Breaking Free From The Hare Krishna Movement And Other Slave Cults Such As Mormonism-Jim Jones-David Koresh-Jehovah’s Witnesses-Catholicism Etc.


Some former cult members refer to Srila as Snuffy Swami

You know I have been meaning to get around to this for sometime. I have over many years witnessed people pushing the ISKON cult activated by Srila Pradhupada. Let me throw this right out on the table, anybody can put on a silk robe and paint a blue streak on their forehead but that doesn’t mean they know any more than you are I.

I have read many swamis from India who point out that Pradhupada is a disgrace to indian traditions, and they poignantly mention that ISKON  was chartered by Scientology which is a part of the masonic order. All of those roads lead to Rome. I can’t locate any of them at present but I will keep trying I assure you.

I do know this, The Road House – Operated by Australian Red Cross, in partnership with Hare Krishna and the Masonic Association of Canberra, the Road House provides free meals to anyone experiencing homelessness. Meals are served at the Griffin Centre. We all know about the Red Cross right? Most indians consider the iskon masonic lodges very dangerous to their culture. The second Masonic Temple at 1716 W. Lunt Avenue in May, 1992, was sold to the Hare Krishna outfit.

Just as I suspected, various search engines indicate new ISKON temples tend to be old masonic temples. Many of the road shows are in masonic temples also. There are many of these however most os the search engine links carry on about the amazing vision of Srila! Guy Beck the musician was from a long time mason family and suddenly found the truth of Srila. John Lennon supposedly dedicated a song to him, we all know about John.







This is Srila Prabhupada bringing the sprit in the masonic temple in Mexico City. There is not much doubt that ISKON is one of the blocks in Rothschild’s pyramid.

The Rothschilds have worked to destroy Indian culture for centuries. Captain Ajit does a pretty good job of pointing some of this out. I admire a man who mixes information with flat out good humor as he refers to the former Indian Prime Minister as the Italian waitress.


To understand ISKON  there is no better place to start that by taking in what some of the former participants had to say. The following quotes are from:

“We were all in the cult for a long time. If you cannot see that ISKCON is a dangerous cult, then they have you right where they want you. We were all at one time right where you are now. Its unfortunate, but true. Hopefully one day you will see that you have been fooled and bamboozled, like so many others. And hopefully the shock won’t be too overwhelming. Its easy to label us as immature devotees, but that is not true, The opposite is true. We were very much involved for long periods of time, brainwashed just like you are. The only difference is we broke free. we hope you do too some day.
You (Arjun) asks, who are we? We are former members. I was a part of the nonsense for twenty years. That’s 7 years more than you have been alive. That’s who I am and I call them lunatics, dangerous lunatics.

Prabhupada said:
It is a fact that a woman (11 yr old child) likes a man who is very expert at rape … she takes his action to be mercy. I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this
That is best, to keep them under control as slaves. I don’t know how the Prabhupadanaagas are going to “Rid Iskcon of such low-class scum and give Iskcon back to Srila Prabhupada.” Prabhupada’s inhumane teachings are a facility for low-class scumbags and criminal activity. The fish rots from the head.

ayatirtha Swami (James Immel) was expelled from ISKCON in 1982 and murdered by a former follower in 1987.

Hansadutta Swami (Hans Kary) was convicted of illegal weapons possession in 1974 and 1980, and expelled from ISKCON in 1983.

Bhagavan Swami (William Ehrlichman) left his lavishly luxurious guru lifestyle abruptly in 1986, along with $20,000.

Bhavananda Swami (Charles Bacis) was expelled from ISKCON in 1989 for years of child molestation.

Ramesvara Swami (Robert Grant) left ISKCON in 1987 after a sexual relationship with an under aged girl came to light.

Kirtanananda Swami (Keith Ham) was expelled from ISKCON in 1987 for moral and theological deviations. He spent 8 years out of a 20 year sentence in jail for racketeering, mail fraud, and conspiracy to murder.

