Kundalini Awakening: The Sacred Spiritual Journey Guided By The Guru-Disciple Relationship

“When the disciple is ready,
the Master will appear.”

Shaktipat Diksha = Descent of Guru’s Grace

Cosmic Convergence Research Group


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It is said that the true spiritual journey is only
a distance of 3 & 1/2 feet.

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How can that be so when
Mount Kailas and the Bodhi Tree,
Jerusalem and Rome,
Mecca and Medina,
are located so far from
the countless spiritual aspirants
from all of the world’s major
religions who make pilgrimage?

The answer to this age-old question is at once mysterious and self-evident.

It is said that the day that one’s Kundalini is awakened — also known as Shaktipat Disksha — remains the greatest day of all the lifetimes that one has ever lived.

But how is it that the true spiritual journey is only a distance of three and half feet long?!

That’s because the only authentic spiritual path, which ends with the unbroken state of perfect Self-realization, begins in the Muladhara chakra located at the base of the spine of every human being.  It is there that the sacred and subtle coiled energy (3 & 1/2 coils to be exact), known as the Kundalini, begins its journey up the Sushumna nadi until it reaches the Sahasrara or Crown chakra.  That distance  — from the sacrum to the crown of the head — is only three and a half feet … on average.

Shiva and Shakti: Their Cosmic Dance and Universal Play of Consciousness

After all, it is the thousand-petaled lotus situated at the crown of the head where Shiva finally experiences the joyful reunion with His beloved Shakti.  That forever blissful union represents the complete fulfillment of Kundalini Yoga, although the yoga (which means “union” in Sanskrit) never ends, and only gets better.  Also known as the Brahmarandra, the Sahasrara then exudes a brilliant aura often depicted as a bright halo around the heads of the saints and siddhas of various religious traditions.


The Sushumna nadi is the primary subtle channel of an intricate system of imperceptible channels which interpenetrate the physical human body.  It runs from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the top of the head passing through all 7 main chakras.  It is the explicit purpose of the uncoiled Kundalini after Shaktipat Diksha to unfold a process of profound physical and spiritual transformation by cleaning out those subtle channels which collect so much stuff over countless lifetimes.

Because much of this purificatory process occurs outside of the realm of human perception, some seekers may be unaware that they have received such a divine initiation as Shaktipat. It can begin in an infinite number of ways, often starting with an irrepressible desire to know and understand, feel and experience the TRUTH.  This ardent pursuit of the TRUTH can take many forms and frequently affects every aspect of one’s life.

For instance, a truth-seeker may wake up one day and decide to become a vegetarian, stop watching TV and give up alcohol and cigarettes (It has been said that an addicted smoker can only proceed so far on the spiritual path).  A divinely initiated individual might also begin to delve deeply into the sacred scriptures of their religion by birth or those associated with Eastern spirituality. Some might even decide to quit an oppressive job and go back to school to pursue their dream, surprising even themselves. Others “follow their bliss” by making a pilgrimage(s) to holy sites and sacred places which have always beckoned them to come.

The one common denominator among every spitirtual aspirant who has received Shaktipat Diksha is that they have a yearning to know the TRUTH as well as a longing to experience the Highest Reality.  Their intuition has been sharpened so that they finally realize that there is much more to life than eating and sleeping, working and playing.  Such truth-seekers also find themselves in avid pursuit of the higher spiritual knowledge that will set them free.  In is then that they become open to a true Guru who possesses the vital wisdom and dispenses the grace necessary to walk such a challenging path.

Shaktipat Diksha: The Descent of Guru’s Grace

At the very moment of Shaktipat Diksha, the dormant Kundalini energy is awakened by Guru’s grace.  The awakened Kundalini is then guided by the same Guru over the course of the disciple’s entire sadhana (aka period of intense spiritual practice).  It is through the Guru’s compassion that Shaktipat Diksha is granted by way of their touch, their glance, their word or their long-distance grace.

Once the descent of grace takes place it begins to purify the human being, especially eradicating all of the samskaras which serve to keep the soul bound.  The samskaras are all of those negative physical habits, mental impressions, emotional patterns, psychological imprints, and spiritual misunderstandings which keep a seeker from experiencing the very highest … all the time.

