The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically)





 I have noticed that many of my posts have been scrubbed by Google and are almost impossible to find. I am going to leave some links here to false flag events which will make it easier for myself to actually locate some of my own posts.


Israel and the usual suspects engineered it.


NY Times Billboard

This billboard now appears across the street from the New York Times. I gave up debate on 911 years ago. In fact it took me about 2 days to figure out who was behind this. Those who do not understand this at this late date, you will be wasting your time with them. They are unreachable.

The Aylan/Alan Kurdi story sounds like a psy-op?


US Intelligence Officer: “Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack” We’ve Become A Lunatic Asylum


France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree


Obama Pays 29 Million In Charleston Shooting Hoax

Accused Chechen Bombers Uncle Ruslan Zaindi Tsarni Worked for USAID, Big Sky Corporation, Had Connections to Kazakh Oligarchs (updated)



Boston Bombing Suspect Linked to Canadian Militant – Reports


Welcome My Friends To The Show That Never Ends-McGeorge Bundy’s Brother CIA-Mass Murderer Ted Bundy Possibly His Son-Tsarnaev Uncle Ruslan USAID Heavily CIA Fortified-Tsarnaev Married To Russell Skull And Bones-Ruslan Daughter Married To Graham Fuller CIA-Then The Bundy Circus Rancher In Nevada!



Boston knuckleheads who believe they have been liberated from turrists. They are celebrating lockdown and marshall law over a false flag. There is dumb and then there is Boston dumb. And we wonder why Europeans refer to us as American idiot.

Boston Marathon Bombing Actors Back In Boston For World Series As Reported On Kenny’s SideShow, Cowboy Carlos Is Bringing It Once Again


Professor James Tracy Of Florida Atlantic University Censured Concerning Sandy Hook Shooting Views


Newtown Parents to Tour Universe As Ambassadors of Peace


Michael Foley looks like Eliot Rodgers and his sibling Katie Foley looks like Alex Israel a former classmate of Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook fame


Father of slain TV reporter Alison Parker is a former professional actor


Shishkabobalulu And The Chattanooga Choo Choo


Crisis Actors In Charleston Can’t Stop Smiling During Interview-Cops At Funeral Will Not Allow People To Touch The Wax Body Of Pinckney


The Southern Poverty Law Center



Chattanooga Hoax? Victim Reported Dead Years Before Shooting


Louisiana Theater Shooting Looking Shakey


Garland Shooting: Operation Gladio-Texas-Style (There are many who do not know they are fascists 
but will find it out when the time comes) Ernest Hemingway-For Whom the Bell Tolls


French Train Shooting • Crisis Actor screws up and drops his buddy’s name


aangirfan French Train false flag


The Bundy Bloodline-Mormons-Illuminism and Ordinary Madness in Bunkerville, Nevada


Florida State University Shocked By Three Students Wounded By Gunman In Strozier Library


There Has Been Another Campus Shooting-This Time At Florida State University




Crisis Actor On The Scene, Carolina Masonic Codes Used In Kenya


What Did The Secret Stasi Files Say About Angela Merkel And The Klauberg Frozen Sperm Experiments


Dylann Roof South Carolina Church Massacre: Commentary and Analysis


I Think The Side Show Nailed It-Ferguson Looking Like A State Sponsored Event


Something Rotten In Arizona


DC Navy Yard … The View From India


Hollyood’s Book of Death


CNN Caught Red Handed Staging Ebola Pysop


Do Most Nurses Involved In The First National Ebola Case Go On A Carnival Magic Cruise 4 Days Later?


ozar-hatorah false flag event



J.P. Morgan Banker’s Wife Freezes To Death In New Hamphire’s White Mountains



CNN Exposed – Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist Blows The Whistle: CNN is paid by foreign and domestic Government agencies for specific content…



Garissa University False Flag





Batman Shootings


The Day J.P. Morgan Sank The Titanic


The Titanic And The Unlucky Mummy-Or Maybe Unlucky Industrialists Who Did Not Favor The Federal Reserve


The Brotherhood Of The Bell-Enslaving Us Through The Sexual Energy


Twelfth Bough


My post on the anti-islam Texas shooting seems to have been scrubbe by google, this one will work just as well.


The Texas Anti-Islam False Flag Event

The batman psyop



Florida Governor Rick Scott Issues Memo To Florida Employees Forbidding Them To Speak Of Climate Change Or Global Warming


Oklahoma City Bombing And The Strategy Of Tension


Outrageous Coverup Of Oklahoma City Bombing Continues


Abraham Lincoln And The Crisis Actors (It Seems Lincoln Knew He Was Dying Before The Election)


Some of these go way back in time. John Wilkes Booth and his brothers were actors! The shooting took place in a theatre, The United States appropriated Ford Theatre after this paying him $100,000 dollars. Ford wasn’t quite as lucky as Lucky Larry Silverstein. All of this prevented further analysis. Does that sound familiar? Lincoln knew he was dying before the election, his handlers wanted to elect Andrew Johnson from Tennessee but knew he was un-electable. The fix was in, Lincoln is elected and then bows out. Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth were both chosenites. Secretary of State Sewell was supposedly killed simultaneously with Lincoln. John Powell did not want to be part of a fake trial and he left the country to go and be a papal zouave/guard and guard the pope!




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