Deadly Quake Expected to Strike California Bay Area ‘Any Day Now’ -Trump The Talking Toupee-Ukraine GUV Enjoying 2.8 Rating-Merke Popularity Lower Than The Weimar

US geophysicists are forecasting a devastating earthquake may be in store for the Hayward Fault, after a smaller temblor shook the area Tuesday night.


The Hayward Fault, spanning from San Pablo Bay to Fremont in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, is now expected to produce a major earthquake, scientists from the US Geological Survey claim. A relatively minor 4.0-magnitude quake rattled the city of Fremont Tuesday night.


We’re very conflicted about Mr. Trump. On the one hand, he recognizes that the United States should stop pretending to be the hegemonic and infallible policy decider for the entire world — which is “nice”. On the other hand, he’s an insufferable moron.

On another hand, Donald Trump makes for exquisite headlines. On one more hand (we’re imagining a many-limbed Hindu goddess weighing the pros and cons of Donald Trump, now), Donald represents everything that is wrong with America.



Until the maidan I never really understood just how screwed up the Ukraine really was

Apparently Yats is not “our guy”-Tales of the Kaganate

The Ukraine government has a popularity rating of 2.8%


Is it time for the gas princess?


Pit John

Merkel is going over like a lead balloon in the fatherland.

“I fear that the German government, including its social democratic faction, have gambled away in one night all the political capital that a better Germany had accumulated in half a century.”

She is about as popular as Charles Manson

Helter Skelter





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