The human body possesses 72,000,000 nadis through which the life-giving prana flows. These include the aforementioned Sushumna nadi, or main central channel, which sits as a column of light the whole length of the spine. The Pingala nadi and Ida nadi, which are located to the Sushumna’s right and left respectively, are the next most important nadis of this complex network of subtle channels.  The diagram below maps out all the major chakras and nadis for future reference.


Each one of the millions of nadis is systematically purified in the alchemical spiritual process known as Kundalini Yoga.  Also known as Mahayoga, this “great yoga” ultimately removes all the dross that has accumulated over countless lifetimes within the body and mind.  Eventually the sadhaka is transformed into a pure and empty vessel freed from so much physical debris and psychic detritus.  The body then becomes immaculate and resilient, strong and supple. In this way the spiritual aspirant is transformed into a perfect receptacle for the Guru’s ever-flowing grace.

Only a pure and empty vessel can hold Guru’s grace; hence, much of sadhana is spent purifying heart and mind, body and soul.
(Source: A longtime practitioner of Kundalini Yoga) 

Likewise, the antahkarana (collective term representing the 4 primary psychic instruments: ego, intellect, mind and memory) becomes continually purified by the active Kundalini Shakti.  The yogi-in-the-making is quite methodically liberated from every false concept and limiting emotion which held them back from perceiving the TRUTH.

Ultimately, this thorough and deep catharsis of both mind and body creates a whole new human being.  Only then is the truth-seeker fit enough to embark on the true spiritual quest that takes the seeker inward, not outward.  For it is said that all of the outer journeys are only a mere reflection of the greatest journey that a human being will ever take; the one which takes place within.  It is the Highest Self that resides in every human heart who beckons every spiritual aspirant to come back to their true home.

Spiritual Sadhana: The Highest Dharma of Every Human Being

The most significant result of the awesome workings of Kundalini Yoga is that the mind becomes still and quiet.  Only when the mind is completely silent and serene can it serve as the perfect instrument by which to experience the fullness and perfection of the Self. Herein lies the great mystery, the great conundrum of the spiritual path since time immemorial. For it is the extremely fickle and restless mind that takes the bound soul everywhere and anywhere over eons.  It is also the same endless pursuit of happiness that eventually takes the spiritual aspirant back to their original home in order that they may enter everlasting communion with the Supreme Self.


This beautiful representation of the thousand-petaled lotus quite nicely displays the type of visions that a seeker may experience on a true spiritual path.  Rapturous sounds and exquisite smells, ecstatic visions and euphoric states of consciousness await any aspirant who dares to take the first courageous step back to the Godhead.  However, this classic spiritual expedition can only happen under the guidance of an extremely proficient and experienced guide, particularly one who has successfully arrived at the final destination. Only when sadhana is performed in this fashion will there be no obstacles which cannot be overcome by the yogi.

The Sadguru (aka true Guru) guides the many mysterious movements and magical processes of the unfolding Kundalini Yoga until the disciple attains eternal God-realization.  Only by following the teachings and commands of the Guru will any individual soul be worthy of the most sublime and supreme spiritual attainment.  In other words, one can reach the ultimate goal of human life only by practicing the teachings and imbibing the wisdom of the Guru.  Only those who have permanently attained Self-realization can confer the same state upon their disciples.

Eternal God-realization? Perfect Self-realization?  What do these mean?

These terms represent the very same state of supra-consciousness which occurs when a disciple has reached the final end of their spiritual journey back to the Godhead — Supreme Consciousness.  When they have truly arrived through Guru’s grace, they are forever in communion with the Highest Power of the Universe.  They literally exist in constant communion with the Supreme Self, and experience a perpetual awareness of their own Divinity.  Deep peace, ever-new bliss and eternal joy are the hallmarks of this state that is also known as sahaja samadhi.

The Inner Self is the very same spark of Divinity that permeates the entire cosmos, especially each and every life form.  Therefore, when a jiva, or bound soul, becomes immersed in the awareness of the Oneness of all life, which sprang from the very same universal Consciousness, they become liberated.  The jivatman becomes Paramatman. Man becomes God. Disciple becomes the Guru. Devotee becomes the Lord. Human consciousness becomes Supreme Consciousness.

