Salt Water Now Erupting Out Of Bayou Corne As Steam-Another Big Crack In The Ground Opens In Mexico

Bayou Corne Flyovers #17 and #18 — 2015 July-August

Observation of this photo by Walter Coin,
“With all that pressure deep underground salt water comes off as steam.”





There is another giant crack that is opening right now in Mexico!


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In case you missed the first one

Giant Earth Crack mexico, Se hunde la tierra en la Costa de Hermosillo, Enorme Grieta se abre en México, Giant Earth Crack mexico photo, photo of Giant Earth Crack mexico, amazing Giant Earth Crack mexico, How did this giant earth crack formed?, Sinking land in Costa de Hermosillo, This giant trench opened up on August 17 2014. It is about one kilometer lon and up to 8 meters deep.

Yout remember the giant Earth crack that collapsed last year, again in Mexico?


Bayou Corne And The New Madrid Fault Could Connect With Cayce Predictions



Apocalypse and the New Madrid Fault

The Caribe plate just happens to border the gulf of Mexico, the vast Venezuelan oil fields, and the large volcano of Pelee which Cayce mentions to be the trigger of serious earth changes globally. He states as soon as Pelee erupts in conjunction with Mount Etna in Italy, three months later nevada will face inundation.  He predicts the Great Lakes will one day flow down the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico. There is ample evidence for this to happen. Lake Michigan is separated from the Chicago River by a narrow sand stone ridge of approximately 2 miles in width. There is also a canal which was cut there for shipping. Even engineers have been puzzled at times as to why the water under the river flows backwards. It is an area which also experiences earth quakes due to proximity to the New Madrid fault.

Should this area be breached, the Great Lakes will indeed flow down the Mississippi River sweeping away a number of nuclear power plants located on the shores. By building these plants here, we are betting the New Madrid will not produce another another mega-quake as it is prone to do every 200 years. How intelligent is this?

The last time it did this the Mississippi River actually changed boundaries and ran backwards for awhile. This was predicted to happen also by the the Cherokee Prophet Tecumseh. Tecumseh Panther Across The Sky

The Jack Reed Theory

To make this as short as possible, take a look at the caribe plate which encompasses the Gulf of Mexico, it wraps around Florida and extends into the Atlantic ocean. The northern gulf has hundreds of oil wells and Deep Water Horizon was near New Orleans on the edge of this plate and BP drilled into a salt dome which some think still has not been plugged. There are faults in this area (possibly extending to Haiti) where an 8.0 plus earthquake occurred and these faults extend to the New Madrid fault where some 17 nuclear power plants are located. It is Jack Reed’s contention the Gulf is a volcanically live area and he is a geologist.

The Caribe plate holds portions of Atlantis as seen in under water explorations off Bimini, which sank thousands of years ago. Is it really smart to be releasing the pressure under this plate to drill oil? We now know the Gulf of Mexico sits upon a huge methane pocket. Many have speculated this methane bubble is finding an escape in the Louisiana Bayou and possibly bubbling up in areas like Bayou Corne.

What does the ocean bottom look like around Pelee? (lots of underwater volcanos!)






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