The 2015/2016 Shemitah Jubilee And The End Of The Kali Yuga

The mundane affairs of humanity are often controlled by cryptic scriptural prophecy and obscure calendrical predictions. Most of these age-old prophecies and supporting predictions were originally passed down by way of ancient oral traditions. When they came to pass, they were then written down in scrolls and on tablets. In this way they could be referred to at critical moments to impress future generations of the awesome power and veracity of the prophets. Eventually, all significant prophecies were recorded by the scribes, just as the most consequential predictions were preserved by the astrologers.



Many in our times are disinclined to read articles, essays or commentary when they contain religious content or spiritual references. However, this essay is much more about important — even quite urgent — mundane matters* which are controlled by religious prophecy. Because it concerns the Biblical Shemitah Jubilee, the pertinent arcana of the Hebrew Calendar and esoterica of the Jewish Bible are revealed and/or interpreted as necessary. This essay also explores the twilight period of the Kali Yuga according to the Hindu scriptures, as well as the exceptional significance of Lord Kalki.

*There’s an old saying paraphrased as follows:
Religious and spiritual power always trump financial and economic prowess, which always trump political and military force.

What is not widely known is that the major monotheistic traditions throughout the Judeo-Christian-Islamic denominated world each had their own respective agendas where it concerned their end time prophecy. Over millennia “carrot and stick prophecy” became a very useful tool for keeping the congregation in check, and as well as whole populations under control. As cities rose from the plains and dotted the coastlines, immorality and wrongdoing increased. The ruling class increasingly looked to the prophets and astrologers for divine intercession.

For these and other reasons the prophetic agendas in some kingdoms became more self-serving and manipulative over time. In some historical settings they became downright exploitative and oppressive. The whole genre of secret societies grew up as a response to this type of abuse and misuse of prophetic influence, occult knowledge and mystical power. Gradually, the resulting societal tension evolved into an ever-present polarity which further concretized into the many and diverse conflicts of the Kali Yuga (also known as the Age of Conflict)[1].

The key point here is that some of the more tribal and controlling religious organizations, which grew out of this ever-polarizing context, utilized both prophecy and prediction in a less than honorable way. In certain places and times prophecy was actually uttered and/or written down so that they could then be fulfilled. In those instances the chosen ‘prophets’ of the ruling cabal, who fabricated the prophecy, were also in the position to guarantee their manifestation … on a given day and in a specific location. Likewise, many a court astrologer has been known to use their ‘powers’ in a similar way. In this highly scripted manner kings and queens became gods; priests and prophets became deities.


“Sacred Scripture Morphs Into Profane Script”

Because the Judaic tradition is the oldest of the three primary Western religions, it has had the longest time for ‘opportunities’ to arise in which “Sacred Scripture Morphs Into Profane Script”. Herein lies the crux of this essay. The predictive power that has been built into the Jewish Scriptures and Hebrew Calendar is now indisputable. The 7-year Shemitah cycles and Jubilees have been proven — beyond any doubt — to directly correlate with uncanny precision to many of the major world events of the past 200 years.

Again, what is being presented here is the notion that the authors of the prophecy ensured through their future religious lineage that the prophetic statements would come to pass … exactly as written. Because the prophecies (and predictions) were literally designed and planned out in advance, they could be properly executed at the appointed time and in the right place. In this fashion the prophets and the perpetrators have become partners in a multi-millennial plot to imprison humanity in either a financial penitentiary, on an economic plantation, or both.

How so?

Virtually every financial and economic cataclysm that has lined up with the Biblical Shemitah timeline has had far-reaching global consequences. Of course, all of the stock market crashes and commodity collapses, worldwide economic depressions and national monetary meltdowns fit perfectly into this deliberately timed and manufactured pattern. A one hundred year retrospective will convince even the most skeptical that there has been a very purposeful conspiracy at work to periodically cause a financial apocalypse from which an economic Armageddon always precipitates. By the way, don’t the highly charged words “Apocalypse” and “Armageddon” find their origin in the very same holy books?!