Sure this sounds way too far out to wrap one’s mind around.  That’s because the mind has been conditioned to believe things which are quite contrary to genuine spirituality.  True spiritual pursuit always takes the jivatman (or bound soul) from human bondage to divine freedom.  This can only be accomplished by an individual who has earned the grace of the Sadguru.


How does one earn the grace of the Sadguru?

It is said that when the karmas are balanced, the descent of grace comes like a lightning bolt … or a thunderclap … or even a pinprick.  The crucial point is that the good and bad actions over all previous lifetimes must be in such a balance that the soul is ripe to receive Shatipat Diksha.  According to THE YOGA OF KASHMIR SHIVAISM[1] by Swami Shankarananda, the status of one’s collective karmas reigns supreme in determining one’s fitness for Kundalini awakening.  Swamiji writes as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.19.14 PM

Then there is the essential longing of the heart for its true Beloved.  When a seeker arrives at a place on his or her spiritual journey whereby his yearning to know God, to experience the Divine, to live in a truly transcendental state beyond the normal mundane existence is so great, divine grace descends upon them.  For it is said that it is the disciples grace which is far more important in determining when a truth-seeker receives Shaktipat Diksha.  The Guru’s grace is always present and available to all, just as he Sun shines equally on everyone.  Hence, it is the grace of the seeker — there intense yearning to know God — that draws the grace of the Guru.

Caveat To Anyone Wishing To Awaken Kundalini Without Guru’s Grace 

Yes, it’s been done many times over millennia; however, attempting to awaken one’s own Kundalini without the direction of a Sadguru is a recipe for certain disaster.  Why? Because the human ego is simply incapable of making the spiritual journey on its own.  It does not possess the divine knowledge, the baked wisdom that only properly bakes in the oven of life experience, or right understanding about many subtle happenings, all of which are critical when walking the true spiritual path.  Most importantly, however, the impure ego lack humility and surrender.

Let’s face it, the true spiritual journey is no walk in the park.  In fact, it is the most arduous and challenging quest an incarnated soul will ever undertake.  The pilgrimage back to the cave of the heart — where the mind merges into the Highest Self and experiences perfect repose — is both long and difficult.  Only by following those who have themselves achieved the final attainment, can one even hope to accomplish this highest goal of human life.

Many egotistical aspirants speak of performing their own self-directed sadhana and doing everything on their own, or with the help of false gurus and inferior teachers.  All of their efforts will end in failure … after they experience much unnecessary pain and suffering. For there is nothing more discouraging and agonizing than walking down one wrong path after another.  Therefore, why not take the help of an expert way-shower — a Sadguru — from the very beginning of one’s journey?


Moral of the Story:  Self-realization is only granted by the Sadguru, after the disciple has passed many tests, overcomes many obstacles and proven him or herself worthy in every way.  No one has ever made it to the top of the mountain — Mount Kailas — without being a bona-fide Kundalini yogi.  Lord Shiva, the primordial Guru and Lord of Yoga, simply would not allow it, as it is His mountain.  His son, Lord Ganesh, might also throw in an obstacle or two to test any unqualified ‘mountain climbers’.

Test of one’s knowledge of the Self and current level of yogic understanding

The four great Vedic statements (aka the Mahāvākyas) provide the perfect test that will indicate just where a truth-seeker is on their path.  Each of The Great Sayings[2] from each of the four Vedas is pregnant with profound and timeless spiritual wisdom.  Such divine knowledge is a critical and indispensable aid when walking the spiritual path.  This is why each of the four Vedas have been succinctly distilled down to a single pithy sutra, so that they can be invoked and contemplated, consulted and assimilated when needed the most.

Anyone who can apprehend the true meaning of the following four great Vedic statements is surely on the path toward enlightenment.  Nevertheless, it is the imbibing of this scriptural yogic knowledge which reflects the true state of the yogi.  Living every moment of life as an embodiment of the sublime wisdom expressed by each statement is what separates great yogis from perfect Siddhas.

