Japanese Fascist Abe Arrives On White House Lawn-Fukushima! The Final Battlefield-you asked for the truth…but can you handle it?




Fukushima! The Final Battlefield

you asked for the truth…but can you handle it?

The Movie


Garry Greenwood

Starring: Shinzo Abe, Shintaro Ishihara, Nobuteru Ishihara, Yoshikazu Okada and a support cast of thousands.



Japanese Yakuza are secretly rounding up homeless men on the streets of Tokyo and forcing them to work on the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. In vain and at great danger to themselves they toil relentlessly in the crippled plant. It’s obviously a hopeless and lethal task.

PM Shinzo Abe prays fervently at the Yasukuni Shrine wherein the millions of ancestor spirits of those who died whilst fighting for the divine Emperor during the Second World War are enshrined. Also, Japan’s most notorious war criminals are buried here. Abe swears that one day he will avenge the spirits of all those enshrined here.

Glancing through the Shrine’s visitor book he smiles when he sees that several ruling Liberal Democratic Party members (LDP) have also signed it. His smile broadens even further when he is greeted by one of the Shrine’s priests – a close friend of the leader of the nation’s fastest growing doomsday cult, Sukyo Mahikari. Abe has a deep admiration for this occult cult and regularly sends his congratulations or a representative on their special occasions. Its founder, Yoshikazu Okada, was a great and powerful militarist who owned a huge munitions factory during the war. He was also a friend of the Imperial family, something that Abe hopes to achieve someday. In the meantime he can only fantasise about his divine supremacy calling by being photographed in his jet fighter plane. He knows that his days of glory will surely come just as, Yoshikazu Okada, the cult’s leader had his day in the sun as a military strategist during the glorious Nanjing incident (Rape of Nanjing) Of course we are lead to believe that China is going to forget all about this past and become the fulcrum for Soros’s new world order. Yeah baby give me another big mac.

Abe also reflects upon those happy days when he would sit on his grandfather’s knee listening as his grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, recounting his glory days in Manchuria as its main administrator and as a high ranking militarist wherein he helped establish the secret military unit #731- a unit dedicated to creating the most advanced methods of mass destruction imaginable. He was also the wartime Minister of Munitions and established Japan’s clandestine nuclear weapons program. “It’s just not right that grandfather Kishi was arrested as a war criminal. People simply don’t understand.” Nobusuke Kishi obviously had a great influence upon the young Abe. “How unfair the world has become. After all didn’t we save China from western imperialism?” ponders PM Abe, “if only we could have succeeded in our mission to save the world then. Too bad about the tens of millions of Chinese who got in the way.”

Out of respect for his beloved grandfather and the glorious Japanese military, Shinzo Abe has the numerals 731 painted on his jet fighter and gives the world a big “thumbs up” or “you can trust me” gesture (see photo).

Meanwhile, far out in the South China Sea on the tiny and disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islets, Abe’s long-serving colleague, Shintaro Ishihara, leader of the New Restoration Party (nuclear re-armament party) and ex-mayor of Tokyo is challenging the might of the Chinese navy hoping for some form of military retaliation in order to justify the nuclear re-arming of Japan. His last major challenge whilst still mayor of Tokyo was the incineration of thousands of tons of highly radioactive rubble from the areas close to Fukushima which were devastated in the recent tsunami. Thousands of tons of radioactive smoke was dispatched high into the atmosphere on its long journey eastwards. “If only we could draw the US into this conflict with China, too. Oh, how this would avenge our ancestor spirits at the Yasukuni Shrine. God would be so happy” he thinks as he bravely stares down the Chinese gunboats circling about.

Shintaro Ishihara is used to conflicts. He was once on a sure path to becoming a Japanese Prime Minister himself, that is, until his deep involvement with the murderous Aum Shinri Kyo cult was uncovered forcing him to abandon his parliamentary aspirations and lie low for some years. But nowadays a good PR makeover can undo almost anything. He feels contentment towards his Aum days as they did smuggle great quantities of nuclear weaponry out of the crumbling Soviet Union after all. They almost got the Armageddon they were seeking.

