Switzerland Center Of Evil

…Reportedly, Switzerland’s Order of the Solar Temple was a front for the CIA and its Operation Gladio terrorist network.”October 06, 1994.

CHEIRY, Switzerland – Volunteer firefighters responding to a farmhouse fire in this tiny village early Wednesday uncovered an underground chapel and the robe-clad bodies of 23 people, members of an obscure cult joined in an apparent murder-suicide by 25 other adherents in three chalets 100 miles away.

“The 48 grisly deaths were caused variously by suffocation, gunshots and perhaps drug overdoses, police said. The victims included French, Swiss and Canadian citizens, ranging in age from 10 to 73. Some died with their hands clasped in prayer.

“Authorities believe the deaths may be connected to similar deaths in Canada on Tuesday.”

48 Die in Cult Murder-Suicide : Switzerland / New finds suggest ritual massacres


Reportedly, Grace Kelly became a priestess in a sex cult called the Order of the Solar Temple.Reportedly, she joined the cult just months before her mysterious death in 1982.


Grace Kelly links with a secret cult – The Scotsman / Grace Kelly and The Conspiracy

The cult reportedly drew inspiration from Aleister Crowley.

In 1994, three month old Emmanuel Dutoit was killed at the cult’s centre in Morin Heights, Quebec.

The baby had been stabbed repeatedly with a wooden stake.

Order of the Solar Temple

Joseph di Mambro

The cult was led by Luc Jouret and Joseph di MambroJoseph di Mambro claimed “he was in touch with 33 spiritual masters who watched over the world from the Himalayas.”He “told his followers that they were reincarnated from biblical figures or saints.”


Luc Jouret


Reportedly, the Order of the Solar Temple was a front for the CIA and its Operation Gladio terrorist network.

Order of the Solar Temple leader Luc Jouret was a Belgian ex-military official with ties to Gladio.

The Knights of the Extreme Right.


1980 – Bologna railway station bombed by the CIA’s Gladio forces.

Many rich and powerful people in Monaco and Europe reportedly gave money to the cult.

Grace Kelly was reportedly initiated into the cult at a priory in the French village of Villie-Morgon.

“Dressed in a white templar robe with a red cross, she was escorted down an inner staircase to the crypt of the priory, where she lay down on a huge round altar marked with a mixture of cabalistic signs…”

In 1994, 69 members of the cult, in Europe and north America, died in mysterious circumstances.


Ronan Parkeon 4 January 2015 , wrote:”Furthering my education in Switzerland for a little while sounds good to me!.. see u soon Zurich”Ronan Parke | Facebook

“Call girls, escorts, courtesans, hookers, prostitutes, call them what you will, look to be back in business for the event in the Swiss mountain resort town this year…

“Bondage, spanking, fetish parties, strip shows, the services are extensive.

“Diederich told Blick WEF groups sometimes want three or four models, preferring ‘young party girls'”.

‘Horizontal trade’ looks to upswing at Davos meet – The Local.

…”Alleged leaders of the Calabrian ’Ndrangheta, were secretly filmed by police in the tiny Swiss town of Frauenfeld, 30 miles north of Zurich.”Mafia in Switzerland

“Switzerland has always been a key destination for Italy’s mafia bosses to launder their assets or hide their cash, but recent probes show that Italian organised crime is broadening its activities there.

Some groups, in particular the ‘Ndrangheta from southern Italy’s Calabria region, are also investing in property and businesses here, as well as trafficking arms and drugs through Switzerland…”

Italian mafia spreads in Switzerland.

China and Switzerland to launch yuan trading in Zurich

Switzerland braces for tougher times after franc jumps..


Claude Covassi, who died at the age of 42.


Claude Covassi was a Swiss government spy who acted as a whistleblower.He revealed that his spy bosses (in SAP) ordered him to organize a bomb attack.This bomb attack was to be blamed on Hani Ramadan, the director of the Geneva Islamic Center.Covassi refused to organise the bomb attack and fled the country.

www.voltairenet.org/article177493.html – VOLTAIRE NETWORK, 13 FEBRUARY 2013


Terror events are usually an inside-job.

Claude Covassi finally succeeded in obtaining an investigation into the matter by a parliamentary commission.

In the end, the commission members opted for an amicable settlement of the case, thereby averting prosecution for both him and the SAP.

Thereafter Claude Covassi worked for a security company…

For the past year and a half, he used his background to investigate the role of the PJAK (Kurdish terrorist group funded by the USA) and the KLA (Kosovan terrorist group supported by NATO) in drug trafficking in Europe. 



Terrorist KLA leader Hashim Thaci, Bernard Kouchner, General Sir Michael Jackson, KLA commander Agim Ceku, and General Wesley Clark; Pristina, 1999. The KLA terrorists were trained by German special forces on a NATO base in Turkey.

In February 2013, Claude Covassi was due to release the findings of its investigation.

He didn’t get the opportunity.

He was found dead in his bed at home. 

…The newspaper Le Monde has compared the Swiss SIERRE COACH CRASH to the DUTROUX affair.(Le Monde associe le drame suisse à l’affaire Dutroux – 7sur7)


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