Mahāvākyas (Sanskrit: “Grand Pronouncement; Great Sayings”) — more specifically it refers to four Upanishadic quotations which affirm the reality of atman (the Self):
(1) Tat Tvam Asi, “That thou art”,
(2) Aham Brahmasmi, “I am Brahman”,
(3) Ayam Atma Brahma, “This Self is Brahman”,
(4) Prajnanam Brahma, “Consciousness is Brahman”.
The four statements indicate the ultimate unity of the atman (individual) with Brahman (Supreme Being).
(Source: Mahāvākya – वेद Veda

The following screenshot from the essay titled What Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science say about Meditation provides the specific Upanishad from which each Vedic statement comes from.  All four Vedas — the Rig, Atharva, Yajur and Sama — are each represented below and have been summarized by their respective Mahavakya.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 7.42.00 AM

Beware of False Gurus, Fake Yogis and Fraudulent Teachers

For every Sadguru (true Guru) there are hundreds of false ones.  Because we are living in what is perhaps the darkest and densest phase of the Kali Yuga, the power of falsehood is exceedingly strong.  There’s nothing wrong with that as it serves as a constant testing ground for every truth-seeker to sharpen their faculty of discrimination.  Truly, there is no greater friend on the spiritual path than the ability to discern between the real and unreal. Just as there is no greater threat to one’s advancement on the path than bad company. Hence, it is more than imperative to keep good company every step of the way.  For it is said that bad company will bring about the downfall of a yogi … guaranteed.

Only the perfect practitioner of the Siddha Science can sufficiently guide and direct the sadhana (spiritual practices) of a sadhaka (one who practices sadhana).  Therefore, the process of choosing one’s spiritual teacher is of paramount importance.  There are many who pose as masters of yoga and mentors of yogis who have not a clue.  However, the capacity for deceit and deception during this twilight period of the Kali Yuga is quite intense. The forces of self-deception are even greater, which is where the real problem lies, yes? Once a New Age teacher has sufficiently convinced themselves that they have actually arrived, who can possibly tell them otherwise.


One thing is for sure in this quest to find a true Guru; the false ones tell you what you want to hear; the real ones tell you what you need to hear.  The litmus test is really that simple; nonetheless, the vast majority of people would rather hear what they want to hear … to their great disadvantage.

There is an upside to this difficult aspect of walking a true spiritual path and that is this. That with every burn and betrayal, the aspiring yogi gets stronger and smarter.  They will especially sharpen their powers of discrimination so that when the real McCoy shows up — a living Sadguru — they will perceive their authenticity and will never let go.  That is the very silver lining in what can appear to be a rather dark cloud at times as one seeks out their spiritual master.


This post was written on Gurupurnima — July 31, 2015 — the day that the Sadguru is honored and worshipped for the extraordinarily benevolent role that they selflessly perform in the service of humanity.  We had no intention of writing this piece today but were motivated by our good friend at HERE COMES THE SUN.  It was his new post titled RAISING KUNDALINI which compelled us to address various issues concerning yoga and gurus which have been appearing with greater frequency on the internet.

Gurupurnima, the fullest full moon of the entire year, has been celebrated this year in a robust fashion and with great devotion in order to spread Guru’s grace around the globe.  This annual Hindu celebration honors all the great Gurus going back to antiquity.  Today, yogis on every continent prayed and meditated, chanted and fasted in order to send blessings to a world in chaos.  When things get so out of balance, as they are in 2015 just prior to the upcoming September Super Shemitah, there is only ONE way to reverse the downward spiral.

Yes, praying for God’s mercy and Guru’s grace is the ONLY way.  The challenges facing humankind are far too numerous and formidable to successfully meet except with the aid of Divine intervention. Likewise, the obstacles facing both the West and the East grow more daunting by the day. Therefore, it is really time to put our hands together, as a global society, in prayerful supplication.  Nothing short of deus ex machina will ease the planetary civilization through the eye of the needle known as the Super Shemitah, especially in light of what just occurred on July 1st.

Rare Jupiter-Venus Conjunction on July 1st Full Moon Augurs A Momentous September Super Shemitah

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
July 31, 2015


[1] THE YOGA OF KASHMIR SHIVAISM by Swami Shankarananda

[2] The Mahāvākyas — via BLISS OF HINDUISM


“When the disciple is ready, the Master will appear.”


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In reality Lord Shiva is a COSMIC FORCE FIELD,

Then NASA  gave a electric shock on the genitals of all these detractors.   NASA proved that this black meterorite stone indeed provided DNA ( seed of life ) on planet earth.


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5 Responses to Kundalini Awakening: The Sacred Spiritual Journey Guided By The Guru-Disciple Relationship

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  2. There is only one Master and it is the I within.


