Sometimes You Have To Wonder If Fort New Zealand Is Trying To Eclipse The Killing In Fort Apache The Bronx



Fort New Zealand

Helen Clark, a black mailers guide, fisting in America

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Hitler was a British Agent

Man didn’t survive police hospitality

Man’s body recovered from Rotorua stream (Bay of Plenty of Deaths)

Victim recovered near Rangitata River mouth named

No apologies to the dead who didn’t make it to NZ road kill list

Female Indian student killed at international school in Auckland

NO murders, road kills, gang rapes, muggings, tourist assaults… would be reported this weekend due to the full enforcement of NEWS BLACKOUT in New Zealand, which currently stands at RED.

Another corpse found on Mission Bay beach

American tramper found dead near Wanaka

The fate of Dutch tourist Ken Boogers remains unknown

NZ ‘First Family’ leads the nation in sexual deviancy

John Key’s attempts to groom waitress for ménage à trois backfire

Posted by te2ataria on April 22, 2015

Pervert Prime Minister shows his true colours

They are killed in the air, at sea and on the land

Posted by te2ataria on March 16, 2015

Four bodies recovered from mystery crashed plane near Wanaka

Top kayaker killed in New Zealand

The body of Louise Jull, formerly of Otaki, was recovered by police at 10am Thursday.


NO murders, road kills, gang rapes, muggings, tourist assaults… are currently being reported due to the full enforcement of an ongoing NEWS BLACKOUT in New Zealand


Fox guarding the henhouse
NZ Desperate For The Gulf Petro-Money!
Caligula is Dead, Keyus Galerius Maximianus Reigns!
NZ least corrupt nation? [ROFWL]
NZ among most corrupt nations in the world


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