Gnosis: What Is It All About

Happy witnesses

This is very interesting, the fact that so many crisis actors appear in Scarlet colors. Isn’t there something about the whore of Babylon riding the beast dressed in … scarlet? If I may say so, this is an example of gnosis. You don’t read it in books, it is something that immediately takes form in the mind’s eye. Am I wrong?

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The book of Thomas disappeared for a very good reason


Raising Kundalini


Positive and negative energy are the two most powerful forces in the universe, they cause lightning in the sky, divide the cells in humans, form a child in the womb, make the grass grow and the rain fall, keep the planets in harmony revolving around the sun. Every atom in the universe is capable of connection to every other atom. The universe is a living conscious spirit capable of knowing itself. It is the Christos.

The male is positive energy and the female is negative energy. That is the base of tantra. It is how almost all major religious groups raise the kundalini. The female transfers her male energy to the male and the male transfers female energy or negative energy to the female. This doesn’t happen reading books and discussing theories. When you see an attractive female that makes the hair on your arms stand up straight, it is the negative energy, the power of the universe!

The book of the Gnostic Thomas disappeared for good reason. When he said thine eye must be single, it was an allusion to the pineal gland or third eye. When he said the two must become one to see heaven he meant tantra. This book did not make the cut for the bible. So yes the body is the temple of the spirit. The book of Thomas is very different from the traitor Paul who had never even met Jesus. In Syria, the sacred literature relating to Thomas is closely related to the wisdom gospel of Thomas; Thomas is understood to be the twin of Jesus and the guarantor of his wisdom and knowledge. The old King James Bible I used to have contained a definition of Thomas Didymus defining it as the twin.

So yes there were secret teachings for the disciples not available to the general public at the time. These teachings managed to get Mary Magdelene stoned. They called her a harlot due to her interest in tantra.

When Jesus suggests that one be wise like the serpent, what does this mean. Well serpents coil together and lie motionless! (tantra) How is one born again? You must re-enter the birth canal from whence you came! (tantra) Now many people will absolutely burn down mentally when broached with this but it is a symptom of just how much disinformation they have been fed during their entire lifetime.

You know even in Tibet Lobsang Rampa describes a cult there he calls the dark brotherhood, a form of Buddhism in which young children are kidnapped and raped to drain their energies. In fact they attempt to infiltrate the Potala from time to time. It is fortunate they have seers who can weed them out.

Lobsang Ramp wrote probably a dozen books on his experiences in the Potala, I have read most of them. He prostated himself for 2 or 3 days in front of the temple before they even came out to ask him what he wanted. This was mentioned in Doctor From Lhasa. In fact in some rare instances German doctors will fly surgeon from eastern temples into Germany for assistance in rare cases.

I recommend Capt Ajit a lot as he is very knowledgeable, but on the other hand tends exaggerate once in awhile, such as statements that nobody outside India has ever raised kundalini. That is not quite true as I in my youth was very fortunate to meet several people like this. Chinese, American Indians and others have done so. In fact they are rare but I have met a few. But I understand Ajit and he is raising the spirit of Indians after 800 years of colonialism, more power to him. Still he is a very knowledgeable man.

In fact Jesus showed signs of a raised kundalini even in childhood if we point toward the scriptures. He obviously journeyed to India also, not that he needed it but in my own opinion was simply consorting with advanced masters he felt comfortable with. There are books covering this subject, but I won’t try and list them here. I believe Jesus was born as the avatar.


This seemed to happen also to the Lebanese prophet, Kahlil Gibran. He once told a close associate the the creator told him he was the son of man. His books are still legendary and I would recommend anyone read them. In Lebanon he as a child was called the little king due to his psychic abilities. He later moved to Boston with his family and began to write extensively.


It is my opinion one should bear in mind that Jesus was adamant that others can accomplish the same thing he accomplished. He did not advocate “letting him into your heart” and singing hallelujah. Although I suppose it is beneficial to some to feel they have some sort of spiritual understanding. it probably does some good as far as a quest for moral relativity. Jesus was not Jesus Christ, his name was Jesus Barabbas. The Christos is well, everything, the creative intelligence of the universe and he was in communication with it. If the Christos were not already in your heart it would not be beating and your cells would not continue to divide.

Hinduism is defined as the “the search for truth” and we should all be for that. There are no limits to the debate and as the Rishis say, even an atheist can be considered a Hindu for he has already embarked upon his own search for truth.

Jesus did not die in despair on the cross crying words cribbed from the 22nd Psalm:
“Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me (15:34).

“Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” by the way is pure Sumerian or Navajo if you will. The Navajo language is Sumerian and that phrase means “it is finished” not why hast thou forsaken me.


Lord Jesus the master who unleashed the power of the universe

Spear Of Longinus


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