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OM The Cosmic Vibration-Have A Listen

You will have to click on youtube to hear the enhanced OM of the cosmic generator. The OM is the sound of cosmic creation that occurs throughout the universe Paul A. LaViolette, PH. D. The Om is the “sound” of … Continue reading

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I Bring You The Very Good News That Crew Members Of The 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Seem To All Be Doing Well

Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive? Source below Fellowship Of The Minds Posted on April 30, 2015 by Dr. Eowyn | 176 Comments Friends, wrap your head with duct tape (to prevent it from exploding). It’s Down-the-Rabbit-Hole … Continue reading

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Elder Paisios’ Amazing Prophecies About Constantinople

The famous Greek Monk, Elder Paisios, who was recently mentioned by the Wall Street Journal, made the following remarkable, and likely-to-happen prophesies about the City of Constantinople (modern day Istanbul). “The Russians will soon take Turkey. The Chinese will cross … Continue reading

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India Will Permit Free Energy Technology Despite Threats From UK-US-Saudi Arabia (The BRIC’s Earlier Promised To Release All Suppressed Technology

posted by Tapestry ENERGY, OFF THE GRID INDIA WON’T SUPPRESS TEWARI’S FREE ENERGY GENERATOR APRIL 16, 2015 India considers its own free energy program a matter of national pride, and is very much willing to risk antagonizing Petrodollar countries … Continue reading

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Father of Teresa Heinz Kerry Allegedly Worked With Mengele On The German Ebola Virus?

Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence by Michael Shrimpton sold on amazon. Shrimpton alleges in the book the Ebola virus is named for the river in Africa, near to the village of Yambuku in the DRC (Democratic Republic of … Continue reading

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