Since the beginning of this new millennium, the economic/financial effects of the Shemitah have been witnessed by every resident of the planet … in living color. The following excerpt provides a graphic illustration of the predictive power of the Shemitah. No one can now deny either the calendrical synchronicity or the numerological significance of those various earth-shattering events which have occurred since the year 2000.


To those who still doubt this ongoing multi-century conspiracy, the evidence has been thoroughly laid out in the following article. In fact so compelling is the evidence of this now obvious one-to-one correlation between Shemitah years and hugely dire events that the post title of the same article reads:


2015: The Great Tribulation Of The 3rd Millennium Foreshadowed By The Shemitah Jubilee

The subtitle of the same article goes on to say that the coming “Debt Default And Dollar Meltdown, Derivative Explosion And Deflation Implosion Are Timed According To A Controlling Calendar” . The most authoritative historical records and germane data further support the absolute certainty that these monumental events are literally engineered on a regular basis … by the very same group of people co-conspirators.


Yes, it will very much be a GLOBAL catharsis.

Historically within the Jewish tradition, each Shemitah has always served as a way for the community to start over. It actually provided an opportunity for everyone to be freed from crushing debts and small IOUs alike. In an effort to permit everyone in the society to be released from their indebtedness, a mutual agreement was reached to do so. Such a consensus was not only freeing on the financial level, it was psychologically liberating. Hence, “it was a good in the sight of the Lord”.

There are very good reasons why this emancipation from debt slavery took place every seven years. Both the individual and the community-at-large gained tremendously from the chance to start fresh. Since the 7th year saw a time when fields lie fallow and commerce slowed down to what was absolutely necessary, a rejuvenation of both land and business, family and community could occur. This renewal of body and spirit, land and business then served as the foundation for the next 7-year period of human endeavor punctuated with yet another year of rest.

Signs and Omens when the Shemitah was not observed

When this societal ritual was not observed, signs and omens would inevitably occur which reminded the people of the necessity of this revitalizing practice. In those chaotic years when this scriptural admonition was not obeyed, it was understood that the Lord’s judgment would fall upon the land. Trumpet blasts often accompanied those fateful events which unpredictably served to remind the people of their obligation to faithfully observe the Shemitah.

In other words when those individuals and institutions throughout the community neglected to follow through on the scriptural injunctions associated with the Shemitah, times would not be easy for anybody. In some cases, forces might even conspire to bring about a sudden and swift collapse which would then forcefully release the oppressed from their “crushing debts“. Such an unforeseen series of events are similar to the various stock market crashes which have come and gone without any warning, and have occurred with striking regularity for as long as those exchanges have existed.

Why is this well established trend so critical at this point of human history?

Because the 2015/2016 Shemitah Jubilee is the 70th such jubilee spanning a 3500 year epochal cycle (70 jubilees x 50) within the Hebrew Calendar.


In fact there are many adherents within Judaism who believe that September of 2015 merely marks the beginning of the final seven-year period leading up to the long-awaited 2023. That highly anticipated year would equal 70 Jubilees plus 7 years. The year — 2023 — is considered by many of the Jewish faith to be the year of the coming of the Messiah.

“The number 70 is a prophetic number. Daniel the prophet spoke of 70 sevens that must be fulfilled in order for redemption to come. The 70th Jubilee Shemitah of “2015” is extra significant! This Jubilee Shemitah of 2015 will mark the beginning of a prophetic series of events that could ultimately culminate seven Years later… at the SECOND COMING of Christ (however only God knows the time and date) when ALL real estate of the planet will be returned to its original owner, the Creator, the ULTIMATE manifestation of the Shemitah.”[2]

In this light 2023 represents the Shemitah year when the ultimate and final clearing of the debts will occur worldwide. Such finality also sees the time when all mortgages across the planet are dissolved. That is how paradigm-changing the events are prophesied to be during the upcoming 7-year stretch leading up to what appears to be to last Shemitah of the entire era.

Such a persuasive narrative ought to compel any reader to come to grips with just what might be coming around the cosmic corner In order to be better prepared, awareness of the most likely possibilities, at the very least, allows for both practical and psychological preparation. In any event it does appear more than ever that “HUGE Changes Are Coming To Planet Earth

Does the Shemitah Jubilee Signify the Beginning of the End of the KALI YUGA?

