The nominees for Best Crisis Actor, cast your vote in the comments. It’s a tough decision with so many poor performances its hard to be convincing when your lying to thousands of people, but these cretins do it with such ease. Some even raised thousands for a fake cause.




Notice the goofy woman with the mano carnuto in this one


The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically) (Repost)


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4 Responses to NATIONAL HOAX AWARDS – Best Crisis Actor

  1. wellss says:

    Best Crisis Actor Awards. Where to start??
    I wanted to comment that a disabled friend of mine was recently robbed at gunpoint near his home. A neighbor came to his defense & was shot once in the stomach. He was a hero. I cannot tell you how much that guy suffered; what he had to endure in the hospital, including several hospital-acquired infections. A friend listed him on gofundme & he raised a few hundred dollars. And I see this fake-ass, con-man Mintz character bringing in over $700,000 and laughing it up.


  2. lophatt says:

    I don’t know Mick. They ALL suck. Maybe it’d be easier if they were in categories. Cassidy Stay comes to mind. After all, in the category of “completely inappropriate” she steals the show. Whole family allegedly wiped out. Occasional missing digit. Doesn’t keep her from flashing Devil signs though. What a trooper.

    Chris Mintz (Crisp Mints?), looks like he’s coming down off a three week acid trip. All that Afghan opium money will come in handy. You really can’t get a feel for his acting ability. Maybe a category for “bullet stopper” would work.

    And the Boston Marathon, et al. What can I say? I thought they left the planet during the SHES production. BMB came to us straight from Uranus. We shouldn’t forget Carlos. “Ees a, how you say it, TOURNCWAY” Someone should tell him that its the same pronunciation in Spanish.

    We need something appropriate, like a big flask of methane. If the country were sane they’d be chased down the street.


  3. says:

    For me Cowboy Carlos was the most humorous, him pushing the guy in the wheel chair who was trying not to laugh was hysterical.

    They are getting real sloppy and the most amazing part of it is they realize most Americans won’t even notice.

    You have to admire that devil sign the female is sneaking in over the babies head.


  4. lophatt says:

    Yeah, I could be persuaded. In the picture he looks like a priest in one of those Mexican horror flicks. “Del Dios Muerte”. Maybe he was doing community service for torching that government vehicle.

    I heard today from a reliable source that Crispy Mintz was actually in the hospital for a hernia operation. He looks like he OD’d on joy juice and all that money.

    I can’t remember the name of that little girl who allegedly lost her foot. You know, the dancer? “Aaaahhhh!, tell them to STOP with the fireworks………Ahhhhhh!”. That one. She at least deserves honorable mention, along with her wimpy hubby.


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