  3. https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com/ says:

    Well hello there Su Kelpyotter! I hope you are doing well.
    Yes we all have the small voice within that advises on what is right or wrong. (well most of us 🙂 That is far different than cosmic consciousness however. The trick is to awaken the power of the universe to access the akashic record of all past and present.

    Su correct we all have both a Goddess and a master within. I don’t know if you read this one, but if not I highly recommend it.


    Full version


    Best scientific analysis of Veda I have ever seen and I have known a few Mahatmas. I meditate off and on less over the years unfortunately. The difference in me and them is they saw my past and future. They were the embodiment of the old cliche, (there is no question without an answer).

    He mentions the book Gopi Krisna, I have read it also and it entails a partial awakening of his kundalini, not a full one. It was stuck in the wrong chakra for years and he contemplated suicide.

    “His Kundalini dropped back to Mooladhara Chakra and then he raised it again vide the correct Sushumna Nadi but still it did NOT reach his Sahasrara chakra.

    (Editors note: I too read this book many years ago.)

    What he describes are associated with a lower Ajna Chakra. Yes, he gained some powers like gaining spontaneous fluency in several European languages etc —

    Bear in mind that also was not a full awakening.

    — but then this is the DIRT UNDER THE FINGERNAIL of a sage who has raised it to his Sahasrara Chakra, and has harnessed the most powerful energy source on the planet.
    Note: Many people like Pandit Gopikrishna have experiences in meditation when they feel the shakti rising through the spinal cord from mooladhara to the brain. And they think WOW — we have raised the Kundalini.”

    I suppose there are a few cases where a few have raised kundalini by a spontaneous episode, I have never met one.

    We all like to think “I” can do this on my own but to be honest, it is a fools errand. By that I mean we are all made up of female and male, negative and positive energy, Shakti and Shiva in Vedic terms, the two most powerful forces in the universe. When they combine in the sky it produces lightning. When they combine in us it opens the crown chakra and unleashes the power of the
    universe …

    For the male in a temple he is introduced to a female monk called a Dakini. Why would one enter a fight with one hand tied behind them? In other words the male needs the female and the female needs the male. If not you are denying yourself one half of the universe in the quest for enlightenment. Yoga is not entirely about sitting quietly in meditation and chanting. But it takes some preparation, you can’t just walk into a temple and say hi I am tinker, I think I would like to raise my kundalini today! 🙂

    Dakini Teachings by several authors, by Padmasambhava (Author), Nyang-ral Nyima Ozer (Author), Yeshe Tsogyal (Author), Erik Pema Kunsang was translated into English and goes a long way in explaining this.

    Another great book is called “The Diamond Sutra and Sutra of Hui-Neng by Wong Mou-lam.

    But again, they are just books, one progresses by action.

    It is said that the true spiritual journey is only
    a distance of 3 & 1/2 feet.

    And dear SU may I remind you of an old cliche “skepticism taken to the extreme is just another form of delusion!”

    There is a reason that 99.9 percent of those who can access the akashic record are from the east and very rarely from the west. There of course was Rasputin but he himself was a product of the Siberian monasteries where tantric sex is well known to have been practices and the area itself is well known for shamans.

    Part of the commotion in the reign of Tsar Nicolas was the fact that women of nobility were lining up in front of Rasputin’s apartment for tantra. It caused quite a scandal!


  4. https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com/ says:

    SU in other words if you are going to learn to drive it is best to go to driving school. We can always say well I know how to drive, it is all within me, but it might lead to an accident.

    There are certain disciplines required of monks which are very demanding, such as the Buddhist horse stance, the ability to walk on your toes for long distances etc. These must be overcome to get near a dakini. I failed, but I understand the program pretty well. I am a little old now to go back into training.


  5. https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com/ says:

    I don’t normally respond to software programs but in this particular instance I will. I constantly get these type messages from



    I can’t let most of this get out of spam or I will wake up in the morning and see reams of such nonsense. On a one time basis for the purposes of entertainment, I will respond this time.

