The Pus Filled Alternative News



It is time we spoke frankly, the so called alternative news these days reminds me of a Koba quote, ‘Koba’ was what Stalin the jesuit priest is famous for, in order to control the opposition, you must become the opposition.’


When Time does a bait and switch, they pretty much know who they are talking about.

Is it a prerequisite that we must receive news from jews who claim they don’t like jews or zionism very much? To me it is proof positive that higher ranking jews in the order of the jesuits are ready to throw the untermenschen under the bus or at least force them to move to Palestine or the Dnieper.

It is not that some of these sites do no have valid information for struggling Americans to negotiate, I sometimes link to them myself. However it must be said that what they fail to mention is more telling than what they present.

That seems to be the case with Mike Rivero, Rense, Yitzak Shamir, Giliad Atzmon, Henry Makow, Gordon Duff and a host of others. I mean we have an all world jewish coterie in the Ukraine backed up by what is presented anyway as Banderista nazis supporting Porky, Yulia, Kolomoises and Ratsenyuk.  What is wrong with this picture? Actually it is the same thing that shaped up under our Little Corporal that nobody wants to talk about. Most of the blogs mentioned here seem to slap each other on the back and seem interconnected. One of the better blogs out there, aangirfan, none of them link it.


Mike Rivero is insists there is no climate change and no sea level rise. Islands are being abandoned due to rising seas and climate change. Miami is having waves in the streets due to the ever enlarging king tides. Does this guy own a condo in Miami? Who are you going with, Rivero or the Inuit?


Are the beaches disappearing or are they not. It is all pretty simple. It is either happening or it is not.









Rense is probably the best of the bunch but many important stories are buried under an avalanche of extraneous nothing. Isn’t it time to talk more about who is printing the money and the Black’s law book of exactly who owns America. You know that is the one the courts actually go by. You are not a party to the constitution and have no rights. There are some legalese buried in the constitution which show without a doubt that the masons who constructed it gave control to the City of London and the Vatican.


Americans are mercenaries for the hegemon, (the man behind the curtain) it is just that simple regardless whether or not Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts wants to blame everything on Washington. Perhaps it would be great if the Clintons and Bush family began interbreeding. It would save us the cost of all these expensive elections.

Henry Makow at times presents some decent information but is more concerned with drilling the goyim with the fact the numbers were real in the holocaust. Sure Henry!

Gordon Duff, who claims to have been “former CIA contractor” says 40% of what he says is a lie and he does it to “stay alive”. Sure Gordon. His wife used to work on VT. She is nurse who pushes vaccines. Many of my posts were deleted and I was informed I was part of the problem due to my confused beliefs. What about all the autistic children? They dismissed the one writer over there worth listening too. Jim Fetzer. Then there is Jimmah Dean, who says he doesn’t like links as they conflict with the flow of the post! Say what? Apparently we are all not brothers trying to inject some truth in a tsunami of lies. You go with the party line or you are gone!

Unfortunately we see more with Lasha Darkmoon, who doesn’t like links either. She claims to be a Polish catholic, LOL standing up for the goyim and defending her “white inheritance.” I was told to keep all of my links on my own blog after several comments about John Kaminsky, Carolyn Yeager and Spingola, (selling those books) who just can’t get enough of Hitler and his war for Blut Und Boden, “Blood and Soil.” She actually went all to pieces on her blog when I mentioned that the corporal who built all those roads, put a chicken in every pot and just might have been a Rothschild. They are all writing books about Hitler and it is not nice to question the status quo. In fact Kaminsky calls me psychotic. I made the mistake of accepting his emails at one time and lost several I.Q. points. He urges followers to “do something about the jews”. It is almost like he is trying to urge followers to drive their car through a bank window. He apparently has visions of Poland recapturing part of the Ukraine and returning to glory. I suggest he get his passport in order and join the Banderistas who are short on manpower. He of course doesn’t believe there is a God either. This is a telltale tip off of nazi ideology.

Then we have the Dog Poet, (More Smoke Than Mirrors) who tells me people are tired of my trash. He pushes the line that the catholic church is a benevolent organization with a few pedophile priests. I at one time linked him until he informed me that many of my links meant nothing. Yeah sure Les. The love shown for the Hare Krishna on that site is well, what can you say. It is a masonic organization and we should hear from some of the followers who indicate they have heard followers say such things as “we have to knock off early, have a Bar Mitzvah to attend.” I can’t shake the impression that some of the voices he hears may be satellite to skull. In fact I have to wonder at times if he has a high tech office in the vatican. At any rate I have noticed most of the old timers on his site have vanished and there is a new crew aboard, all glowing and ready to defend their guru.

Then there is the insignificant, obscure and forgettable Beulahman, a closet fascist who plays into the familiar stereotype of southerners in general who while making glowing comments on my blog flits around the internet leaving disparaging contents about it. I have probably left a few out here, I will come back and update it later.

And then there is Beforeitsnews. The only way to get banned there is present them with facts. I was banned for one year! LOL With all of the insane rambling there, facts are not needed.