PM Abe notices Shintaro Ishihara’s name in the Yasukuni Shrine’s visitor book too and briefly wonders how his divine campaign in the South China Sea is progressing. It can be a small world for those at the top – the ruling elite, as Shintaro Ishihara is a longstanding member and personal friend of Yoshikazu Okada, the founder of the Sukyo Mahikari cult too. Okada, too, was well connected to most Japanese Prime Ministers of that era whilst his personal confidante and second in command of the cult was a convicted war criminal. “Those 33 captured US airmen should have shown us more respect. Just because Japan had already surrendered before we decapitated them doesn’t mean a thing. They were our enemy. We will have our revenge one day. God is with us. We are the chosen ones.”

PM Shinzo Abe looks kindly upon the Ishihara family because of their loyal and longstanding support, so in order to express this appreciation Shintaro Ishihara’s son, Nobuteru Ishihara, himself a high-ranking LDP politician is given the prized cabinet position as the new Minister for the Environment, Nuclear Reactors and Minister responsible for decommissioning the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power station.

The ruling elite is well pleased with this appointment since many believe this role was bestowed upon him directly by God himself since Nobuteru Ishihara is a senior member of the Sukyo Mahikari doomsday cult too. This cult is desperately awaiting its Armageddon as it can’t fulfil its promises and mission until the Armageddon has taken place leaving only the chosen ones left to re-establish the new (Japanese) civilisation

Nobuteru Ishihara is more than familiar with his cult’s holy bible and studies it often just as his father does:

Although sub humans eagerly seek peace and coexistence and dislike the atomic bomb, the production of fire balls in this world cannot be stopped. God will make man produce the fireballs and bullets…This is the End of the World. Earth must be burnt away with the Ball of Fire in order for God to descend from Heaven…

Nobuteru Ishihara deeply ponders the holy words which now seem to be speaking to him personally as a chosen one and wonders how he might serve his God more directly in these troubled times of the Fukushima catastrophe.

When the tsunami struck on that God-ordained day it was initially considered to be a sign from God that he was unhappy with the people of Japan – a divine retribution. “But what if that isn’t so?” Nobuteru Ishihara is thinking “what if God is showing us the way to the new holy civilisation as prophesised in our holy revelations? What if this is the beginning of the promised Armageddon? What if we simply let the divine plan unfold as God had intended?”

Although the end of the world is approaching, those who are serving with sincerity shall be forgiven.

Now convinced that they are the chosen ones who will be saved no matter what, PM Abe and his cabinet act quickly. Firstly they pass laws prohibiting any discussion, publication and dissemination of any news relating to the Fukushima catastrophe. Easily done – mission accomplished – problem solved and now God’s divine plan (Armageddon) is free to plays out as God wishes. “Oh, how blessed we are – the chosen ones. After all, we are the most superior and benevolent race. How God must love us to choose us to be the main players in such a long-anticipated event. Let God choose who will live and who will die from the radiation which he allows to spew forth from the destroyed Fukushima plant for as long as he chooses. It is not for us to interfere” think the ruling elite as they pour over charts showing the radiation flowing forever eastward and unstoppable. “God truly does work in mysterious ways.”

On a deserted beach somewhere in California, USA, a lonely figure can been seen walking slowly and erratically. He is holding and studying something in the palm of his hand. He moves it about in a most strange way.

It’s making a strange clicking noise…


For research and factual background information relating to this story and information about the author, Garry Greenwood, click on the links below.






The institution of the United Nations (UN) Holocaust Remembrance Day and the UN outreach programme to promote the worldwide teaching of the Holocaust is a dubious policy of this supra-national organization: Is the suffering of one people more significant than the suffering of another? Is the suffering of ethnic persecution a sound basis for universal morals?

The Holocaust education and subsequent teaching of Jewish history also can be very embarassing, especially when Jews were complicit in foreign occupation and brutal oppression. In this article, Part 2 of a series (Part 1 is here), I discuss the Jewish role in facilitating Japanese imperialism.
Jews and Japanese Imperialism

In 1905 the Russo-Japanese war for the domination of Manchuria—nowadays the northeast of China—was in a deadlock with neither party gaining the upper hand. Japan could not sustain a long-term expensive land war with Russia and their opponents knew that. Moreover the Russians had the advantage that the White nations were not willing to support an emerging non-White nation to compete over foreign markets and colonies.