Now then, the last remaining question concerns the current twilight period of the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga is recognized as a 5000 to 6000-year long epoch in the East Indian Hindu tradition which began in approximately 3113 B.C.E. Some researchers have suggested that the time period of this “Age of Quarrel” is analogous to the 5125 yearlong Mayan Long Count Calendar. That now legendary calendar ended in 2012, give or take 5 or 10 or 20 years. However, the yugas do not necessarily end on specific preordained dates. Each of the four major yugas (Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali) is preceded by a dawn and followed by a twilight period.


The dawn and dusk of the Kali Yuga can each be as long as 500 years, or even shorter in duration. The termination point of the Kali Yuga is always dictated by the Highest Power because it marks the closing of all 4 major yugas, the Kali Yuga being the final one. Contrary to various accounts appearing on the internet, the “New Age” following the Kali Yuga is always a new Golden Age or Satya Yuga. It does not transition to the Copper Age which is also known as the Dvapara Yuga.

Another incorrect statement about the duration of the Kali Yuga is also appearing frequently on the net. The Kali Yuga[1] has been mistakenly calculated to be 432,000 years long. The actual duration is more than 5000 and less than 6000 years. The pundits and brahmins miscalculated using the relevant sutras and sacred numerology found in the Hindu scriptures. There were necessary and multiple conversions going back and forth between different systems of chronology which were never made, making their various calculations quite absurd.

Incidentally, how can the Kali Yuga endure for another 427,000 years in view of the state of Planet Earth, especially given the pervasive and profound destruction of the biosphere? Simply put, the Kali Yuga could not possibly last that long because it is the darkest and densest of all of the ages. For that reason alone it is much shorter than the previous three ages. Because falsehood so prevails throughout this “Age of Quarrel”, as it is sometimes called, even basic truths about the duration of the age are obfuscated and distorted.

So, when does the Kali Yuga really end?

Here, again, the Hebrew Calendar provides a cogent clue. The pivotal year of 2016 (Gregorian Calendar) represents year 5776 year according to the Jewish Calendar. Year number one, therefore, of the Hebrew calendar roughly aligns with the very beginning of the dawn of the Kali Yuga in 3760 B.C.E. Whoever it was that threw that stake in the ground 5775 years ago knew exactly what they were doing. They were particularly aware that a new era had begun and that a correct starting date was the only way to arrive at a high integrity ending date. Regarding the true keepers of time, it is always the end date that is of the greatest importance to them … for quite obvious reasons.

Because of the profound impacts on the entire planetary civilization, having accurate knowledge about the actual End Times schedule is also of paramount importance to those controllers who intend to fabricate their own end-time narrative. In this way those who wish to take advantage of the unfolding events, by either magnifying them or toning them down, can do so … up to a certain point. Since there are white hats and black hats here below, and gods and demons above, all moving and shaking at the same time, it can be very confusing to separate the real from the unreal.

However, God/Goddess is now notorious for “writing straight with crooked lines” so the story will always end the same way. The divine narrative does, however, often include moments of astonishing deus ex machina as well as stunning prophetic utterances from the local oracle. These are meant to “shock and awe” so that the predominant consciousness can shift to a new level of awareness. Each individual will of course only rise (or fall) to their own level of understanding depending on their state of spiritual development.

The End Time Schedule is never late or early; it’s always right on time

Only through the establishment of a high integrity eschatological timeline will the much needed prophecy have any meaningful effects. Whereas astrological predictions can also supplement such prophetic knowledge, it, too, relies on a relative system of time based on the movement of the celestial luminaries. Even now humanity is witnessing unprecedented changes in the stellar sky-map as the positioning of the North Star, Polaris, moves in the heavens from its time-honored role as the axial Pole Star.

The ancient seers and sages, saints and siddhas possessed highly privileged knowledge which was gifted to them, by virtue of their spiritual attainment, according to the will of the Highest Power. Truly, such sacred knowledge concerning the transitioning of the Ages falls squarely into the domain of the Divine. For it is ultimately the Highest Power alone who decides when the curtain will finally fall on the Kali Yuga. After all, He/She is the director and producer, author and stage manager of this cosmic drama being played out all over Planet Earth.


