What Was Putin Really Doing In Italy? (Think Gas Pipelines)


It certainly wasn’t to receive trinkets from the pope. They say when you don’t like the way things are being run, take your complaints straight to the management. It seems to me that is exactly what Putin did, go to the top of the pyramid. I think we have a winner here and I would give two to one odds a gas pipeline is going through Greece and then on to Italy like magic.

Russia is threatening to cut off gas altogether through the Ukraine by 2019 and has signaled to Europe before it is time to make up their mind where they want the transit point if they want to buy some gas. In the story it is mentioned that Putin spoke in Italy as if there were no European commission in sight. Well there isn’t one if you talk to the man behind the curtain person to person.


On June 7th and 8th of 2015, in the German resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where, by the way, in February of 1936 the West allowed Adolf Hitler to hold the Olympics, the meeting of the so-called “G7” took place.

The leaders of the group of seven announced that the sanctions will be removed if the Minsk agreements are fulfilled, otherwise – and CNN quoted some sources — in the coming months a new package against individuals and financial companies may be implemented.


[Note that other member-countries of the European Union have no say in this – is this democracy or a rule of the strongest ?- KR]

We are once again talking about geopolitics and pipelines. An invisible struggle is raging for routes for transporting the Russian gas to Europe. Russia’s goal is to build a “pipe” to bypass Ukraine to deprive US the opportunity to blackmail Europe and Russia with the hands of the Kiev puppets, the termination of deliveries of gas through Ukraine. The goal of the US is not to allow Russia to lay a “pipe” bypassing Ukraine, to be able to put pressure on Europe and Russia. After blocking “South Stream”, Moscow made a deal with Turkey on the construction of the “Turkish stream” pipeline. The plan is for the pipe to go first to Turkey, then to Greece. Further plans were to Macedonia, but suddenly Maidan was started in this country and attacks of Albanian fighters , after which Prime Minister of Macedonia “understood” the hints and stated that the pipeline will be built only after the signing of the agreement between the European Commission and Gazprom. Because the lack of such arrangements killed “South Stream”, Russia has to look for new opportunities for the pipeline route.

Our side is pulling the heavy artillery – our President. He flies to Italy to explain to the Italian colleagues the obvious thing. After Greece, the pipeline can go to Italy, from where the gas will go to Europe. To resist this is to force Russia … to finish the pipe in Greece. Or even in Turkey. It is therefore right and logical to extend the pipeline to Italy. This is an excellent prospect for all of Europe, and for Italy itself it is just perfect.

It is not accidental that during his visit to Italy, Putin spoke about bilateral relations with this country and operated in a manner as if there are no “European Commissions” in sight.

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2 Responses to What Was Putin Really Doing In Italy? (Think Gas Pipelines)

  1. Niko says:

    Thats about it in a nutshell! Things are going to get very in-ter-est-ing in deed…thanks for the article..


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    Maybe too interesting!


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