Nevertheless there was one important source of money which greatly contributed to the Japanese cause — the loans from the Jewish activist banker from New York: Jacob Schiff. Schiff was the point man in what might be termed the Jewish foreign policy of the period: Hostility toward Russia because of its treatment of Jews. The entire organized Jewish community throughout Europe and America actively opposed Russia. For example, in America in 1911, the American Jewish Committee, led and financed by Schiff, successfully advocated the abrogation of a trade agreement with Russia over the veto of President Taft.

Schiff’s loans effectively tilted the balance in favor of the Japanese, which could literally buy time to sustain the land war and meanwhile defeat the Russian navy at sea. The Russian defeat shook the Empire to its foundations and revolution was in the air. The Japanese on the other hand had a boost of self-confidence, being the first non-White modern nation to defeat a European superpower both on land and at sea. By defeating the Russians in Manchuria the Japanese blocked further Russian expansion in the Far East and opened up perspectives for their own imperial schemes, especially in China. One could say that the Russo-Japanese war unleashed Japanese imperialism which would ultimately lead to the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.

The Japanese were well aware of the contribution of Jacob Schiff to their war effort and bestowed many honors on him. He was awarded the Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1905, and in 1907 he was honored again with the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star. Ultimately Schiff was the first foreigner to have been personally awarded the Order by the Japanese Emperor in the Imperial Palace (see here, p. 17). Back then the Japanese emperor was considered a demi-god by ordinary Japanese and seeing him or even meeting him was one of the greatest honors which could be received.

Candidates for Manchuria

In 1931 the Japanese provoked the Mukden Incident and occupied Manchuria, which was considered a part of China. In other to legitimize their occupation they set up the puppet state of Manchukuo (literally: Land of the Manchu). The Manchu are an ethnic minority from which the last Chinese emperors descended who were native to the northeast of China. The Japanese even managed to install the last Chinese emperor Pu Yi as a puppet king. Manchuria was independent in name only and was not recognized by the international community. In fact it was a huge slave-state in which the local Chinese were brutally exploited. They even experimented with chemical and biological agents on a huge scale causing the death of upward of 200,000 people.

The Japanese army was keen on attracting Japanese colonists to Manchuria to govern the newly acquired land, but the colonial schemes never met their expectations. During the 1930s Japanese officers developed a plan to create a layer of trustworthy middlemen between them and the locals by importing Jews in a scheme called the Fugu Plan. The role of Jews as middlemen between alien ruling elites and the people is an ancient and recurring theme of Jewish history.

The Japanese managed to attract thousands of Jews, especially from National Socialist Germany from 1938 onwards. The Japanese army officer and diplomat Kiichiro Higuchi was instrumental in issuing passes to Jewish refugees. Higuchi would later play a role in the ill-fated Japanese invasion of the Aleutian islands during World War II, the only Japanese occupation of American soil.

Jews were already living in Manchuria, and the Jewish community was bolstered by the influx of thousands of Jewish settlers. The dominant culture among Jews in Manchuria was the ideology of Zionist racialist Ze’ev Jabotinsky, which was thoroughly militarist. Jews created a militia, the so-called Betar, and paraded in full uniform and with flags through the streets of the Manchurian capital of Harbin (see here, p. 52). The Jews would prove to be willing middlemen in the Far East, unlike other Europeans who were put in concentration camps to work, often dying from starvation, sickness or pure exhaustion. Jews were willing to support the Japanese war cause, announcing in a Jewish-Japanese conference in 1940 that they would help to build the New Order in East Asia. Special prayers were reserved for the welfare of the Japanese emperor by the rabbi of Tientsin (see Herman Dicker, Wanderers and Settlers in the Far East [Twayne Publishers 1962] p. 59).

In 2004 the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visited the grave of his father in Harbin on an official state visit to the People’s Republic of China. Nowadays the Chinese are looking for good relations with the state of Israel, but after World War II the Jews who had not left yet were expelled from China after the conclusion of the Chinese civil war in 1949. Chairman Mao banned the Jewish religion from the registration of cults in China. It was the only officially banned religion.

Time has apparently faded the Chinese memory of the Jewish complicity with Japanese occupation of Chinese territory and their war crimes, like the mass experimenting of chemical (and biological) agents in Manchuria, the exploitation of slave-labor causing millions to die, and the brutal cultural and political oppression of Chinese. World War II in China (1937–1945) cost the lives of at least 20 million Chinese civilians, most deliberately killed in scenes like the Nanking Massacre or the sanko sakusen (The “Three Alls Policy”: loot all, kill all, burn all).





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