Russia’s Blind Alley

Bold Face News

I actually agree with a lot of this

I should state from the outset that I am a fan of Putin, not a fanatic fan, but a fan nonetheless, for the tremendous work he has been doing to steer Russia toward the future he envisions for it. I admire the way he turned around the huge, leaky boat that was the post-Yeltsyn Russia, repaired it and set it on a new course whose destination seems to be the best interests of the Russian people.


He rejected the cultural Marxism that has been destroying the national fiber of the Western nations, and actively encouraged a return to Russia’s traditions of Christian spirituality and morality and its national culture.


He opposed the Anglo-Zionist wars (effectively against Syria, not so much against Libya) and seeks to end the unipolar world that follows USrael’s dictates.





To do all that he has had to rely on the strong support of the Russian people, whose long-battered national pride he sought to restore while also improving their daily lives. He has chosen to nurture it by subscribing to the myth of a Russian history that is one long epic poem flowing smoothly. No hiccups apparently interrupt it during the Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviet era. In the latter he embeds the allegedly unblemished heroism of the Red Army whose soldiers won the “Great War for the Defense of the Motherland” (i.e., WWII).


This kind of panegyric does not abide nuances, equivocations or qualifications. The Red Army, with whom the Russians still identify, could not be both heroes and villains. The memory of hecatombs of Russian soldiers could not be besmirched by mentioning the horrible war crimes they committed – the massacres, rapes and pillaging of the population in vanquished Germany and occupied Eastern Europe.


They could neither be the frauds that “rebuilt” the ovens at Auschwitz and cooperated with the Allies in manufacturing the Holocaust myth. They could not even be angels with dirty faces, fallen from grace. It was heroes or nothing. Putin chose “heroes.”


Once engaged on this course, it was no surprising that Russia explained the coup d’état and subsequent devastation of Ukraine under the Jewish oligarchy installed by Victoria Nuland-Kagan as the work of “fascists” – the villainous Banderistas. Villains they are but they are only tools used as the muscle enforcers of the Jewish satrapy. The official Russian propaganda repeatedly states that Russia fights “fascism” (and therefore “anti-semitism”) as well, and so it must fight any “revisionism” of history that slights Russia and its glorious past.


Russia maintains its relations with Israel in good repair, and it avoids criticizing Israel’s depredations against the Palestinian people. Questioning the validity of the Holocaust myth is not allowed because it would open the can of warms of the Soviet Union’s role in creating it and with it the Red Army’s war crimes in Europe.





This is a blind alley for Russia, away from truth, away from the moral authority to question the lies of the Anglo-zionist empire.


In fact, at times, Russia seems to be slunking to appease, aid and abet the biggest recent lie of the Anglo-Zionist empire: the 9/11 false flag operation. How else to interpret the publication of this blatantly absurd proposition:





Queen Elizabeth Ordered Bin Laden Plane Crash in 9/11 Coverup

According to a report by Russian intelligence services Queen Elizabeth II is one of the main financiers of the 9/11 attacks, and recently ordered the shoot-down of the bin Laden plane that crashed in the UK on Friday.
The plane carried Osama bin Ladens sister, Sana bin Laden, who was arriving in Britain in the bin Laden’s private jet when a small missile blew it out of the sky.
According to the The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), the Queen ordered the assassination of Sana bin Laden due to the fact that was due to give testimony before The Iraq Inquiry on Monday 3 August that would have proven that Osama bin Laden did not commit the 9/11 attacks.


Not only politically impotent but, apparently due to encroaching Alzheimer’s hardly able to order her own tea, the Queen is supposed to be the evil collaborator of the Saudis. This is an embellishment on the new scenario peddled by the US: “It was the Saudis, stupid!”




What does Russia gain by doing this? Impossible to know. What it loses is obvious: the confidence of many people who have placed their hopes in Russia to stave off the advance of the “Awful Few.” After all, there are so very few realistic bets to make. There is no other power big enough to challenge USrael.


Some commentators have gone so far as to doubt Putin’s bona fides at several egregious crossroads (e.g., Libya) and called him a crypto-this or that, a disguised agent of Jewish power. They point to Putin’s bed sharing with some of Russia’s Jewish oligarchs, the ones he kept around with intact privileges.





