Most everyone is familiar with crop circles. Here someone has taken the time to attempt to analyze them. If this is close, then we have a scenario that actually corresponds with operation Jade Helm 15 and also the post below this one.

The calculations presented above indicate that Hercolubus could indeed be visible on November the 7th, 2015. December 6th 2015 projected to affect the magnetic field of the earth. Are these dates correct? I haven’t the slightest idea but it is interesting to see someone attempt to explain to us just what some 10,000 crop circles maybe trying to tell us.

SEPTEMBER, 2015: The ‘BIGGEST’ Month Of The Millennium

Let us be clear, Russia must know about this and it could be one reason for their amazing constraint at this point in history.






The Kali Yuga Where Ignorance Becomes Bliss

Lord Vishnu is one of three aspects of the Hindu Trinity who is responsible for maintaining the Universe.“For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks.“

The tenth and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Lord Kalki. His coming in the last century marks the end of the Kali Yuga and closing of the Iron Age. Hence, we see all types of end time prophecy abound. There is particular interest in Planet X, sometimes called the 10th Planet or Hercolubus. Such a planet-comet would be an apt representation of Lord Kalki since His mission, as represented by the Hindu scriptures is to bring about an end to the ignorance that prevails during the Kali Yuga. That’s exactly what He did.”


Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Ydhishthira has a vision of the age to come: I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity, ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time.”


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3 Responses to PLANET X – NIBIRU Crop Circles Tell ARRIVAL Date And Its NOT GOOD NEWS

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Let us hope so …


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    As you say I am getting a little long in the tooth also. One thing I am sure of is Hercolubus is out there. I have been blogging about this for a long long time. It might be significant that this chart shows a conjunction with Jade Helm15, or maybe not. Then we have the talk of financial breakdown.

    I do have sympathy with young people who are convinced they are going on to lead a normal life with all it’s corresponding benefits and challenges. Whether these theories are correct or not, something is brewing, financially or cosmically. Chiappalone is also on record with his prediction of a meteorite hitting around september.

    There must be some reason all of this military is spreading out over vast areas.


  3. Gabreal Jones says:

    HI, DUBJI,

    Send a link to your post of a year ago to all the Dutch MP’s, MSM, etc.6-7 hundred on that list:
    with the gj comment. Right under the photo of Bad Elisa and Dirty Tricks the line: L.S. : While we give the plebs pane et circe we lead them and their kids to the slaughterhouse.

    This Hari Om Namah Shivay switches on the Light

    CIA O


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