Crimes Of The British Empire And Their Royal Khazar Family



Coast Guard Headed To Oil Platform Fire In The Gulf Of Mexico

10 Evil Crimes Of The British Empire

Of Course they are only scratching the surface here.




Of course we can begin with the British colonization of North America which saw roughly 50 million native Americans disappear. Britain’s favorite son and banker Rothschild still prints U.S. money, the fed is not federal and America is still ruled under the London Corporation which issues checks to US alphabet agencies through the U.N.

And many of us know that Hitler played chess with Stalin near the Tavistock institute. Stalin was a Jesuit priest and Hitler was a Rothschild.

Ten percent of the Boer population died in British open air camps and that includes 22000 children.

In Aden 1960’s in the Yemini riots, torture centers were opened, prisoners stripped naked and put in refrigerated cells, cigarettes put out on their skin, genitals crushed and some made to sit naked on a pole until the weight forced it up the anus.

Of course in Cypress children had hot pepper rubbed into their eyes and were lashed with whips embedded with iron chards.

Iraq’s first ten years under the British saw destroyed crops, poison wells and dead live stock and that was before the Americans came back to help them killing another 2 million.

The partition of India resulted in 30 million displaced as muslims and Hindus did not want to be caught on the wrong side of the border. The Bengali famine alone killed 5 and a half million indians as Rothschild blew up the food chain and flooded farm land.

The British starved a million people to death in Ireland during the famine.. Many more left for America.

The British rounded up 1.5 million in Kenya and put them in concentration camps where men were raped with knives, women had their breasts mutilated, eyes gashed out, and some burned alive. Most were women and children who were “aiding the terrorists”.

And of course we know that British troops among others have been sent to the Ukraine to help the nazis fight terrorism.

The British installed Saudi Wahabbi regime is learning very well however and picking up some of the slack, bombing Yemenis again with western equipment of course.

No China is small potatoes, give them some slack they were regrouping after 20 million slaughtered by Japan and the Jewish Betar legions who were bringing the new world order to Asia.

Today soldiers still sign up to save the queen from the terrorists. The average British subject likes to pretend that Washington is all behind this. Possibly to salve their own peace of mind.

There has never been a democracy on planet earth. Every nation has always been ruled by combinations of special interest groups who serve themselves. Socrates would tell you about Greek democracy if he could speak from the grave. Britain and America are still under the one party system know by some as the Vatican, City Of London, Hollywood axis.

Then there was King Long Shanks of England who mentioned that Scotland was a nice place the only thing wrong is there are too many Scots there, which he intended to do something about, breed them out of existence. English goon soldiers had what was known as first rite, to breed with Scottish women on their wedding nights ahead of the groom. We are talking about unspeakable evil here. Mao was small time compared to the empire. In fact part of Mao’s harsh crackdowns had a lot to do with saving China from the British. It was prostate had just lost a war with 20,000 million killed by the Japanese, British and Jewish Betar legions. They had no money and no economy. Some go as far to postulate that Mao joined the masons to find out what was going on. He later outlawed Judaism, the only official religion ever banned in China at the time. Of course they are cracking down now on the intelligence operatives of Falun Gong.



Joe George


Updated June 6, 2015


The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe (The Day The Luck Of The Irish Ran Out)


Of course it is a much longer story than this for those who are interested.

Lawrence of Arabia Part IV/

The Constitution Gave Legal Control Of The U.S. To The London Crown Temple

The Atlantean Conspiracy

The Real Hells Angels

Andrew Jackson’s VP Aaron Burr Shoots Rothschild’s Son In Law Alexander Hamilton

The Greatest Story Never Told-HellStorm

EU Jesuit Herman Von Rompay Says Nation States Are Dead-Got To Have Us Some New World Order

Irish Orphans Used As Drug Guinea Pigs

Italian Fascist Pope Francis

The Roman Empire Still Alive And Well

Ziobonics Can You Speak It

The Gay Fidel Castro

The Ghost of Otto Von Bolschwing

The real killing maybe yet to come

BP Dumped Millions Of Gallons Of Corexit In The Gulf Of  Mexico During British Petroleum Oil Spill-The Gulf Of Mexico Is Now A Polluted Cesspoo

Canada A Part Of The Northern Wing Of The Empire Wants To Dump Radioactive Waste 1.2 KMs From Lake Huron-Why Not The Gulf Of Mexico And The Pacific Ocean Is Already Poisoned

Jesus said, “Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. [And there is nothing buried that will not be raised.”] . . . – Gospel of Thomas 5


See Bar Association History & Who Owns the U.S.

See The Official International Knights Templar Website


In other news


The US Constitution Gave Legal Ownership And Control Of The United States To The London Crown Temple And It Is Not Taught In Public Schools Nor Institutes Of Higher Learning


The Atlantean Conspiracy




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2 Responses to Crimes Of The British Empire And Their Royal Khazar Family

  1. Andre says:

    “There has never been a democracy on planet earth” says it all. A benevolent despot like Marcus Aurelius is the best form of government, until he dies, and we then get his son Commodus.


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    For sure Andre and I would add sometimes you do not know what you get with a monarchy, but you know what you will get with corporate fascism, more of the same forever.

    Many monarchies were at times benevolent and actually served the people against the criminal gangs. Tsar Nicholas comes to mind, Alexander the Great to name a couple. Alexander was out in front of his own army with sword you may remember, not sitting in an office drinking starbucks.

    There have been many intrigues among the the monarchies, killings, replacements (man in the iron mask) Mary Queen of Scots beheaded, etc. The criminal element realized that taking over at this level was forever. In fact I find it interesting that many Russians are calling for the Putin family to reinstitute the rule of the Tsars. He has 2 children now and rumors of a third by the gymnast.

    Rulers who rule on behalf of their people have not fared well, as Chief Tecumseh, Osceola, Sitting Bull, found out. The Hegemon looks very unfavorably on this type rule. Money and arms are supposed to rule. Tsar Nicholas had his own seer in Rasputin however, but failed to listen to his advice about not participating in the German wars.

    I guess you have possibly seen that google now plans to rate sites on the amount of facts they present, not popularity. And who will determine what constitutes facts …….. you guessed it google.


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