I don’t think he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. My sense is that he earnestly and ambitiously wants to be the new Prince Vladimir who restores Russia to its erstwhile glory and pride of place in the world and that to achieve that he has chosen a strategy that he hoped would avoid collision with the immovable object that is Jewish Power while simultaneously stealthily gaining ground against it. He knew he needed time and fewer enemies.


I once had an experience of this kind many years ago when swimming in the Atlantic from a beach I did not know well. Upon trying to return I realized I could not: there was a circular current that I could not penetrate head on. I started swimming with it and “stealing” into it with every stroke. It took me a very long time to make it back and I came ashore very far from the beach from where I left.


Putin’s strategy, if it is the same, will also make him end up far from where he intends to land. Russia’s blind alley is far from truth, astray and, if it confuses those who rely on it, a lonely place to be with less to show by way of accomplishments than all its fans hope for.


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10 Responses to Russia’s Blind Alley

  1. kznwatch says:

    Very thought provoking article and yes I understand you finding yourself in a powerful circular current, necessitating you swim with it, while using every bit of power you had available, to work your way out of it but then landing on a beach far away from the one you’d set out from and wanted to return to. In the same way life throws us curved balls, but we’re not aware they’re curved until they’re almost on top of us! Then faced with choices of which, none of them good we’d prefer avoiding them all, but if this is not possible, we have to settle for the best among lousy choices, which we know, would possibly impact us badly at a later stage. I watched a Juri Lina documentary some time ago, and maybe you have watched it too? Anyway it relates a tragic story about Russia’s past and how she had been hijacked by traitors within the Motherland to achieve the ungodly evils the Jewish Bolsheviks subsequently perpetrated against Russia, financed by Loebe bank in NY.
    For me it was very complicated to work it all out, but its clear that (if I understood it all correctly), that the Red Army consisted of good, bad and ugly — in others words a mixture of genuine Russian patriots, but tragically the higher ranks controlled and brainwashed by the Jewish Bolsheviks. I am sure you are greatly versed in this terrible part of Russian history, but from what I understood of the Jura (Juri) Lina documentary I am referring to, it seemed clear that the above was the case and that Russia, fractured and broken by the Bolshevik regime’s plundering, the starvation and terror and holocaust the most vulnerable of the Russian population endured, was most probably the most horrific genocide in modern human history –(1917?).
    Seen from these combined perspectives and taking into account the Russia — still controlled and exploited by the same western ilk (but under a different name) — Vladimir Putin was confronted with when he became President, I would say, that due to the state of Russia at the time, the choices he had to move ahead were not only severely limited, but one as bad and stinking as the next. Russia’s coffers were empty, the country bankrupt and in arrears with the IMF/World bank and corrupt oligarch’s controlling even state broadcast and banks (?), add to that the war in Chechnya (?), the broken Russian healthcare system and people dying of cold and hunger (Sakhalin was probably the worst?) and possibly on the brink of anarchy (?) — Putin had a small window to pick up a nation at the lowest ebb in their history, no longer trusting a government saturated with corruption.
    If at the time, the atrocities committed by the Bolshevik factions within the Red Army, had to come to light, could it not have brought about a civil war within Russia? So the way I see it, is that Putin’s choice to rather let “sleeping dogs lie” for a while and not expose the horrors committed by some within the Red Army, but rather let they remain buried until the nation is more united and Russia is back on her feet, then at a later stage, revealing the full truth of it all?
    Anyway, this is my comprehension of his decision and to my mind, Putin carries a heavy load brought about by outside forces who wreaked havoc on Russia for many decades and then some and he had to tippy-toe a bit around them to keep doors open in order to rebuild Russia (in a way he’s not out of the woods yet, but he is patiently moving towards it). Putin is an inherent honest man, but he also understands social and political climates and how to make them work for Russia, and you can bet your bottom dollar, that when the time is right, Putin will put his nation in the picture to face the fact that their forefathers too, were capable of committing vile deeds.
    Maybe my word choice is poor, simply because I don’t have the full picture of Russia’s past. But then Dublinsmick, which nation in history has not committed the most horrible atrocities during the course of their history? The war the Red Army waged was a desperate eye-for-an eye and tooth-for-a tooth war — bloody and chaotic and in such wars a type of bloodthirsty madness often comes about… were they not outnumbered too? Please, I am questioning mostly so correct my blunders and what I don’t understand. I like your honesty, the first place I have found commitment to the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you for that!
    Lastly, I think Putin had to work with what once was a beautiful coat, but had become a badly frayed coat, the purity of its fabric, patched over by wickedness and the stench of debauchery and greed, but it was the only coat he had to journey Russia to sanity and some form of unity. He had to stave off Russia’s enemies ready to devour it finally and completely, so he employed the wisdom of letting things be until he was in the position to face them head on. In my opinion He kept his head and did the best he could and is still doing it, as Russia has some way to go still to shake off the evil Zionazi cabal, but Putin made the Russian people regain their inner strength, their faith and led them to rediscovery in their pure traditions, so brutally trampled by foreigners bent on their destruction and enslavement. Yes, they are moving and maturing to a point, where they will be able to face up to and live with a past foisted on them by both inside and outside enemies whose evil beyond measure, corrupted and caused dreadful division in their ranks — often the worst qualities rising up within the lessor amongst them, selling their souls to the evil ones.
    When one compares the Red Army’s misdeeds committed during WWII, these pale by comparison to that of the western Allies — just think Hiroshima and Nagasaki — nevermind the horrors of Dresden and the way Germany was split up after the war, remaining a bought vassal of the US to this day.


