German Fuhrer Merkel Loses It Over Greek Bank Bailout


Lucifer demands the project go on.

Bribe them, they must be made slaves like the Americans

Make their kids go without shoes

Threaten their politicians

How quickly can we starve them I want to see their bones sticking out

I want their heads on poles, their women weeping







Whose your daddy





This documentary exposes the fraud. What is more interesting is the way the politicians and banksters writhe and squirm under questioning and claim to have no knowledge of where all these billions have gone.

Great documentary.
German media rants on about having to save the lazy Greeks, when it was the Greeks that bailed out the Germans………er, pass the sick bag, I’m about to throw up.





Whose Your Daddy?


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3 Responses to German Fuhrer Merkel Loses It Over Greek Bank Bailout

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Started to watch that utube video “The secret bank bailout”. 50 minutes is too long now but saving it for later. Yes, all those bankers squirm and never answer the question, except to answer in generalities. Don’t suppose they actually know, anyway? They just know, not to point the finger in a specific direction. Cheers Jamie.


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    They give a few billion to the Greek coffers but 90% goes to pay banker loans, that is about the gist of it. I am looking for riots to start in Greece any time. The Greeks have certainly amazed me over the years. There is some amazing footage of Greeks in the streets setting riot police on fire with molotov cocktails.

    These people are serious!

    Greek homeless dog defends the greeks who feed him.


  3. hirundine608 says:

    Yup, see my comment on another of your posts … Cheers Jamie.


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