    “AND exactly how many reincarnations do we all have to experience before you put up some articles about NAZI Hitler’s HINDOO-NAZI High Priestess Savitri Devi? If you think she was a “fake” Hindu, a usurper of Hinduism, then one would think you’d want your readers to know the HINDU-NAZI High Priestess of Hitler doesn’t really, truly, represent Hinduism. Yet, you remain totally silent about her. If Hitler had a Catholic “High Priestess” you’d have articles about Hitler’s “Catholic High Priestess” every week — you know you would. You know it and I know it. So, how many reincarnations will it take for you to come clean about the HITLER’S NAZI-HINDU HIGH PRIESTESS”? 666 million reincarnations?

    I know you know a lot about Nazism, I know you know a lot about Hinduism, and I know you know a lot about Mohammedanism — even though you NEVER talk about it, not even one word about it*, and one wouldn’t even know Mohammedanism existed if one only had you as a source of info — I know you know a lot about Mohammedanism, you know all about it, including all the various sects, cults, and various schools of thought in Islam. My question :

    Considering how seamlessly the Nazis interweaved Hinduism and Mohammedanism together into the fabric of Nazism into a seamless whole, no seam, no line, between Hinduism and Mohammedanism in Nazism, alchemically fused together so adroitly, so to speak, there must be a place where Mohammedanism and Hinduism meet, a meeting place, a nexus point, a meeting place where Hinduism and Mohammedanism have things in common in their basic fundamental ontology, or metaphysics, or eschatology, somewhere in either the ontology and/or metaphysics and/or the eschatology in Hinduism and in Mohammedanism have some things in common.

    Otherwise, the Nazis would not have been able to fuse/sow Hinduism and Mohammedanism together into Nazism so seamlessly, without one line separating the two “religions”, making a third “religion” we call Nazism. What exactly is this meeting point of Hinduism and Mohammedanism? I know you know the answer, and I know you know the answer in pilpul detail. I always made fun of your “Fr. John” for being pilpul. But in all truth, pilpul doesn’t bother me at all. I actually like very detailed info, very detailed answers. [ I never told “Fr. John” that. I wouldn’t want to inflate your ego even more than it is naturally].

    I got side-tracked. So what is it that Hinduism and Mohammedanism have in common that the two were so adroitly sown into the fabric of Nazism, so seamlessly, without one even faint line between the two, as the two make up the major religious dynamics in Nazism, the two do so in concert and harmony. So there must be a meeting point of the two where the two have things in common, and the things in common must be profound [ profound just means deep, it does not mean “true” , as in “true” religion(s). ] I know you know the answer, and I know you can very easily answer my question in great detail, if you wanted to. Though you will never want to.”

    As for Savitri Devi, she was the daughter of Maxim Portas, a french citizen of Greek and Italian ancestry (Rome connection?)

    In the late 1930s, through her personal contacts, she enabled Subhas Chandra Bose (leader during World War II of the Axis-affiliated Indian National Army), to make contact with representatives of the Empire of Japan.[11]

    SS brigadier Karl Maria Wiligut (“Himmler’s Rasputin”), occultist in the SS-Ahnenerbe. He claimed to be in spiritual contact with Tibetan Lamaist monasteries.

    In short the SS-“Sturmbannführer” Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946), an Austro-Hungarian colonel (was locked up in a psychiatric clinic in 1924-1927)

    Much of this is too bizarre to go into but I will leave you this.


    Japan expert, geopolitician and Deutsche Akademie President Karl Haushofer. He emphasised the appropriateness of Shinto state fascism as a model for National Socialism.

    The Himalayas were a key objective for Nazi mountaineers.
    What did Nazi ideologues look for in Japan and what did they find?

    Japanese Samurai war philosophy (Bushido) fascinated the SS. Himmler wrote the foreword for a brochure on Samurais, 52,000 copies of which were distributed throughout the SS.
    A variety of themes connected to the Samurai tradition were discussed within the SS.

    German Japanologists and Japanese scholars of German culture made “theological” comparisons between the National Socialist “Führer principle” and the Shinto belief of “imperial divinity”.
    The German protagonists of Zen Buddhism, Eugen Herrigel and Karlfried Dürckheim, tried to bind together Zen philosophy and National Socialism.

    So for real Guiseppe and Foghorn there is the Shinto connection and doesn’t have a lot to do with Hinduism.



    The Japanese managed to attract thousands of Jews, especially from National Socialist Germany from 1938 onwards. The Japanese army officer and diplomat Kiichiro Higuchi was instrumental in issuing passes to Jewish refugees. Higuchi would later play a role in the ill-fated Japanese invasion of the Aleutian islands during World War II, the only Japanese occupation of American soil.