  2. says:

    Thanks for the response. I do try to be honest and thank you. I draw a skeptic now and then. Most of them want to talk about the jews 24/7 better never explain fully their role in history or just how high their influence ranges and in what organizations, catholic church in particular.

    I think this sums it up fairly clearly.

    THE SECRET HOLOCAUST By Eustace Mullins

    “The orgy of murder, torture and pillage which followed the Jewish triumph in Russia has never been equaled in the history of the world… Christians were dragged from their beds, tortured and killed. Some were actually sliced to pieces, bit by bit, while others were branded with hot irons, their eyes poked out to induce unbearable pain….Some were nailed to the ceiling by their fingers or by their feet, and left hanging until they died of exhaustion….Others were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city, while the mob attacked them with rocks and kicked them to death.” …Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies.”

    On Putin

    More along those lines.

    “I like your honesty, the first place I have found commitment to the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you for that!”

    By the way that is quite a compliment


  3. says:

    Sometimes you have to give a shout to even a software program. FoghornLeghorn, the Real Guiseppe Bo Beppe, WhiteEagleSnakeHunter, Rabbi Beppe and scores of others are my most avid readers. They are here if not daily, every few days. Sometimes I think even a software program may be engaged in the search for truth!

    “FoghornLeghornTouringTheNewAgeNWO”Alternative”Media Cleared by Akismet
    Submitted on 2015/08/13 at 3:12 PM

    I never understood why someone as learned, erudite, urbane, remarkably sophisticated like you is doing in redneck Florida. One would think you’d be more in your element in Manhattan, dubby boy :”


  4. kznwatch says:

    Dear DM, Re what you said, which I didn’t think was spot on about Putin — You said,
    “Russia maintains its relations with Israel in good repair,….”
    With regard to it… I found an article dated May 2013, [link below], which you no doubt read and even remarked on at the time… This also indicates Putin’s initial strategy, how at first he played along without stirring the pot too much as Russia still needed the Judas’, but the moment he was ready to break Russia lose from her western enslavers he hit them for sixes and he hasn’t stopped — the ultimate chess player, believe it… he bides his time, then moves in when time is provident —

    It also substantiates your recent post, published in STOTN (2014): “Putin Perfect foil for the Anglo-American-Axis” and the furore resulting when it was shared on FB. Also read the horrific deeds of the Red Army, the SOTN article supports quite a bit my deductions in my post above about the state of the Red Army during WW2 — how fractured they were and how the Bolsheviks had put their brainwashed military stooges in all the top posts, so its clear Putin of course, knew the real score and will expose this fully too, when the time is ready, as he knows a helluva lot is going to change… Saw recently on Sputnik that the US is now accusing Russia of revising history! — Unbelievable the gall of these arrogant liars.


