PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion


PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion

by Miles Mathis

This paper is by request. One of my regular readers asked me my opinion of the Protocols, and I thought it was time I had one. Up until today, I didn’t. I can see why my readers would wish for an opinion on this, and assume I had one, especially considering my recent paper on Karl Marx—which sort of plays right into the theme of the Protocols. But although I have long known of the Protocols, I have never really studied them. I think today was the first time I read them all the way through. Some will think this makes me a naif, but I just think it allows me to look at them with a fresh eye. Either way, as usual I will come down on a third side. I think I will be able to say some things about them that aren’t usually said, which is the only excuse for adding to the literature on any subject.


For a grin, I will tell you exactly what my reader said when requesting this paper. He said,


If there’s one person on the planet I trust to do an honest review of that, it’d be you. Figured I’d mention it. Keep up the awesome work in the service of truth.


So here goes. The usual argument concerning the Protocols seems to be concerning their authenticity. The promoted mainstream opinion is that they are a hoax and a forgery. Others find them genuine. Although I will choose a side here, I don’t think that is the most important question. Even “forged” documents can be interesting, provided that they contain some amount of truth. We will see how much truth the documents contain, and where that truth leads us.


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9 Responses to PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion

  1. kznwatch says:

    Dublinsmick, In case you need more info, you can check out an e-book by Douglas Reed — He was an amazing and highly respected for his accurate account of history — You probably know of him. — its 395 pages — so truly a book, but an astonishing read — more like a historical account from the beginning. From Chapter 24 onwards, Reed begins his discussion on what lead to the Protocols, which gazillions had been spent on to suppress, when a Russian actually translated it first into English.
    I had a doc somewhere, which stated that The Protocols was actually authenticated, but will have to search for it and on finding it, will post you a link to it.


  2. kznwatch says:

    Sorry for typos above! You can also check Reed’s book out here:
    Might be an easier read — print etc..


  3. That would be interesting, post it when you find it.


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