2025 C.E. can only be considered as an approximate and speculative end date of the Kali Yuga. The collective wisdom of the spiritual and occult sciences now point to 2023. Even the hard sciences of environmental mathematics and progressive astrophysics view 2025 as a realistic year of closure. Statistical modeling is now producing mathematical certainties and well established trajectories which reflect the future condition of the Earth realm, assuming there are no major ‘policy’ changes.

Determinant Numero Uno of the Immediate Future of Humanity

There are some quite obvious determinants of when the curtain might start dropping on the Kali Yuga. When the state of planetary degradation reaches a certain point of no return, it can no longer sustain life the way it was meant to. As the current global population explosion approaches a crucial number of earthly residents, another hint is provided.

Likewise, there are many mathematical certainties that are piling up which reflect the trajectories of increasing likelihood of environmental and ecological collapse. Others point directly to economic and financial breakdown. The ongoing social decay and political degeneration are conversely approaching critical thresholds.

Lastly, and most importantly, the prevailing spiritual ignorance and moral depravity now reflect an inexorable retrogression of societies everywhere. When considered in the aggregate, all of these indicators reflect a civilization that is in a hurry to self-destruct. No kidding, who has ever seen so many nations across the planet in a race to the bottom. When they should all be joining hands in a kumbaya moment, the warmongering countries are instead doing everything possible to start World War III.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day (and yuga), it will be the collective intention and will of every inhabitant of the planet which contributes to the outworking of these last and final days. It is the actual state of the collective consciousness that ultimately dictates the unfolding of the End Times schedule. The more who are awake and spiritually proactive in life, the greater the probability that the twilight period will be extended, as it already has been. Humankind has previously been the recipient of more than one grace period; and one reprieve after another.

It’s true that the Kali Yuga provides an extraordinary opportunity for spiritual growth and development. That is because, as the difficulty of conducting spiritual practice increases, so does the merit proportionately increase. Just a little yogic discipline will take the aspirant a very long way on their spiritual path during the Kali Yuga. Therefore, the Universe (sometimes known as the Universal Director) is always happy to stretch the denouement out as much as possible.


Whether we consider the perspective of the Biblical Shemitah Jubilee or the current predicament of the Kali Yuga, it’s clear that the time is nigh. This entire plane of existence is fraught with signs in the heavens and omens on earth. Who among us is without eyes to see or ears to hear the obvious upheaval going on everywhere? Unparalleled changes are occurring at a meteoric pace. Deeply transformational alterations in consciousness are being experienced by virtually every sentient being.

In other words, what we are experiencing is the beginning of the very end of a period that will see a HUGE shift in both planetary and human consciousness. The resulting radical changes will manifest in every sphere of life; perhaps the planetary sphere itself may shift on its axis.. So profound and fundamental will this ever-intensifying metamorphosis be that the global civilization will very soon never be the same.


Just as the PHOENIX rises from its ashes after self-immolating on its funeral pyre, so, too, will “a new earth and a new heaven” emerge from the crucible of the post-modern civilization of the 21st century.

Whether the final Biblical Shemitah of 2023 A.D. and final end of the Kali Yuga perfectly align remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the striking alignments of so many previous Shemitahs up to this very date do give very reason to pause … … … and to really contemplate both its deep spiritual meaning as well as urgent mundane message(s).

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
March 5, 2015

Author’s Note

Unknown to but a very few researchers, who are steeped in the relevant scriptural passages of the major religions of the world, is perhaps the best and biggest clue as to what time it really is. That divine and infallible clue, which points directly at the end of the Kali Yuga as well as the final Shemitah, lies in the coming and leaving of Lord Kalki.

According to the Hindu tradition Lord Kalki is the tenth and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Kalki’s appearance marks the final end of the Kali Yuga as his earthly mission is specifically timed for this purpose, among many others. It is self evident that the Lord Kalki of Hinduism is directly related to the Second Coming of Jesus the Christ, the Madhi of Islam, the Messiah of Judaism and the Lord Maitreya of Buddhism.