I am not selling any books or records, I do not want or need your donations for this free wordpress blog

Blogs I would recommend and not all listed here, you can find them on the sidebar. Some of the better ones at the moment have taken a break from blogging.

Cosmic Convergence Only due to Rixon Stewart who I link to from time to time) See Link…/climatedenial-plain-and-simple-feds-approve-shells- arctic-drilling-plan/
May 11, 2015 “Not only does it put the Arctic’s pristine landscapes at a huge risk for oil spills and industrial development but it’s utterly incompatible with ……/study-major-funders-of-climate-change-denial-identified/
Dec 23, 2013 A study by Drexel University has identified the major sources of funding for climate change denial. Some of the names are all too familiar such ……/report-tobacco-style-climatedenial-greenpeaces-dealing- in-doubt/
Sep 10, 2013 REPORT: Tobacco-style Climate Denial – Greenpeace’s “Dealing in … new version of its “NIPCC” or “climate change reconsidered” report next ……/is-charles-koch-funding-climate-science-denial-in-florida- state-university-economics/
Apr 9, 2014 Mr. Barron is being celebrated for his expertise in climate science as he cycles into his new position at Penn State (which also gets money from ……/the-secrets-of-climatedenial-funding-blanche-lincoln-top -recipient/
Mar 30, 2010 Guess which Democrat in the Senate is the only one to receive money from the biggest funder of anti-climate regulations? Yupe its our favorite ……/warming-up-the-climate-change-denial-crowd/
Sep 27, 2009 Get ready: looks like the Right is gearing up for its next fight – trying to debunk the “myth” of climate change. They already have their figurehead: ……/president-obamas-climate-science-denial-and-his-insane- marijuana-policy-spark-refinery-fire/
Aug 10, 2012 President Obama’s Climate-Science Denial and His Insane Marijuana Policy Spark Refinery Fire — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”).…/cognitive-dissonance-is-fueling-conservative-denial/
Apr 30, 2011 … reject the indisputable, scientific consensus that human activity is altering the climate. Why are conservatives, despite the mounting evidence, ……/fdl-book-salon-welcomes-james-hoggan-climate-cover- up-the-crusade-to-deny-global-warming/
Dec 6, 2009 I was reminded of this old joke when reading Jim Hoggan’s book “Climate Cover- Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming” on the campaign ……/leading-climate-change-skeptic-bjorn-lomborg-taking- koch-money/
Jun 26, 2014 Leading Climate Change Skeptic Bjorn Lomborg Taking Koch Money … pushed millions into organisations promoting climate science denial …


Now taking another look at our Austrian Thunderbolt, Adolf the Shepard Wolf who had such a historical impact in shaping history for the last 75 years including managing to have Germany bombed into the stone age, at least 130 million people murdered, Germany partitioned, Dresden fried, establishing the state of Israel with Billions in German taxpayer money heading south as well as submarines. Let’s see who is getting it right.


Rabbi Marvin Antelman

David Irving

Pope Eugenio Pacelli’s Fuhrer



The Tavistock Agenda

Exposing the Realities…

Hitler loved that famous pyramid sign that Merkel is famous for. As one guy on the forum says, “I have a creepy feeling this is all true.”

Jeff Rense even gets on board with the spymaster!


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2 Responses to The Pus Filled Alternative News

  1. Andre says:

    Actually, both sides of the global warming theory use standard propaganda techniques, creating statistics to prove their point. Climate always is in flux (Greenland was not named out of wishful thinking). Given the ongoing Geoengineering, we really have no idea what the climate is doing naturally. Arctic Ice is at it’s highest level in 8 years, or is it disappearing? Greenland is melting away, or is it at a historically low rate of melt? The temperature globally is constantly rising, or has it remained stable since 1998 (the hottest year I ever experienced in SoCal, but now the historical record has been adjusted downwards). During the Climategate scandal in Britain, hackers released the code for the climate models that predicted there would be no such thing as snow by now. I downloaded that code, and dedicated a computer to cracking the password. A week later, I was reading said code. A retired programmer, I knew what to look for, and quickly found the data manipulation tricks that I used when working as a corporate clone. Higher historical temperatures were decreased and lower recent temperatures moved upwards, to give the impression of a smooth climb upwards to a Venus like atmosphere. This is euphemistically called “data smoothing”. Both sides of the argument pick and choose their examples. I ascribe to the solar-driven model of our climate. Even the carbonazis are admitting that the quiescent Sun may lead to lower temperatures in the short term. Falsified data and Soviet-style science are the norm. The alternative climate site “Watts Up With That” refuses to allow discussion of Chemtrails or Geoengineering, without which all discussion of climate is meaningless bullshit. On the Left, we have the social engineers who discussed using climate as a reason for de-industrialization decades ago. On the Right, we have those like the Koch Brothers who care only about immediate profits, a convenient foil for those Communists who wield the real power. We are truly fucked.


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    I tend to think the sun is a major force in this also. Of course with the sun in a lull, chemtrails and increasingly active volcanos, this should make it cooler. Volcanic emissions do have a cooling effect.

    The polar ice caps can at times show more ice on top but that does not measure melting below the surface from warmer ocean temperatures.

    This is a large part of what I could dig up on it.


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