Chemtrails And Other Topics By Miles Mathis


I always felt this guy was solid, but never more so until saw this one.

Mathis discusses some of his new found popularity.

First published April 15, 2015

by Miles Mathis

“Since my works have now been republished on the big sites like Rense, Veteran’s Today, and other places, I now get many emails from readers comparing me to Dave McGowan, Donald Jeffries, Ed Chiarini and others. I am writing this (in part) to tell you what I tell them. I have nothing in common with any of these people. Although we “research” many of the same subjects, my methods and conclusions are just the opposite of theirs. So why does anyone think we have anything in common?

For example, McGowan has researched many serial killers. Does he conclude they were all faked? No. He has studied Laurel Canyon and the Zodiac Killer. Does he conclude that both the Zodiac and Manson murders were faked? No.

Kevin Barrett from Veteran’s Today emailed to ask me for an interview on my Zodiac paper. He said he had interviewed Dave McGowan and sent me a link. The entire interview is misdirection from both sides, so why would I wish to be included in something like that? In that interview, Barrett actually takes the mainstream position several times, trying to push the audience even further back than McGowan is pushing them. You see, McGowan admits a lot of nasty stuff, seeming to take his reader way out into the wilderness with him. He then leads that reader off on the wrong track: a sexy track, but still the wrong one. He is playing the part Mae Brussell played in previous decades. But we can see that Barrett isn’t comfortable with that kind of misdirection, and he pulls McGowan back to the mainstream misdirection. For instance, Barrett brings up Jim Morrison, who McGowan is partially exposing as a fake. McGowan admits Morrison was the son of the Navy admiral at the Gulf of Tonkin false flag event. That should lead you to the right answer about the Morrisons, but McGowan doesn’t take you there. He takes you halfway and diverts you. But instead of pushing beyond McGowan to the obvious truth, Barrett instead pulls you back even further, saying something to the effect that he had always thought Morrison was a conflicted poet, reacting against his father and the whole career Navy thing. As soon as Barrett said that, I knew the last thing I wanted to do is be interviewed by him, so that he could spin all my research back to the mainstream pabulum we have been fed. So what I did was, I asked Barrett what this meant at the top of the Veteran’s Today homepage:”

The true voice of the clandestine community

It is a long read, you will have to click on the link.

At any rate back to the theory on chemtrails which honestly makes more sense than anything I have read about this enigma so far.

“The spooks assume that enough noise can drown out anything, but I have found by long experience that the truth tends to rise above the din by a music all its own. Somehow the truth just sounds different than a lie. It is in a different key, so that no amount of noise can cover it.

With that still ringing in your ear, I will conclude by giving you a taste of future research. I have been looking briefly into Chemtrails, and it looks to me like the whole “bio-engineering” line is a ruse. There are some bio-engineering tests going on—cloud seeding and the like—but most trails have nothing to do with that. It appears to me that we simply have an increased amount of air-dumping of pollutants that can’t be dumped on the ground. To see what I mean, remember that they have been doing a similar thing with fluoride since the 1940’s. With increased aluminum, fertilizer, and weapons manufacturing, they had a lot fluoride waste that they couldn’t just dump in rivers or in the oceans. Laws were already on the books forbidding it. So someone had the “brilliant” idea of putting it into the drinking water in small amounts. This would effectively dilute it on a nationwide level. The toxicity would be low enough to go unnoticed in most people in the short term, and a profit could even be made by selling it to municipalities as a dentrifice.

Well, they are doing the same thing in the air now. Due to increased manufacturing of all things toxic (think computer industry, for a start), they now have a whole smorgasbord of noxious chemicals that can’t legally be dumped on land or at sea. So someone had the “brilliant” idea of diluting this toxicity by mixing these chemicals into the worldwide air. It would then rain down on the land in such small quantities per square foot we would see little short-term effects. The stirring of the atmosphere would naturally dissipate the initial release, and the ground would soak up the rest.

Unfortunately, this plan was even more foolhardy than the fluoride plan, for many reasons. One, because they have to use existing plane routes as dump routes, they cannot dump only over uninhabited regions. It is simply not cost effective to hire special dump planes, so they use planes already in the air for other reasons—including commercial jets. Since there are not enough commercial jets on paths over the oceans (international flights) to dump all that needs to be dumped, many dumps are over inhabited areas. The dissipation from winds is not enough to spread the chemicals over a wide enough area, so the concentrations hitting the ground are way too high. The planes would have to be flying many miles higher than they are to do that, and again that is not cost effective. It would delay commercial flights and require an explanation, so it is not done. And finally, the ground does not “soak up” this contamination. It goes immediately into surface and ground water, into crops, gardens, and lawns, and into the oceans. Even in the oceans it is not harmless, since the given flight paths ensure it goes into coastal areas, where it is driven back on beaches. In short, it is a disaster.

This is the cause of many of the problems on the California coast, for instance, not Fukushima. And there are many other cover stories for this contamination, which will come to your mind without much effort.

In fact, this interpretation of chemtrails is confirmed by the first site that come up on a search for “chemical composition of chemtrails.” There we are told,

Laboratory examination of those chemicals found that they were manufacturing wastes from military, industry, and biowarfare substances.

