will take the forced vaccination issue.

There have been some encouraging signs that more people are willing to get up off their knees and DO something to end the tyranny and hold tight to their dwindling sovereignty.

This is how it’s done. You need to organize and have NUMBERS. Kudos to America’s young people. They do not consent.

Thanks, R.  ~ BP


385 Univ of Maine students REFUSE to hand over their vaccination records. This could be the catalyst that defeats forced vaccinations.

Date: Thursday, 8-Oct-2015 12:56:17

Found on health educator James P. Hilton’s Facebook page:

Embedded text over photo reads:

“Mass nonviolent civil disobedience may be the only hope left. Doctors have failed us by violating their sworn oaths and the Nuremberg Code whose first sentence reads: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. Congress has once again failed us; the Supreme Court has failed us. But this one act, failure to comply, makes us unstoppable. By not handing over vaccination records a group of 385 University of Main students made a powerful statement. If this kind of action caught on nationwide than (sic) we the people have a chance to win our country back! Spread this message of hope far and wide…”

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4 Responses to Civil Disobedience Erupting in USA: Students Refuse to Submit And Turn Over Vaccination Records To University Of Maine

  1. Recynd77 says:

    I held my nose and watched the season premiere of American Horror Story. It was as bad as I thought, with buckets of blood, occult for days, and perversion that would make a pornstar blush. What caught my attention, however, was the propaganda: specifically, anti-gun and pro-vaccine messages.

    The apparent “good guy” of the season, a cop, is married to a well-respected doctor. During one scene, she’s rushing out to a house-call(!), stating that one of her patient’s kids had whooping cough. “I am not going to treat these anti-vaxxers anymore,” she says (or something to that effect). Never mind that many who get whooping cough are, in fact, vaccinated.

    Good for the kids who refused to comply, however, pretty soon everyone’s records will be centralized in a database. We won’t have the chance to withhold. The agenda matches on.


  2. says:

    Now days they even inquire if you want flu shots at Walmart. Many video games it seems feature the guillotine meme and there is a new wrestling hold I notice called the guillotine.

    You can always look for cute phrases like anti=vaxxers to push the party line. Soon we can look for terms such as pro-disease zombies.


  3. jackson says:

    It is my honest opinion that Gov. Brown and those horrible doctors who were bribed and passed that illegal forced vaccination in California should be arrested and criminally charged under the Nuremberg Code and if found guilty, they should be executed. We need to find out who, which Police chiefs are on their payroll and go after them as well and charge them too.


  4. says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, these are crimes against humanity and should be treated accordingly. The vampires behind this will no doubt end up a germ in a wolf’s throat their next lifetime but mean while in the here and now it is not doing us much good.


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