With this understanding the reader can better explore the role of Lord Kalki in the affairs of the current race of humanity. If investigating his lifetime during the last century does not come easily, connecting with Him on the etheric level will certainly allow anyone to tap into His supreme Consciousness. His global public ministry is known as a time “When Heaven Came Down To Earth.’ Likewise, it is well understood among those initiated in the esoteric texts of the Kalki Purana that “His Supreme Rasa-Lila Marks The End Of Kali Yuga

Editor’s Note

There are those who will dismiss this essay on the basis of its religious overtones and spiritual perspective. They will do so to their own disadvantage.

First, this exegesis is not presented from any particular religious viewpoint as it seeks a synthesis using multiple bodies of scriptural knowledge and ancient wisdom. The revelations associated with authentic eschatology are never properly considered in an exclusive religious school of thought or spiritual context. Likewise, end time theories formulated in a scientific vacuum or philosophies born of a secular-only club would produce their own myopic viewpoints.

Therefore, the CCRG proposes a truly eclectic approach in synthesizing an over-arching and comprehensive End Time scenario. In this way each perspective serves as its own unique hologram reflecting the truth of the whole (hologram) perfectly. Bringing together all the various threads from all the different religious and philosophical, spiritual and shamanic traditions in this manner permits a truly prophetic tapestry to take form.

The Cosmic Convergence Research Group is a thoroughly non-aligned, ecumenical, interfaith-oriented group of spiritual aspirants and truth-seekers, who seriously respect the role of science and technology in this decisive inquiry.


[1] Kali Yuga:
“The Kali Yuga is quite often erroneously referred to as a 432,000 year period by scholars who are simply repeating a gross miscalculation in the underlying mathematics of the relevant scriptural pronouncements on the cyclic progression of the yugas. The actual duration of Kali Yuga has been determined to be somewhere between 5000 and 5100 years long not including its dawn and twilights periods of approximately 500 years each. By this method of calculation the entire Kali Yuga cycle is just over 6000 years in duration.”

“Alain Danielou offers an authoritative treatment of this subject matter in his book entitled “While The Gods Play”. He especially lays bare the miscalculations which have given rise to the oft-repeated and erroneous 432,000 time period advanced for the duration of the Kali Yuga. This misrepresentation should come as no surprise as we are now in the final phase of the Age of Kali, which is well known for its lack of truth in all spheres of life, as well as the wholesale dissemination of falsehood.”
(Source: An Open Letter to the 2012 Prophets)

[2] The Coming Shemitah 5775 (2014/5) & Jubilee Year 5776 (2015/6) by Alf & Julie Saunders (September 1, 2014)


KALI YUGA; Age of Quarrel and Conflict

Lord Kalki: His Appearance Signifies the End of the Kali Yuga

Special Note

The question on everyone’s mind is “How does the Kali Yuga transition to the Satya Yuga (the Golden Age)”?

It was said that when Atlantis sank into the sea, Mother Earth required thousands of years (some even say 5000 years) to cleanse herself of the ubiquitous negative vibrations and harmful frequencies. How else could the planet sufficiently revivify in order to sustain the remaining vestiges of humanity, as well as accommodate the new incoming souls?

Undoubtedly, a transition from the darkest and densest of the ages to the most refined and full of light is not an easy one. Only the birth pangs of an extremely difficult childbirth seem to capture what is truly in store for the present human race.

With that said, there is certainly much more to practically consider for those who believe — with all their heart and mind, body and soul — that they will one day magically wake up in the splendor and beauty and magnificence of the Golden Age.

The following reality check is not for the fainthearted or fantasy inclined. Nonetheless, it, too, is just a feeble attempt to describe the stark realities of the fast-approaching future.

An Urgent Message for the New Age Prophets

Especially those who foretell a Golden Age that is coming ‘tomorrow’

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20 Responses to The 2015/2016 Shemitah Jubilee And The End Of The Kali Yuga

  1. CrissCross says:

    Prout -The Future Super Power India and its Kalki Avatars? 😉


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    “Edgar Cayce; His light will be seen again in the clouds. ”

    There are many quotes and prophecies out there crisscross. Some contradict others. There is much misunderstanding concerning what the Lord is. The trance state readings of Cayce, the prophecy of Crazy Horse and the Vedic system all refer to a great light as being the Christos. The bringer of much more light than we see in the solar system at this point however is pretty much understood as ancient Vedic principles to be what is known as Lord Kalki in his final reincarnation and that is what is sometimes referred to as the planet of heaven or Nibiru/12th planet.

