Billionaire George Soros is the darling of the new Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, it has emerged.

In interviews given to the mainstream media, Varoufakis  — “a guest analyst for news media like the BBC, CNN, Sky News, Russia Today and Bloomberg TV” according to Wikipedia — has praised Soros proposals for solving the euro crisis.

Varoufakis seems to completely ignore the fact that the billionaire hedge funder has a clear conflict of interest in solving the euro crisis in as far as Soros has  had so many opportunities for becoming so very rich from it.

In fact, Soros does not offer the solution to the euro crisis,  or even a partial solution as Varoufakis suggests, just a blind alley.

The real solution is something that Soros and Varoufakis keep silent about. And that is why they both seem to be given so much air time on the increasingly discredited mainstream media.

Even IMF economists agree that the solution to the euro debt crisis  involves switching back from privately issued money to government issued money, specifically by implementing the Chicago Plan Revisited. They just don’t get much media coverage.

No mention of the privatised money system and private central bank by Varoufakis, who is, also, interestingly enough, a visiting professor in economics at the University of Austin, Texas.

Austin is yet another university which has benefitted from Soros money.

And Austin, Texas, is also the home of CIA agent Alex Jones Infowars, which carries regular reports on the privatised Federal Reserve.

How come the hip new finance minister of Syriza has completely missed the debate about privitised money and the fractional reserve money system raging throughout the USA?

Could it be because he was too busy working for a Microsoft spin off Valve in his spare time?

Or been working through the backlog of work from his time as economic advisor to Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou?

The inclusion of Varoufakis in the Syriza  cabinet makes one wonder whether Greece being set up for total economic collapse under a false flag Soros-controlled finance minister followed by Ferguson-style social unrest, paving the way for a bankster-controlled military dictatorship  in the familiar dialetic of radical right follows radical left.

For sure, Syriza could have found a genuinely fresh and well informed economist to implement the switch to public money. It doesn’t need a tainted old pony and media star like Varoufakis.

Another strange figure in the Syriza cabinet is Panos Kammenos, the new defence minister, who received the  Order of Knight of the National Order of Merit from the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, no less. Kammenos is another pony who has performed his tricks on the political stage in Greece since Sophocles.

Not content with funding the Ferguson rioters to the tune of 33 million dollars in one year alone, Soros has also spurred the Greek  protest movement through funding Vouliwatch, a Greek political website which mobilizes the grass roots to lobby parliament.

American readers are familiar with the concept of controlled opposition having been entertained by the sock puppets Ron and Rand Paul. And it was a Texan who tipped me off on the links which suggest Syriza is a Soros-funded fake opposition. Thanks, Tom.

New Greek Finance Minister is wealthy from JP Morgan and BlackRock, say Greek media

Surprise! Euclid Tsakalotos’s wife is economist Heather D. Gibson, who advises the Bank of Greece….

From Wikipedia:

One opposition newspaper published on the front page criticism reasoning that Tsakalotos own family wealth came from the same sort of investments in companies as made by financial institutions JP Morgan and BlackRock.[3]

Gibson is an English surname, not a Scottish or an Irish surname.

My great grandfather went to Blackrock College in Ireland, and from what I understand, he would not have tolerated the antics of BlackRock and Euclid Tsakalotos for a minute.


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