The first two components are Aluminum and Barium. In bio-engineering circles, they tell us Aluminum is used to reflect light back toward the Sun, but that is a cover story. They are counting on you thinking of the reflectivity of Aluminum in sheets, which is admittedly high. But the reflectivity of Aluminum released as dust from an airplane is minimal. In the concentrations given, it wouldn’t even be as reflective as natural clouds. You will tell me they are using the chemicals to seed the clouds, but Aluminum and Barium aren’t used for that. Silver Iodide, Potassium Iodide, and dry ice are. For this reason and many others, my first assumption is that “global warming mitigation” is more misdirection. The dumping isn’t being done to reflect heat away from the Earth, it is being done to get around existing dumping laws, which (mainly) haven’t yet extended to the atmosphere or space.

This isn’t to say that the military isn’t also trying to control and militarize the weather. In fact, they have admitted they are doing that. But in my opinion, in the majority of cases, the chemtrails have nothing to do with that. In the majority of cases, they are just dumping their garbage on your head because it is cost-effective to do so. They prefer you think it has something to do with weather modification, because that at least has some similarity to a scientific excuse. But the truth is even uglier: it is just flat-out pollution. And if it makes you sick, so much the better: these people also own all the pharmaceutical companies, major hospitals, “health-care” plans, and so on. The sicker you are, the richer they are.

In closing, I would like to point you to several other strange things I noticed recently. Since I published my paper exposing the Lincoln assassination as another manufactured event, we have seen a curious uptick in books and cover stories promoting the old stories. Smithsonian magazine recently had a cover story on the assassination, driving home all the old nails. Lincoln is also on the cover of this month’s National Geographic, for no good reason. And Bill O’Reilly was hired to write (or more

likely front) a book on the assassination. This book is currently being heavily promoted in all the mainstream bookshops, including airport bookstalls. That is interesting, since O’Reilly has been proved to be a liar in a court of law. Remember how he sued Al Franken for defamation after Franken put his picture on the cover of his book Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them?

Well, he lost. Which means Franken was able to prove in court that O’Reilly was a liar. So who thought it was a good idea to have O’Reilly as the latest salesman of the Lincoln assassination story? Actually, as we have seen, it fits rather well. Since the Lincoln assassination was a big lie, it is appropriate to have a convicted liar writing the newest book on it.

Another strange thing is the new promotion of Pi Day. Pi Day has been around for years, but it hasn’t been promoted heavily in the mainstream press until very recently. So why the new promotion? Could it have anything to do with my 2008 paper showing that Pi is actually wrong in a majority of physical and mathematical cases, including orbits and quantum mechanics? Could it have anything to do with the fact that that paper is gaining more traction every year, despite great efforts to surround it with noise and disinfo? Could it be because the “direct” assaults on that paper have been such miserable failures, convincing no rational person I am on the wrong track, and in fact confirming that I must be onto something? Why else bother responding to me, if I am just “a deluded crank.” Does the mainstream hire hundreds of people to respond to other deluded cranks, slandering them viciously all over the internet and trying to destroy their reputations and business contacts? No, because it isn’t necessary.

I would suggest that because these attacks on me have failed so miserably, they gave up and moved to gambit B: simply promote Pi in “fun and casual ways” that appeal to non-scientists. They were talking about Pi Day in yoga class today, which surprised me mightily. But that is the reach of the MATRIX: if they can’t out-argue you they just out-promote you. They will link Pi to apple pie and mother and the flag and babies and kittens, so that when I try to take it away from you, you will react like a kid losing a school holiday.

IN THE FUTURE, EVERY DAY WILL BE A HOLIDAY. That is to say, every day will be used as an unsubtle psychological cue to some great lie. Every party you attend will have as its theme some specific item of your manufactured confusion. In this way, you will be taught to celebrate your own mis-education, and revel in it.

No, wait, that future is already here.

*I now suspect that entire flamewar may have been manufactured.”

The creature who will never die, he must be 200 years old at this point. Maybe there is something to this drinking blood thing. No doubt higher forces await his arrival, in one billion aeons he will probably have another shot as a germ in a wolf’s throat.



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4 Responses to Chemtrails And Other Topics By Miles Mathis

  1. Andre says:

    I am afraid Miles’ quick analysis of chemtrails is over a decade behind serious researchers. I suggest he read the example of intent I first encountered (in the 1990’s): To suggest this is simply dumping of waste is absurd. Dumping of industrial waste has long been one of the most profitable industries of gangsters. I had relatives who lived a few hundred yards from the Stringfellow Acid Pits. A WWII ammunition manufacturing site in Riverside County CA, with millions earmarked as a Superfund cleanup site (with no cleanup as of the early 1980’s), this had been used as a chemical disposal site by criminal waste haulers. I had a neighbor in Castro Valley CA in the late 1980’s, who had recently been released from federal prison. His crime was dumping industrial waste into the Sacramento Delta. It is much cheaper to dump the crap on the ground or an irrigation ditch than load it into aircraft.


  2. hirundine608 says:

    So, Mr. Kissinger is falling into the fatal trap. That assumes he will not be among them? Karma has a way of biting you in the ass. So, be careful what you wish for Mr. Kissinger. Who knows your karmic next life, may well be in the “third world”, that you sneer about. Then what?


  3. Dublinsmick says:

    Heinz won’t quit, he must be 200 years old now and still trying to figure out how to kill more efficiently.

    Andre what you say may be true but there is a lot more industrial waste these days, perhaps too much to concentrate it. And like Miles Mathis says, they own the pharmaceutical companies, the sicker you are the richer they are.


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