    The Christos is the light of the universe that is found in every atom and molecule. It is what many refer to as the Christ. It becomes more intense and then dissipates to a certain degree depending on the what age we are living in and the position of the planetary bodies that make up the universe. It is the force that holds their orbit in place. Some are fortunate and gifted enough to commune with this light just as Jesus did.

    Lord Kalki: His Appearance Signifies the End of the Kali Yuga

    It is not for me to say that this light will not once again take human form however. And many in India already believe he has made several entrances upon the earth in the modern era. It is very difficult to argue that India retains more of the ancient teachings from the prior golden age than any other nation where many of them are still in tact and believed in.


    • adamspiritualwarrior says:

      Wondered if you have any thoughts \Dublinmick
      [Moral Relativism vs Schroedingers Cat – Interesting comment ive sent to someone, will let you know if he replies]

      Another thought Professor Charlton
      We talk about moral relativism, vs Truth, truth that just is.
      I wonder how consciousness plays into this? Im not arguing for moral relativism.
      What im getting at, does human consciousness have any ability to influence and bend the world around us, and I suppose that means Absolute Truth. Im not saying I agree with what im saying. I happen to strongly feel and what ive read makes sense, there is an all powerful God/Source/Divine Intelligence.
      But if we think to ourselves, Schroedingers Cat is dead inside the box, does that make it so?
      Apparently the Observer seems to influence reality
      I read somewhere in physics lab, the light photons would travel differently depending on if there was an observer or not. So the human consciousness seems to be an important unseparate part from everything. And im wondering how this situation, interacts with moral relativism?
      Because if the consciousness, can influence the state of a particle/particles. I presume I mean quantum particles (I read somewhere the Mind/Consciousness can interact with matter at the quantum level),
      Then….I wonder if in some sense, it adds weight to certain things about moral relativism could be dare I say it, true?

      But in our real world, macro world, this clearly isn’t the case. There do seem to be many deceptions, agendas in this world. And yet my instinctive sense and knowing is, bad people can compartmentalise, lie, use propaganda, turn people against one another using lies, and yes, create a society of moral relativism. There can be all of this going on. But the fact remains, anyone able to look over the situation, from above (assuming all the compartments don’t have roofs, with my analogy), and see everything. Would simply see games and liars and the deceived. But the one Absolute truth of situations is always there.

      I suppose my point here is, moral relativism vs Schroedingers cat


    • adamspiritualwarrior says:

      [Further comment to bruce Charlton hope you don’t mind me sharing again]

      Sorry to keep bothering you, im sure youre busy
      I forgot to add, to furnish my point previously
      have you seen, are you aware, about the Princeton Uni GCP global consciousnessproject?
      10 or more RNGs random number generators dotted round the world, churning out numbers day and night. This projects been going on since the 1990s I think. In a nutshell, they’ve worked it out with their sophisticated statistical analysis – the numbers become less random, in response to significant global events ie dianas death, 911, world cup etc. They said it is trillions to one against, that its due to chance coincidence.
      This shows us Professor Charlton, or indicates to me at least, theres a global consciousness field all around. And our Minds are connected into that. In fact theres no separation all things are linked. As instantaneous communication between 2 particles on quantum entanglement shows
      My apologies if you know all this already, but im drilling, pushing, bouncing ideas round here to reach new insights hopefully
      So the Princeton GCP implications, that Consciousness of humanity doesn’t appear to be confined within each skull…..I wonder what implications that has for wondering how moral relativism and Schroedingers cat intersect?
      Not that I like moral relativism, I think its a scourge on society like political correctness


    • adamspiritualwarrior says:

      adamspiritualwarrior says:

      Which made me think Dkblue….im sure even though I don’t know it theres some profound Buddhist Taoist thing here…….but the profound overwhelming engulfing fantastic tremendous, also devastating like a knife through me when it was unrequited….my feelings for Sofija gave me a real insight what its like to really like someone. God knows how wonderful it must be , to feel that way, and have it returned. I think Heaven and Kundalini would all come at once, and nothing would faze me after that.
      The point im trying to make is dkblue
      Quantum entanglement between 2 particles, they get entangled then you can take them galaxies apart and they’ll still effect identical changes instantaneously through the ether fabric.

