Elder Paisios’ Amazing Prophecies About Constantinople

The famous Greek Monk, Elder Paisios, who was recently mentioned by the Wall Street Journal, made the following remarkable, and likely-to-happen prophesies about the City of Constantinople (modern day Istanbul).

“The Russians will soon take Turkey. The Chinese will cross the Euphrates. Providence tells me that many events will happen: The Russians will take Turkey and Turkey will disappear from the world map because a third of the Turks will become Christians, another third will die in the war and another third will leave for Mesopotamia.

The Mid-East will become a theater of a war in which the Russians will take place. Much blood will be spilled. The sign that this event is approaching will be the destruction of the Mosque of Omar, for its destruction will mark the beginning of work by the Jews to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, which was built on the same spot. There will be a great war between Russians and Europeans, and much blood will be spilled.

Greece won’t play a leading role in that war, but they’ll give her back Constantinople. Not because the Russians adore the Greeks, but because no better solution will be found. The city will be handed over to the Greek Army even before it has a chance to get there.”

Short Biography of Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountains


The Zionists want to rule the world”, warned holy monk of Mt. Athos Elder Paisios before his death in 1994

Paisios seems to have foreseen everything: the ever more frequent and senseless wars and the growing totalitarianism of “Schengen Europe” and “Homeland Securitized” America, the downward slide of our modern, globalized world into licentiousness and madness, the approaching Last Judgement.

“If the Metropolitans are silent, then who will speak?”

*The Zionists want to rule the earth. To achieve their ends they use black magic and satanism. They regard satan-worship as a means to gain the strength they need to carry out their plans. They want to rule the earth using satanic power.*



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Judi Pope Koteen related from a Lakota pipe carrier.

“The Sacred Mother is screaming for life and the meteorites will hear her cries and answer her call for help. They will hit the earth from the heavens with such force that many internal things will happen as well as external. The earth will move as a result of the impact. This will cause the sacred fire that is the source of all life to the Mother to move through her body. She is like a Great Bird within the egg, trying to crack out… “

Pavel Globa In 2011 Predicted War In 2014 After The Sochi Olympics

Russian Seer Pavel Globa Predicts War After Sochi Olypics



German Seer Alois Irlmaier Predicts War In The Middle East But Spark In The Balkans



Alois Irlmaier indicated that World War III will allegedly break out in the Middle East, but its spark is rumored to emerge in the Balkans after a senior official gets killed by knife.

“It will be in the name of peace. WW3 begins suddenly in the Middle East and giant naval forces clash in the Mediterranean – the situation is extremely tense. But the stake is in the Balkans. There is where the war sparks.

I would take that prediction very seriously.

US ‘preparing’ for hybrid warfare with Russia in Baltics – report


Apocalyptic tone continues, the German seer talking about an “army marching through Belgrade and reaching Italy”.

“I see strange machinery advancing like lightning in the north of the Danube over West Germany without any warning. People run in panic toward west. Many cars will block the roads, and people will get stranded during their runaway efforts, because of the abandoned vehicles. Tanks move along high-speed freeways and other fast highways. There will be a huge destruction and not much will be left from the big city of Frankfurt.

Rhine Valley will be devastated, mainly by air. Nothing will escape. I see three spear tips coming. That is the Russian force and is unstoppable, as it moves with the three peaks that pierce everything on their way. Day and night progress is made as the main objective is Germany,” reads the prophecy issued by Irlmaier.”

It is not clear, but Russia seems to be at the center of Alois Irlmaier predictions.

“A death stretch is created straight from the Black Sea to the North Sea, as large as half of Bavaria. Grass does not grow in this area and people are all dead. Russia breaks relations with all its friends”, claimed Irlmaier.”

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