These are just some of the high profile cases of ISKCON’s past. More recent cases involved the sexual deviancy of gurus Prthu das (Peter Brinkmann) and Satsvarupa das Goswami (Steven Guarrino) in 2004, and Param Gati Swami (Pedro Ferraz) in 2009 — although none of these were deemed serious enough to warrant expelling.

ISKCON’s guru doctrine essentially states the same: surrender unto a guru is absolutely required for reaching God because the guru is the via-medium between God and the soul. However, throughout Indian history the role of guru has traditionally been one of regional spiritual guide, befitting the geographical and historical context. Bhaktivedanta Swami’s overemphasis on unquestioned obedience to the guru and his absolute position as a divine intermediary is unprecedented.

The various factions of the Gaudiya Math all have their roots in Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati’s version of Gaudiya vaishnavism and therefore follow literalist and guru ideologies similar to those of ISKCON.
The first female GBC member was appointed in 1996, the second only in 2009.

In most ISKCON temples worldwide women are still relegated to the back of the temple room and allowed to lecture and lead ceremonies less than a quarter as often as men are.

I was under the impression that rape, abuse, slavery and blackmail are all part of Prabhupada’s glorious teachings. Didn’t he teach that Women (yes 11 year olds are women according to Prabhupada) enjoyed being raped, slavery was a good thing, and his preferred governance was dictatorship? Why be surprised that such things are happening, or that they are being covered up.

ISKON priest booked for sodomy

A teenaged boy was sodomized near Gorai bridge at Borivali West by an unknown man on Wednesday. The Charkop police detained one person in the case late on Thursday.
Prabhupāda: Yes, that is law always. Rape means without consent, sex. Otherwise there is no rape. There was a rape case in Calcutta, and the lawyer was very intelligent. He some way or other made the woman admit, “Yes, I felt happiness.” So he was released. “Here is consent.” And that’s a fact. Because after all, sex, rape or no rape, they will feel some pleasure. So the lawyer by hook and crook made the woman agree, “Yes, I felt some pleasure.” “Now, there is consent.” So he was released. After all, it is an itching sensation. So either by force or by willingly, if there is itching, everyone feels relieved itching it. That’s a psychology. It is not that the woman do not like rape. They like sometimes. They willingly. That is the psychology. Outwardly they show some displeasure, but inwardly they do not. This is the psychology.
Prabhupada said:
It is a fact that a woman (11 yr old child) likes a man who is very expert at rape … she takes his action to be mercy. I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this
That is best, to keep them under control as slaves.

Sounds like the good old roman church doesn’t it?

This comment is just pedo talk. As for the comment being from Roupa Manjari, people have told me that Roupa Manjari’s husband (NNV) writes under his wife’s name. He is an elderly man with a wife old enough to be his daughter. Had she found her mate NNV at 6 years old he would have been in his fifties. There is no philosophy more alluring or conducive to pedophilia than propagated by the iskcon institution.

“There is a misconception that the Krishna conscious movement represents the Hindu religion. Sometimes Indians both inside and outside of India think that we are preaching the Hindu religion, but actually we are not …..[…]…. The Krishna consciousness movement has nothing to do with the Hindu religion or any system of religion … One should clearly understand the Krishna consciousness movement is not preaching the so-called Hindu religion.” (Science of Self Realization). Now we find that Bernstein and the elders of iskzion have taken confusion a step further by touting the cult as an Hindu organization.

5) ISKCON officially claims around 3000 full-time members worldwide with an additional 200,000 ‘congregational’ members and approximately 300,000 sympathizers within the Hindu community.

Everyday folk, like you and me, abandon family, friends, love, work and education, to mumble mantras and surrender our existence to megalomaniacs with nothing more than a cult bestowed PhD in artificial intelligence, and a Caesar Complex.

Truthfully said, this is nonsense. This Dama Gosha was sued by a family because he married their underage daughter back in the “good ole days” of ISKCON. I wonder if Lord Chaitanya extended his mercy to Damagosha when he married that child bride, or was it when he was sued by the family? Or was it when …

Prabhupada apparently also deeply embraced the myth of the “Aryan” super-race and linked the ancient peoples of India to Europe and the U.S. During a talk in Australia one year prior to his death, Prabhupada declared that “the Aryans spread [to] Europe also, and the Americans, they also spread from Europe. So the intelligent class of human being, they belong to the Aryans, [the] Aryan family. Just like [Adolph] Hitler claimed that he belonged to the Aryan family.”