      The natural question to wonder arises: falling in love and even having sex#; What kind of quantum entanglement takes place between 2 people?

      I truly believe there is a Supremly immensely powerful force in this universe that will beat the NWO cabal and all the evil




  3. Dublinsmick says:

    I noticed a link on another site

    where Sunny had linked this. This link is from wiki but tries to link some of the Nostradamus quatrains to explain Kalki. I have done this in the past and I am usually wrong when it comes to Nostradamus. Here User:Kalakara2001 takes a shot at it. I am only posting a small portion of it. You can follow the link out if interested.

    Century-2-29 L’oriental sortira de son siege, Passer les monts Apennins, voir la Gaule, Transpercera du ciel les eaux & neiges En vn chacun frappera de sa gaule. Century-2-29 The Easterner will leave his seat, To pass the Apennine mountains to see Gaul: He will transpire the sky, the waters and the snow, And everyone will be struck with his rod.

    The rod which has been described by Nostradamus in his Prophecies is the shinning sword of Kalki Avatar which has been described time and again in the Puranas.And the mode of transport or vehicle of Kalki Avatar is as mentioned in the Puranas is a white horse. When Nostradamus says that “he will transpire the sky, the waters and the snow”, he probably means that Kalki Avatar will move through the world on his Divine means of transport. The Divine weapon along with the Divine transport or vehicle will strike fear and dread in the minds of the forces of Darkness.

    The Divine weapons of Kalki Avatar along with other qualities like infinite wisdom and the numerous qualities found in an Avatar of Vishnu are what will convince the world that the Kalki Avatar has finally arrived. Such qualities cannot remain hidden they are obivious. One will know who is Kalki Avatar, when one sees these qualities. There is no other way one can recognize Kalki Avatar.

    This is certainly a Quatrain to watch out for as the likelihood of its occurrence in the near future is high. This Quatrain will also coincide with changes of an unprecedented magnitude in India and the Hindu religion in particular.As i have said before the future of Pakistan is the Taliban/Al-Qaeda,who will seize power. This is the most important Nostradamus Quatrain which refers to the identity of the person called ‘Chyren’ or ‘ Chiren’.Chiren is going to be most influential person to have taken birth in this world. There has been no other world leader in the history of mankind who can even come close to the title of ‘Chief of the World’. This is how Nostradamus has referred to him in hisProphecies. , not once but time and again in various quatrains.

    Century 2 -.44. L’aigle posee entour des pauillons, Par autres oyseaux d’entour sera chassee, Quand bruit des cymbres, tubes et sonnaillons Rendront le sens de la Dame insensee. Century 2 – 44 The Eagle driven back around the tents Will be chased from there by other birds: When the noise of cymbals, trumpets and bells Will restore the senses of the senseless lady.

    If this prophecy is associated with the THE THIRD ANTICHRIST or an alliance created by him is not known. What is clear is that “The Eagle” being driven back is the “Bald Eagle” the symbol of the USA.The “noise of cymbals, trumpets and bells” stands for weapons used or used to threaten by the other nations. This will restore the ”senses of the senseless lady”, the senseless lady stand for the Statue of Liberty.

    This prophecy could be fulfilled in the near future. It has become more and more evident that the USA is trying to create a New World Order. In the quest for world dominance it is trying to invent scapegoats which it then destroys. This creates an atmosphere of chaos in that region, which the USA then uses to its advantage. The chaos is then justified as a reason for military presence of the USA and its allies in that part of the world.
    Success will make the USA and its friends reckless and over confident. They could interfere and try to corner the Russians. A lot of nations are likely to align with the Russians. The Russians will then display their weapons of mass destruction and throw the Americans and their friends out of the region where they have trespassed.
    These events will take away the current position of the undisputed world leader which is held by the USA.A rethink and a scaling down of their ambitions is indicated by this quatrain.