    Jews were already living in Manchuria, and the Jewish community was bolstered by the influx of thousands of Jewish settlers. The dominant culture among Jews in Manchuria was the ideology of Zionist racialist Ze’ev Jabotinsky, which was thoroughly militarist. Jews created a militia, the so-called Betar, and paraded in full uniform and with flags through the streets of the Manchurian capital of Harbin (see here, p. 52). The Jews would prove to be willing middlemen in the Far East, unlike other Europeans who were put in concentration camps to work, often dying from starvation, sickness or pure exhaustion. Jews were willing to support the Japanese war cause, announcing in a Jewish-Japanese conference in 1940 that they would help to build the New Order in East Asia. Special prayers were reserved for the welfare of the Japanese emperor by the rabbi of Tientsin (see Herman Dicker, Wanderers and Settlers in the Far East [Twayne Publishers 1962] p. 59).


    In 2004 the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visited the grave of his father in Harbin on an official state visit to the People’s Republic of China. Nowadays the Chinese are looking for good relations with the state of Israel, but after World War II the Jews who had not left yet were expelled from China after the conclusion of the Chinese civil war in 1949. Chairman Mao banned the Jewish religion from the registration of cults in China. It was the only officially banned religion.

    Time has apparently faded the Chinese memory of the Jewish complicity with Japanese occupation of Chinese territory and their war crimes, like the mass experimenting of chemical (and biological) agents in Manchuria, the exploitation of slave-labor causing millions to die, and the brutal cultural and political oppression of Chinese. World War II in China (1937–1945) cost the lives of at least 20 million Chinese civilians, most deliberately killed in scenes like the Nanking Massacre or the sanko sakusen (The “Three Alls Policy”: loot all, kill all, burn all).



    So much for Savitri Devi


    Foghorn and the boys are being overly generous because I do not know a whole lot about Islam but I do know a few things.

    The Dome of the rock is where the prophet is said to have ascended to heaven.

    Further elaboration on this. The rocks are meteorites!


    In short the insane versions of Islam being practiced in the some areas of the mideast mostly result from the Donmeh Wahabbis who were established there by the crown and organized under Donmeh jews who still rule the kingdom.

    What do I know about Islam. Muhammad never murdered anyone. I do believe him to be a prophet. He forbade lying and treachery. The concept of taqiyya has no basis in Islam.

    Did he marry a 13 year old girl? He probably may have and it is a practice I might add that is legal in the present day west. Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin. This is not a practice I am in favor of however.

    Muhammad never used force to convert anyone to Islam and never advocated it. He fought in Medina to avoid annilation. He taught complete freedom of religion. Neither the Qur’an nor records of his sayings indicate anything other than this.

    He never advocated attacking caravans, before him Arab rules of war were anything goes, women, children, farms and the animals were all subject to the sword which he forbade. He never advocated any virgins in heaven for fighting. No Quranic verse mentions female mutilation.

    The prophets meditations on mount Hira are not recorded, at least no one knows about it if they were. If I had to wager a guess, he practiced Raja yoga, he had been in Syria many times. Whether he did or not is unknown, just as it is unknown that Jesus practiced the same. That was pretty much the standard of the era before the Rothschild and east India company partition of the indian subcontinent.

    My guess is he taught the same things as Jesus and real Islamists look upon Jesus as a prophet also. And here again we come full circle as to what Jesus taught.


    So yes there is much room to debate as to what Jesus taught as well as Muhammad. I wouldn’t go with the mainstream version of either one.

    Sufism once again recognizes the divine female and refers to the female as the creator. His book Fusûs al-hikam, in the last chapter, relates that man’s supreme witnessing of Allâh is in the form of the woman during the act of sexual union. He writes, “The contemplation of Allâh in woman is the highest form of contemplation possible: So yes tantra seems to exist in some forms of Islam.

    I can’t say definitely because frankly I don’t know a lot about Islam. All I can tell you is truth is truth in whatever religion you find it in. And caveat emptor, truth is in the eye of the beholder.

    But if one is interested in the horror stories the British, Rothschilds and Wahabbis visited on India, Capt Ajit is one of the best.



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