Crazy Jerry Brown Of California Is Going To Criminalize Adults Who Refuse Vaccinations-The State Is The 8th Largest GNP And A Major Agricultural Hub-Taking It Down Is Crucial To Agenda 21



Gov. Jerry Brown

Headlines recently blared that Governor Brown = “Corporate Fascist”

From the looks of crazy Jerry’s nose you have to wonder if he was in a Texas style steel cage, taped fist fight to the finish with John “lurch” Kerry.


I don’t think there is any doubt that disassembling California is integral to agenda 21. They want people to leave there. You know when the water table is poisoned due to fracking, you have to leave.

Brown is under a furious recall petition there due to the vaccine issue and geoengineering, among other reasons. Illegal immigration is also a factor.

Groups Joining Forces To Form Grassroots Organization to Remove Brown From Office Before California ‘Crashes and Burns’

by Californians Determined To RECALL Governor Jerry Brown
11 Point APB: Governor Brown’s Biggest Blunders
• Gross Mismanagement of California Drought
• Signing of Draconian Child Vaccine Law
• Mishandling of Illegal Immigration, Encouragement of Illegal Aliens
• Failure to Address Ongoing CPS Child Abuse
• Support of Fracking in Spite of Earthquakes and High Water Usage
• Neglecting State’s Ancient Water Infrastructure
• Refusal to Address Antiquated System of Water Rights
• Pushing Costly High-speed Rail Link Between LA and San Francisco
• Failure to Acknowledge Statewide Geoengineering via Chemtrails and HAARP
• Gratuitous Promotion of LGBTTTT Agenda and Hollyweird Depravity
• Inept and Ineffective Response to the Santa Barbara Oil Spill

Russia by the way does not use chemtrails and has banned GMO. Several years ago they also began manufacturing their own vaccines. What do they know that you do not know?



Because California was established as the premier agricultural state of the nation, its importance to the food security of the USA cannot be overstated. It also represents the 8th largest economy in the world, thereby making its HUGE contribution to the GDP both overwhelmingly significant to the economic health of this country and, therefore, incapable of being ignored. Except that it has been ignored … consistently and quite incredibly, by both the U.S. Federal Government and the State Government of California.

And yet in spite of this indisputable evidence, he has never responded to those parties who have provided the volumes of scientific research showing how it was geoengineered. The soil samples alone have revealed shocking levels of aluminum, barium and strontium. Each of these chemical elements just happens to be the major components of the standard chemtrail mix which is sprayed daily across the skies of America.

Was the California drought geoengineered to pass future ‘climate change’ legislation?

What appears to be the case is that the geoengineers quite deliberately took advantage of a natural cyclical global warming phase which they observed from the indisputable scientific data going back many decades. They then cooked up a scheme to purposefully exacerbate the warming by way of various geoengineering techniques and technology. Because of the historical realities, they were then able to claim that much of global warming was directly due to anthropogenic causes. Yeah, they knew they were partly responsible; however, we just don’t know how much warming is due to geoengineering, how much is nature-driven (e.g. natural methane releases), and how much is the anthropogenic (e.g. industrial carbon emissions).




SB792: Mandatory Adult Vaccines Coming to California or GO TO JAIL!

Experimental Vaccines

Kenny Valenzuela breaks down the latest in California’s medical tyranny. First it was SB277 mandating vaccines for children; now it’s Senate Bill 792 – mandatory adult vaccinations. No personal exemptions and criminal penalties for failure to comply.

With 300 new vaccinations coming in the next 6 years, it seems like a good time for Big Pharma and its allied political leaders to eliminate all opt-outs.



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7 Responses to Crazy Jerry Brown Of California Is Going To Criminalize Adults Who Refuse Vaccinations-The State Is The 8th Largest GNP And A Major Agricultural Hub-Taking It Down Is Crucial To Agenda 21

  1. Terrance says:

    Governor Brown has come along way since his early days of almost becoming a Jesuit Priest. I’ve had a chance to interact with him and he is very focused and a bit of an automoton!


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    Hi Terrance

    Ha Ha can we be sure he did not become a jesuit priest?

    Old Koba was pretty crafty also

    Stalin was trained by Jesuits while in the Tiflis Orthodox Seminary in Georgia—openly admitted by “Koba” himself to journalist and Masonic Jew Emil Ludwig (Cohen).

    4. Of publishing a false statement for the purpose of concealment of status: (1900 to present day) That the Catholic Church, more specifically the Jesuit Order has maintained countless false statements and documents pertaining to the status of Joseph Stalin. That Fr. Joseph Stalin S.J. was a trained, dedicated and fully ordained Catholic priest of the Jesuit order, who was recruited for a historic mission in his final year at the seminary in 1899. That in addition to failing to recognize Fr Joseph Stalin S. J. Furthermore, that the Jesuit Order did permit Fr Stalin to marry not once but twice, while remaining a fully ordained priest. That for his entire life until his death, there is no indication that Fr Joseph Stalin S. J. was ever defrocked as a priest.

    Fidel Castro was born in the village of Brian in Cuba on August 13, 1926 into a rich family, the son of Angel Castro, who was a Spanish immigrant, and his cook Lina Ruz Gonzalez. In his early life Fidel Castro went to Jesuit schools and from there he attended the Jesuit preparatory school Colegio Belen in Havana.

    The Gay Fidel Castro-Jesuit Trained

    Does nobody here appreciate my sense of humor ….. (cougar Demi Moore)?


  3. Dublinsmick says:


  4. Terrance says:

    Politically Cali is an unsustainable mess…there is no voting our way out of this! The system is rigged and only when people’s bellies or pocket books are totally aching will change finally come about.


  5. wellss says:

    California physicians, if they go along with this, are just as traitorous and corrupt as any of the politicians. You also just know that this is only the beginning. Soon vaccines or flu shots will be mandatory for any sort of employment; for anyone receiving public assistance; boarding a plane, seeing a physician, etc. When my sister was rushed to the Emergency Room at a CA hospital recently, she was not allowed entrance until she received a flu shot. Her husband was not allowed to accompany her unless he also took the shot. It had nothing to do with protecting my sister or other patients. It had to do with the hospital getting extra funding for each flu vaccine they administered. Kaiser Hospital.


  6. Dublinsmick says:

    Hi wellss
    I never dreamed we would see anything like we are seeing today.

    In fact Germany caught giving a different form of vaccine to government officials and the military than what was crammed into the civilian population.

    Thousands Of Young Girls With Severe Brain Damage And Infertility WorldwideIn “Jim Stone Freelance-Thousands Of Young Girls With Severe Brain Damage And Infertility Worldwide”

    Jim Carrey: California’s ‘Fascist’ Governor Must Be Stopped on Vaccinations

    60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child


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