Glory To The Aggressor: Ukraine Calls On Russia To Avoid Power Grid Blackout Which Could Involve Meltdowns Of Some 19 Nuclear Power Plants


If there are a bigger bunch of idiots on the planet other than Ukrainians, I don’t even want to hear about them. They use the wrong kind of fuel from Westinghouse and the plants were not made for this. Ukrainians are trying to “convert them over!” Of course Russia is helping, a nuclear meltdown would not only be catastrophic for them but for Europe and Russia as prevailing winds would carry the carnage in all directions. You can’t make this stuff up.
Ukraine requests emergency help from “the aggressor”

By eugenpr

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Ukraine requested 900 MW of emergency help due to the shortage of generating power in its electrical system. TASS was informed of this request by a source in Ukrenergo.

“There’s an agreement covering such transfers. We were forced to make the request in order to avoid emergency black-outs,” the source said.

It was reported earlier that Ukriane’s most powerful power station in Uglegorsk (Donetsk Region, property of the state firm Tsentrenergo) halted power generation last night. Repairs are also being conducted on a number of other power stations. In addition, one of the 1000 MW generators at the Zaporozhye power station has suffered damage and is undergoing emergency repairs.

According to Yurasumy, these problems which nearly caused the collapse of Ukraine’s power grid have a number of causes. One of them is the effort to convert Ukrainian nuclear power plants to US fuel.

Here’s what yurasumy writes:

“Tonight, as if on command, the 2nd block of the Ladyzinsk power station (250 MW) and the 1st block of Zaporozhye power station (300 MW) were shut down. One of the emergency power transfer central transit points between Western Ukraine and the rest of the country located in Vinnitsa broke down a bit earlier. Automatic safeguards shut it down.

These were “spontaneous” events. But there were also 100% man-made factors behind them. In the morning of 27 July SOMEONE (we won’t say who) fired ten shells at the main Uglegorsk substation which immediately deprived the grid of 880 MW, which led to an overall deficit of 2.8 gigawatts.

Fortunately it was early morning and the energy use was still below peak. But only 2-3 hours separated Ukraine from rolling blackouts. Therefore the decrepit Ukrainian power grid STARTED PUTTING EVERYTHING ON LINE. They even fired up the Slavyansk station which has enough coal for 1.5 days, and even that for only one of its blocks. It seemed that an embarrassing collapse was unavoidable.

But then a neighbor came to help. The northern neighbor. Nobody called it that for a long time–usually it’s “Rashka,”, “aggressor”, etc., but not a neighbor. But that’s how the Energy Minister Vladimir Demchishin called it today–“northern neighbor”. It provided the critically needed 900 MW without asking any questions.”

So now what? Glory to the Aggressor?




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