More Crimean Pyramids Discovered-They Appear All Over The Place (65 Million Years Old)

Yes this is beginning to look like the find of the century at least. Recently discovered Jurassic age pyramids in Crimea Russia and they are more numerous than at first realized. They seem to be everywhere! There are also many off the coast of Crimea and underwater.

Before we go a step further let me say this, in the Edgar Cayce readings, some 14,000 from the trance state he describes colonization by the ancient Atlanteans and the building of underground cities to escape a planet then populated by dinosaurs. Well guess what there are carvings of these creatures on the walls in monoliths found in Crimea! This is an area that today is heavily snow covered in the winter months!



Russian scientists assert a powerful energy field is felt on top of the pyramid and fruit placed there does not decay! The Nefilim were said to have a very long life span also. And it also appears they were spread out not just at Giza but around the globe! Yes Romania, Bosnia, South America, Chaco Canyon, Russia, Lebanon’s Temple of Jupiter, (yeah the Romans built it, don’t make me laugh) the arctic circle, off coast Italy, China, Australia etc. In other words it is the history of the Vedic era.

See this link

11-000 Year Old Wooden Shigar Man Discovered In Russia Standing 17.5 Feet Tall With Carved Hieroglyphics



I have a prior post indicating the Russian estimate these finds date back about 65 million years!

72 Meter base

This one is estimated to have a 72 meter base and another one an estimated 90 meter base!


Magnetic resonance

An artists rendition of the possible layout inside! The dinosaur insurance policy! It appears almost like an amphitheater!



Giza Like Stones

The giant megalithic stones are every bit as intricately laid as Giza itself!

Precision rounded stone work

Take a very close look at the precision rounded stone work on these walls!

Underground tunnels

We also have underground tunnels in this area. Some of them are circular if you watched the video and appear to have been made by some type plasma drill just as the Brucegi Mountain tunnels of Romania.

Rooms in cliffs

There are rooms carved in cliffs of Crimea not unlike the what is found at Chaco Canyon in the American Southwest.

Cliff Rooms

Cliff apartments

One digging appears almost Acropolis like


And that is not all sports fans, the idea of building pyramids is a part of Russian culture and it is still going on to this VERY DAY! Take a look around!

Pyramids today

Pyramids today II

There are quite a few internet cowboys who like to refer to the builders as some kind of serpent Gods. In an awkward way they are partially correct as there were trying to raise a serpent and the energy of the pyramids was paramount. Incidentally that all seeing eye we see on pyramids is inside your head!

That is not all lately that has been discovered in Russia, including the 17.5 meter tall wooden Shigir Man and the Siberian Arkaim or Russia’s Stonehenge.

11-000 Year Old Wooden Shigar Man Discovered In Russia Standing 17.5 Feet Tall With Carved Hieroglyphics



Russian Stonehenge









Small Russian Mummy Boy Unearthed In Siberia-Possibly Related To Arkaim The Russian Stonehenge



65 Million Year Old Pyramid Is Discovered In Crimea With A Crowned Mummy-Crimea Just Became More Valuable

When the sons of the sky landed in iron dragons!




Reports Circulating China Has A White Pyramid-Many Previously Unknown Pyramids Are Emerging-Could War Be Linked To Crimea Pyramids


Now We Know What Happened To The Mayans-Tunnels Under Tikal Pyramid Extend 800 Kilometers To The Other Side Of The Country-Secrets Of The Bucegi Mountains


Bosnian Pyramids Are The Oldest And Largest And Nobody Talks About Them, I Wonder Why

By Dr. Semir “Sam” Osmanagic

“Almost everything they teach us about the ancient history is wrong: the origin of men, civilizations, and pyramids. Homo sapiens are not a result of evolution, and biologists will never find a “missing link”, because the intelligent man is a product of genetic engineering. 

Sumerians were not the beginning of the civilized men, but rather the beginning of another cycle of humanity.

The video was first noticed here













And yes why not. Do you know where those pyramid builders were from?

Google Reveals The Winged Globe

See the video below


And don’t miss this one.


CCRG Editor’s Note
Truly, if ever there was a story that could liberate humankind from its incarcerated past, the otherworldly intra-mountain complex and tunnel system in the BUCEGI MOUNTAINS is it.

The very few, yet stunning, disclosures which have thus far been leaked about this vast storehouse of ultra-secret Earth history, applied extraterrestrial technology and highly advanced scientific knowledge are nothing short of paradigm-shattering.  As in every paradigm currently operating on Planet Earth … bar none!

Dear Reader and Seeker of the Truth, if you read one story today, or this week, or this month, let this be the one.  Although it is a lengthy discourse, it is the product of years of authoritative research and serious investigation.  The author has done humanity an extraordinary service in this labor of love.  He, she or they have painstakingly constructed a cogent and compelling case for the direct Ancient Alien involvement in the affairs of human civilizations over millennia.

While many have known this to be the case in view of so much convincing evidence scattered across the planet, the ‘highly classified’ information coming from Bucegi serves as indisputable confirmation.  In short, this preordained discovery in the Bucegi Mountains has set the world up for an unparalleled and sweeping transformation.

Now that may sound like hyperbole.  However, in light of the empowering knowledge and revolutionary information coming from the Bucegi Complex, the current race of humanity will undoubtedly experience the most profound and fundamental shift in consciousness in recorded history.

In other words … this is it!  Bucegi Mountian is quite likely one of the key locations that Edgar Cayce spoke of when he referred to the legendary Hall of Records.  In addition to the Hall of Records in Egypt Cayce was clear about multiple underground chambers and complexes located in sacred lands around the globe.  The holy mountains of Tibet, the Mayan temples and the Great Pyramids of Giza (including the Sphinx) have been mentioned in various prophecies and predictions.




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