Dr. Chiappalone With More On The End Times And Terminal Madness

Post #22 is rather long, here are a few snippets.


Plants will die while others become poisonous and grow more profusely, etc.
The mineral world will respond with the massive upheavals of volcanic eruptions, cyclones, typhoons, earthquakes, etc. Elements will also react erratically. Compounds, molecules, atoms will not respond with the same predictability. Hence, the laws of chemistry and physics will seem to no longer apply. (This has been noted since I wrote this by the variation in atomic decay of radioactive elements). More industrial accidents will occur as a result, particularly ones caused by fires, for compounds will have varying flashpoints. And this will be inexplicable.



23. A need to physically survive in this concrete jungle has been created, and this very strong survival instinct is really a programming mechanism, so that the Inner Being will be bypassed and forgotten.
* If one succeeds in the “Rat Race” traps of wealth await.
* If one fails in the “Rat Race”, traps of poverty and ego await.
*Full exposure of Evil is occurring.
*A definitive rectification is occurring in this generation:
Although the majority of consciousnesses on the planet are asleep or programmed not to accept information, or trapped by the propaganda that all is well, a few on the planet have been given this information. The planet as we know it is doomed.
Proverbs: “There will be no future for evil men, the lamp of the wicked will be put out.”
Unfortunately, however, for a short time at least, this planet is now going to be swamped by gross confusion everywhere.
Attempts to prevent that which is to occur are futile.
The End is obvious to those who wish to see.
It is obvious the planet is in its death throes.
Be aware that some of these predictions were made as early as 1984. Corruption and the Evil Essence are being exposed everywhere. This exposure has been so massive at all levels, in all fields of endeavour including government, politics, religion, medicine, law, etc. that it is no longer news.
Suicides are at record levels.
All their evil structures will collapse, as will all the systems which they have used to trap the True Beings and at the same time camouflage Evil. All will be exposed in their ontological nakedness, including the religions



Do not be fooled by massive political changes around the globe. They are not precursors of peace and harmony at all. They are merely setting the stage for greater anarchy to follow, for the evil beings, who are the majority on the planet and are undergoing these massive changes, want nothing to do with peace and harmony, of which they know nothing.
The climate around the globe is going berserk as the devas and elements obey the instructions of the New Energy. Enhanced by changes brought on by the pollution created by the evil ones, the Greenhouse Effect, the loss of ozone, the extremes of climate, herald massive ecological disasters which will result in agricultural failure, trading collapse and world starvation at a time when international conflict is set to greatly expand.
“Do not be deceived by the recent inactivity of the clearing process. A major catastrophe of unprecedented proportions is well overdue. (Planet X) …. there is a buildup of clearing energy and a back-log, so that once the process begins it will be more devastating in a shorter time span. And this is the case now. Because certain changes have been delayed, the effects will be more massive, more concentrated and more devastating than previously scheduled.”



This news will make the True Beings joyous, for it means an end to all the pain, suffering, humiliation and exploitation to which they have been subjected for a long, long time.




The beginning of the changeover of the energy patterns will be marked by the erratic and inappropriate responses of world leaders to their problems. It will become obvious. Their behaviour, thinking and subsequent actions will increase world tension, conflict and war and in what appear to be most unreasonable ways. But their populations will agree with them, thus plunging the countries concerned into cataclysmic cycles from which only destruction can come. Once the cycles begin, the events will occur with ever-increasing frequency so that a matter of months may be all that is needed to destroy all of life on this planet.
Be patient, prepare and watch. The unmistakable signs are there for all to see. Friction and hate leading to violence and anarchy will occur in what one would have deemed the most unlikely places, as the world heats up for its own annihilation. The degree of perversion of the various parties involved will never cease to amaze people. The cunningness and overt Evil will be obvious parameters of their true and hitherto hidden ontological nature.
It is not a case of believing but of KNOWING!


It is noted big planet is briefly mentioned in the above article by Dr. Chiappalone as well as climactic changes which are well documented. Hercolubus is said to be incoming along with a noted resident.

Mother Shipton is also mentioned.

The dragon’s tail is but a sign For mankind’s fall and man’s decline. And before this prophecy is done I shall be burned at the stake, at One. My body singed and my soul set free.
You think I utter blasphemy? You’re wrong! These things have come to me THIS PROPHECY WILL COME TO BE!


And when the dragon’s tail is gone Man forgets and smiles and carries on. To apply himself – too late, too late For mankind has earned deserved fate.

As the dragon’s tail goes sweeping by

Judi Pope Koteen

“The Sacred Mother is screaming for life and the meteorites will hear her cries and answer her call for help. They will hit the earth from the heavens with such force that many internal things will happen as well as external. The earth will move as a result of the impact. This will cause the sacred fire that is the source of all life to the Mother to move through her body. She is like a Great Bird within the egg, trying to crack out… “

Try and wade past the hopelessly deluded and bear this in mind.

“Keep this in mind when reading this article. Edgar Cayce stated, “(Earth) is slowly receding or gathering closer to the sun, from which it receives its impetus for the awakening of the elements from that which it receives from the sun. – elements that give life itself, by radiation of like elements.”

What does this mean? It isn’t typical to see such a drastic change in these decay rates. Scientists are seeing a change of 1/10th of 1% in these particles, which was previously unheard of and is unexplainable at this moment. When a particle speeds up, it means it’s radiating more energy. This includes the energy and particles within our own bodies. Studies on DNA have indicated that even very weak changes in the energy field can cause profound changes in our DNA.”

There is a drastic climate change event happening on every planet in our solar system. Planets are becoming more luminous, have higher energy fields and have thicker atmospheres.

What is causing these dramatic changes?” And the answer is …. the Christos!

Crazy Horse The Great Vision


It is said a great light will come to purify the earth, even the waters and the rocks will be affected

Oglala Sioux and the end time vision

Petrus Romanus Get Ready, The Glory Of The Olive! And You Thought It Couldn’t Be Done!


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