    Nostradamus predictions about a South Indian Leader

    Nostradamus predictions on kalki

    The great Hindu leader who will wipe out our enemies will hence be a south Indian who offers worship on Thursdays. It is easy to see why Nostradamus specifically mentions Thursday as the holy day. It is only Hindus who consider Thursday sacred. Moslems pray on Friday; Jews bow before God on Saturday; Christians bawl hymns on Sunday at church. Nostradamus is making it clear here that the conqueror will be a Hindu from South India. He will bind Asia together under his rule. The Hindu leader, however, will not be a tyrant. He will be ruthless with the Moslem fanatics. But he will win over the communists by persuading them of the timeless varieties of Hinduism. Russia will become India’s ally:

    The Hindu hero will march from his base, Crossing the Apennines to enter France, Conquering the clouds and seas ice, All enemies will fall before his lance. Paris will be taken after a fierce siege.

    Hadrian will be killed in a vain defence. At this juncture, Nostradamus makes a curious abservation. He predicts that a tree in the centre of Paris will crash down. What tree? Could it be the Eiffel Tower, built more than 300 years after his death? From a distance the Eiffel Tower rather resembles a giant oak-tree.

    (I myself once climbed the Eiffel Tower)

    In fact this is one look at Nostradamus and his prophecies where again I was wrong/wrong olympics. However the current coup in Kiev did center around the Sochi Olympics or Hecatombe, (games of death) as Nostradamus calls it.

    And then once again we have Vanga adding to the suspense.

    There are 7.2 billion people in this world but the United States fears only one man – Vladimir Putin. That’s because on virtually every front of the new Cold War, the Russian President is walloping the collective challenge of the West. Fear can make you do strange things. Forbes magazine has named Putin as the most powerful person on the planet for the second year running.


  4. Dublinsmick says:

    Can this be for real? Electronic jamming? (The light sword)

    I won’t leave a link to rumors of Cookie Nylander and General Breedlove’s love affair, but it is out there and Germans are very concerned over some of his recent statements.

    “But it is the tone of Breedlove’s announcements that makes Berlin uneasy. False claims and exaggerated accounts, warned a top German official during a recent meeting on Ukraine, have put NATO — and by extension, the entire West — in danger of losing its credibility.”


  5. Dublinsmick says:

    With the earth’s polar axis shifting and a mounting standard of earthquakes and changes, 420 nuclear power plants brimming with spent fuel and nobody with even answer as to where they will be stored, doesn’t suggest an immediate golden age. It will take time.

    “With that said, there is certainly much more to practically consider for those who believe — with all their heart and mind, body and soul — that they will one day magically wake up in the splendor and beauty and magnificence of the Golden Age.

    The following reality check is not for the fainthearted or fantasy inclined. Nonetheless, it, too, is just a feeble attempt to describe the stark realities of the fast-approaching future.’


  6. Emily says:

    “The Nuclear Energy Paradigm Collides with Earth Changes and Technospheric Breakdown”


  7. Dublinsmick says:

    Thanks Emily I read the piece. It is very onset. It is absolutely heart breaking when you read that Orcas, the top of the food chain are no longer singing on the west coast. Young orcas are all over the beaches on are not living the first year of life.

    We are kidding ourselves to think the denizens of the oceans could be free of man’s destruction.

    I have posted a few times on the problem of quakes and sinkholes along the New Madrid where there are many quakes and instances of flooding.

    Fort Calhoun and others are really rolling the dice.

    Big new solar flare for 2015


  8. CrissCross says:

    This is the Kali Yuga!!! 😉

    …supplementary info, thus sharing 🙂
    (don’t miss all its comments too…more supplementary information there)


  9. says:

    I am all for fun so I am going to post this without the original contributor on a fun basis.

    In reply to CrissCross.



  10. UTPAL says:



  11. says:

    Kalki avatar eh? I know enough about the Vedas to know the kalki or man on the white horse is a planet not a man. Thanks for the entertainment.

    Ajit had it right!

    Too Many Fake Godmen On The Internet! The Captain Can Display Eternal Truths With A Touch Of Humor Like No Other

    I can help you here.
    He was right, we know what it means in India when Sita sings the blues.


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