Shishkabobalulu And The Chattanooga Choo Choo

From 2009:

“Johnny Person has warrants in Walker County, Ga. and Chattanooga. Investigators say Person ran from narcotics officers from a home on Straight Gut Road in Rock Spring. Person was living with Gina Mule, who was also charged. Officers say during the search they seized a large amount of pot under a baby’s mattress.”

Gina Mule has also lived in Chattanooga according to Intelius.

Fast forward to July 2015:
1 day ago – Gina Mule, a witness to the tragic shooting in Chattanooga,
Tennessee, speaks with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about the shocking event.

Same Gina, same face as in the crime stoppers link. So this is how they get their witnesses.

The flat as a pancake Chattanooga “killer” run over by the choo choo on track 29.



News reports of the July 16 shootings in Chattanooga Tennessee already provide some curious features that warrant close scrutiny. Perhaps unsurprisingly, complete oversight of the shooting investigation has been turned over to the FBI. Also, the Israeli-linked SITE Intelligence Group is involved in providing the news frame for alleged shooter Muhammed Youssef Abdulazeez.


For over a decade now the FBI has been busy creating phony terror events throughout the US to provide the semblance of a discernible enemy in the “war on terror,” as investigative reporter Trevor Aaronson has documented. This has proven immensely lucrative for the Western military-intelligence-media complex.


ISIS Fraud Exposed! Leaked Video Appears to Show Staged Killing of James Foley


SITE Intelligence Now Wagging Chattanooga Shooting Doggie




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One Response to Shishkabobalulu And The Chattanooga Choo Choo

  1. Kelley says:

    Oh mY gosh she was “frozen” just like Scarlet Lewis at Gene Rosen’s house in Sandy Hook. Lots of frozen people around.


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