  5. says:

    Kzn, don’t miss understand, when I say good relations, I mean he doesn’t go overboard in pointing out their atrocities via the Palestinians and other things. His profile is lower as there are several million Russian jews in Israel. That is what it amounts to.

    Gabe the article from bold face news is close to what I have been arguing with you for quite sometime.

    We all know Putin played the game with them for a long time. It is best to look at what he is doing now as Kzn says. If it were not for Putin, Rothschild would own all of Russia by now, diamonds, gold mines, forests, oil, minerals and the whole show. He even kicked royal dutch shell out of the pacific coastal areas due to their horrific effect on the environment with pollution. Russia does not have unlimited wealth to do things some people I suppose would like to see happen. He allowed some of the oligarchs who did not pack a bug out bag to keep what they had stolen with the stipulation, don’t get involved in politics, try and act like Russians.

    By the way in that article on Libya, it wasn’t Putin who did not veto the attack on Libya, it was Medvedev, who was in office at the time.


    • kznwatch says:

      Dear DM — No misunderstanding – crystal clear where you come from, as like me, you research objectively and thoroughly, seeking the truth only, but you’re a pro truth seeker, while, in the outback, I had to fumble around to find people of integrity. while like you, I thirst for the truth — Most importantly about Russia, the most maligned nation on earth.
      Having grown up in a country whose Apartheid regime was upheld behind the scenes by Rothschilds Jewry, while openly but cunningly, also supporting the Black Struggle — its clear they cared zilch about the people of this land – whether white, black, pink or yellow — but same as all over the world, were protecting only their own interests and this means keeping South Africa enslaved for posterity to guard their massive mineral and other vast swathes of assets here to this day. Reading the riot act to Mandela, it is only after he died, that all the back stabbing the Zio’s perpetrated here came to light, but despite it all, they could not extinguish the light the old man brought to all races, the real fabric that was Mandela, that the people who love SA and want her to shine for all equally, are grimly holding onto, praying that SA’s entry to BRICS, may salvage the glimmers of Madiba’s light before it dies forever.. BRICS hitting the death knell to ongoing corruption, blatant conniving and self-enrichment so rampant here and the populace increasingly aware of it, festering like a deadly boil, threatening to burst and divide us all yet again, but with terrible consequences and all due to the JU-SA big corps still ruling the roost here. This year for the first time, even black intellectuals and critical thinkers, along with whites and Indians are now emigrating more and more. After this long tirade, I feel better.. even if I digressed, but its the same Zio pestilence we’re resisting, even if minuscule compared to Russia’s …
      No, just meant that Putin was forced to jump around like a cat on a hot roof, from day one – one crisis after the other, down to the tragic sinking of the Kursk. Just wish to mention how active RT’s news team was during the crisis in Palestine (mainly Paula Slier and her team, but others too) while Paula is mostly still there right now. But the crises in Eastern Ukraine, then in Yemen and keeping Syria from hitting the skids and the nuclear deal with Iran as well as, NATO’s shenanigans in the Baltics.. Putin has to be all over the place simultaneously and remain on top of it all… and as you say, Russia’s money — not fiat monopoly money coming off the red hot printing press daily, is not endless. Putin, as a true blue Russian, has the gift of patience and along with it, intimate understanding of the Bolshevik psyche, by a different name, today still the same evil monster.
      Further, danger to Russians in Israel are also a big factor, especially with the gross being Russian Jews, as are Russian assets there, not so? Maybe the old story of keeping your friends close and enemies even closer? Keep avenues open to have access to what’s happening on the ground floor – forewarned is forearmed. On RT International USA, I see comments are moderated more strictly and quickly and understandably, same rule applies — CCTV America too. But of course same shoes fit US too – with CNN and other western media in Russia and China too. Just that I think, when I go by the comments, that RT is currying more favour in the US than CNN and others are in Russia.
      Last sentence of your reply to Gabe: “By the way in that article on Libya, it wasn’t Putin who did not veto the attack on Libya, it was Medvedev… Putin would have, as he told Obama not to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, but Obama did. Yes, a lost opportunity and a tragic one at that, yes? Medvedev and Obama also had what became known as the MIC Incident — which left switched on, Obama was overheard saying, something to the effect, of “don’t worry, when this is all over, I’ll have more room to move” — maybe you can clarify it, but BO’s words to Medvedev, still puzzle many people as to what exactly their conversation had entailed? However, I loved it, when just before Putin first stepped down, Russians were worried about it, but he said he would never go against the Constitution and stay for another term, even if all of Russia demanded it… but that he’ll work something out…. Then the people waiting anxiously, when he and Medvedev came down the drag in their leather jackets, looking all tough (especially Putin) and Putin announced the deal to the people….that Medvedev would take over the reigns…. The relief could have shattered glass, it was so deafening. I think Medvedev was taken in by the west for far longer, thinking Putin was overreacting and did not understand the west… while Medvedev did not realize the deadly evil Russia was confronted with? An old guy from the UK remarked on Going Underground today, that nowhere in the world has he ever come across another nation that love their country as passionately and with all their beings as Russians do, that they love their soil to the extent that they’re actually part of it — he was so genuine, it brought tears to my eyes.