Well why not, Hitler was a catholic part of the order and Pacelli was his pope. In fact Pacelli was Hitler’s mentor before he became pope.

Moscow will be tearing down the Hare Krishna Temple.

Jul 30, 2013 — MOSCOW, RUSSIA (RUSSIA & INDIA REPORT) — The temporary site where Russian devotees of the Hare Krishna Movement or ISKCON pray is likely to be demolished,, a site run by Russian ISKCON followers said. The movement has faced several bureaucratic hurdles in its quest to have a permanent structure to conduct its religious activities. When the ISKCON temple situated near the Begovaya metro station (in the centre of Moscow) was demolished in 2004, the Moscow government allotted land for construction of a new temple at the Leningradsky Prospekt (north of Moscow). This land was subsequently taken away.

I suspect and this is my own personal opinion, ISKON is a part of the quest to discredit Hinduism and part of a larger effort to form one world wide religion. None of them seem to be going to well.

Point : Counterpoint • 33
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the united religions initiative, globalism, and the quest for a one-world religion


I of course have my own ideas when it comes to the search for truth. Religion is defined as the search for truth, and there is only one truth. It exists in the eye of the beholder.


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  1. Dublinsmick says:

    This one received the notorious

    Anybody know what this means?


  2. CrissCross says:

    Hope the below article will put some light on the above article –>


    • Dublinsmick says:

      CrissCross I guess I should tip my hat to you. I run into many websites some of them very obscure and notice you have left a link here. Let us continue to march!


  3. John Brown says:

    It seems an ideal organization for misogynists. See what they say about women on here:


  4. Dublinsmick says:

    John I had this organization pegged as a trip to nowhere the first time I laid eyes on them.


  5. Pingback: Hare Kriszna: masoneria, pedofilia, sodomia, gwałty, imitacja hinduzimu | Pokój na Ziemi

    • says:

      I am not a real big fan of the moderators and especially the commenters on darkmoon, in fact it was suggested I keep my opinions on my own site. For one truly interested in Vedanta, I wouldn’t recommend that site.


      • Sunny says:

        I understand your point (will try not to share/post their links again, if not forgetfully).
        I just shared it, because of the reactions (funny & not-funny) of the commentators of that article. Actually, they are a bit anti-Zionists which is ok to me. That article doesn’t even cover 0.1% of pure Vedanta.
        And as far as what was suggested to you by them (as you mentioned), that’s because (might be) both of you & darkmoon own your respective sites, so psychologically one might not like any kind of encroachment of popularity or reader-pulling, etc. Just like 2 different business organization behave with each other in the market, you know! 😉
        I have shared few of your articles (links) in their comments fields, they never complained. (Also found someone called crisscross who have shared 2 of your article’s links there, sometime back).


        • says:

          It is not a big deal, I have had some errr, misunderstandings with field marshal Rykaert. 🙂

          LaViolette is dynamite. He has an OM sound on this one. It is similar to holding a sea shell to one’s ear. Monks chant OM to draw that vibration closer.

          “According to subquantum kinetics, the transmuting ether is the wellspring of Creation. It continually regenerates and maintains the physical universe every moment. If this continual activity were to diminish from its present rate, your physical body, your house, the Earth, the Sun, the countless planets and stars filling the vast expanse of space, in fact, all the subatomic particles and energy waves composing our physical universe would gradually dissipate, disolving into a state of uniformity. What would remain would be the vast and unfathomable, ever-present multi-dimensional consciousness, of which we all are a part, and whose featureless calm “surface” would have once generated our beautiful physical universe. But our physical universe has remained in existence for many trillions of years and any such dissolution is not expected for many trillions of years to come. A similar paradigm is expressed in the Hindu creation story of Vishnu and Brahma (see Genesis of the Cosmos, chapter 6).”


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