    • kznwatch says:

      A window of our civilised western world? —


  6. says:

    Those are funny pics.

    That RT comment section has been virtually worthless for a long time as there is just one silly comment after another to the point it was almost unreadable. They need to clean it up and allow people to leave a link. It would save a lot of jawing. Medvedev is Jewish and I think he is there to placate the 5 million lubavitchers in Russia the Russian government has to contend with.

    Syria now will be interesting. Russia has a base there and I don’t think they will give it up, although they are now establishing one on Cyprus which is also in the med sea.


    • kznwatch says:

      Yes, you’re right about the comments total drivel and often downright filthy smut, written so auto filters can’t detect them. Hope I did not offend you with the pics, but this artist presents the grotesque world we live in.
      This has just come on BIF, where there’s often a load of dung, but lately genuine ones crop up there more often– like PCR, Jon Rappoport ect…
      Here’s the link, if you’ve not viewed it yet and thanks for your many links… clicking through them tomorrow.. This looks like a worthwhile watch, from the letter David Duke addressed to readers below the video. He’s a gentleman but gets his points across and they hit harder because he is so soft spoken, while like PCR, he backs up what he says.

      Thanks for time you gave me… greatly appreciated here in my neck of the woods. Have a good weekend.


  7. says:

    You have a good weekend also. You know about six months ago they banned me at BIN. I mostly just printed facts and links in the comments but once in awhile I did point out some of the fluff of the writers. They said you are banned for a year. I still get hits from that site on comments I left there!

    They don’t like a lot of information coming in around there!

    By the way thanks for the video, it is a good one. You are right, once in awhile something of note comes out on the Bin. I even check Sorcha Fail once in awhile as he/she will come out with some buried truth but then turn around and twist it with outrageous reasoning.

    If you have not read them yet, I always highly recommend these two. They go a long way into explaining what happened in ancient history and WWII

    PM Shinzo Abe prays fervently at the Yasukuni Shrine wherein the millions of ancestor spirits of those who died whilst fighting for the divine Emperor during the Second World War are enshrined. Also, Japan’s most notorious war criminals are buried here. Abe swears that one day he will avenge the spirits of all those enshrined here.

    Glancing through the Shrine’s visitor book he smiles when he sees that several ruling Liberal Democratic Party members (LDP) have also signed it. His smile broadens even further when he is greeted by one of the Shrine’s priests – a close friend of the leader of the nation’s fastest growing doomsday cult, Sukyo Mahikari. Abe has a deep admiration for this occult cult and regularly sends his congratulations or a representative on their special occasions. Its founder, Yoshikazu Okada, was a great and powerful militarist who owned a huge munitions factory during the war. He was also a friend of the Imperial family, something that Abe hopes to achieve someday. In the meantime he can only fantasise about his divine supremacy calling by being photographed in his jet fighter plane. He knows that his days of glory will surely come just as, Yoshikazu Okada, the cult’s leader had his day in the sun as a military strategist during the glorious Nanjing incident (Rape of Nanjing)


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